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What is really important and heartbreaking about Suan Klebold is how much pain she is in and how painful it is for her  to talk about Columbine and Dylan. These clips from her appereance on live TV, shows us how much this has taken a toll on Susan. Watching her interviews and hearing her talk just breaks my heart. You can tell that she still carries guilt and regret.

i shoulda researched specific herbs before i went n bought the seeds cause the ones i picked were based on what i like to eat.. but turns out none of them grow similarly. i just spent the last couple hours watching old ladies on youtube teach me about each one and i’m like my cilantro is gonna do WHAT?? apparently life is very brutal for a cilantro. they live fast, die young, & leave a beautiful corpse

Good things that happened in 2016 aka the things we must remember:
  • Feeling hella proud of him for winning so many awards
  • johnilyn!!!!
  • the pictures of him with that adorable big dog at NAMM
  • when he did that gig with the hollywood vampires at the grammys and it was the greatest thing ever!!!!
  • johnilyn
  • when he did that live apperance on a screen in disneyland dressed as the mad hatter
  • finding the creativity in madness, we laughed, we cried, we worshipped, we loved cried some more and laughed some more and we were never the same again
  • alice through the looking glass trailers and stills and the film itself!!!!!
  • ATTLG press tour when he put the plate of cupcakes on his head and when he kissed jimmy again!
  • johnilyn
  • the hollywood vampires world tour which was a gift to him and us! everyday new pictures, videos, beautiful stories of fans who met him. seeing him having a wonderful time surrounded by people who love and care for him
  • all the love and solidarity and support he got from his friends, family and fans when terrible lies were being spread.
  • the wearewithyoujohnnydepp challenge
  • yoga hosers!
  • when he went to spain and we felt all so happy and at peace
  • johnilyn
  • fantastic beasts surprise!
  • when he came back and won an awards for all his good work
  • the classic rock awards!
  • when he made that video thanking us for all our love and support
  • the christmas pudding again surrounded by his friends while raising money for charity
  • johnilyn
  • him visting sick children in london proving again that he is the precious gem on earth
  • filming labyrinth
  • when he sent that picture of him wrapped in a blanket made by his fans
  • johnilyn

in short all the moments he made us smile, all the moments we were bubbling with excitement seeing him having the time of his life, all the updates about his new work, the cute gifsets we reblogged, the beautiful anecdotes, .. There was a lot of pain this year, too much pain, but never because of him. he was there for us, just like we are always there for him. so save all those wonderful moments in your heart, use it to glue the broken pieces back on. i don’t know what 2017 will bring, but i do know that i can always count on johnny and all of you to make me feel like it is all worth it. so thank you for making 2016 special ♥♥♥♥


To the girl I have always and will always stand by, forver Taylor, I cant even begin to describe what you mean to me and the role you have played in my life, ever sense I was 10 years old, my life has changed a million diffrent times and a million diffrent ways, but though all of that you have remained the one constant thing and I simply couldnt repay you for that. Ever sense I was 10 years old i’ve proudly worn the title “The Taylor Swift girl” and I wouldnt have it anyother way. I’ve never missed a tour (i’ve only ever been to your concerts) rarely ever a release, a live chat, tv apperance ect ect your perfumes and tshirts and on and on have never not been on my christmas and birthday list and your music never not been whats playing out of my earbuds, cd player, and now over 6 years later sense when I started loving you, the stereo of my car. No matter what life threw at me your music has always been there. Through heartbreak, regret, and everything in between. When I think of your music so many positive memories come into play from dancing around to the whole speak now album in my mirror every day after school in the 7th grade or dancing to You Belong With Me with my cousins, to always having your first 2 albums in my old cd player with headphones , to when your song will come on and everyones looking my way to see my reaction, or when its 2a.m. and im crying to all to well in my room or jamming to 1989 every moment in my car. Obviously I cant list 6 years of memories but so many amazing ones pop into my head when I think of your music. Your music is why I came but you are why I stayed. I remember watching endlesss youtube videos and reading articles finding out more about you, and I was and still am so so drawn to your personality, your realness in paticular I would watch your vlogs and just adore your personality going about life, you were so funny and authentic and even though 10 year old me couldnt of explained that, and the reasons I just thought you were so cool but looking back I understand it clearly. You just have the most amazing charm and the most beautiful personality, I could not asked for a more amazing or balanced role model, I just love you so so so much. On september 26th (2 years and 5 days sense I last saw you for the Red Tour finale in Nashiville) me and my lovely cousin who I suprised me with RED tickets for Nashville last year get to experience it all again for night 2 and we couldnt be more excited!! We’ll be in section 119, row N, and seats 9 and 10. I’d love to be able to thank you for everything youve done but I know no matter what I’ll have one of the 4 best nights of my life, from 10 to 16, You, you’re music, and your concerts have always made me the happiest. Me and Rayanna can not wait to see you! We’ve been working hard on our oufits and signs despite being in difrrent states! Also thank you for brining us closer than ever these last few years! I love you so so so so so much and thank you x13198900000 for everything. Pictures: 1. Me during each era, will soon have a concert picture to replace the 1989 era one but its from release day! 2. Me and Rayanna before finale night in Nashville on the RED tour, Best. Night. Ever. 3&4. Me and Rayanna this past July when I visted her in GA. Love you so much, I could of written a whole novel. Thank you again.