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Can you do seventeen as songs by seventeen? Thanks ❤️💛💚💙💜

Sure “anon” ((I see you))

Scoups: Shining Diamonds= oldest, witty and entertaining

Jeonghan: 20= so pretty, wholesome, flirty af

Joshua: Love Letter= very sweet and simple, but fun and upbeat

Jun: No F.U.N= Serious, cool, loveable

Hoshi: Shining Diamond [Performance Team Version]= Lively and loud, extra

Woozi: Adore U= Funky fresh, addictive, a lot more to it than people realize

DK: Say Yes= Emotional, beautiful, needs more attention

Wonwoo: Very Nice= so very pure, precious, scary good

Mingyu: Rock= Dorky, pretty extreme, has it’s sweet moments

Minghao (the8): Jam Jam= bubbly and cute at first, actually hardcore, intense

Seungkwan: Pretty U= In your face but in a good way, happiness is contagious

Vernon: Mansae= Iconic, cheesy and memorable

Dino: Chuck= over-the-top, impressive, a little bit of everything


I have good news. I have the best news. I have the most amazing news. Well, for me anyway. People who’ve been following me for a while might have read something about the apartment I currently live in, the very loud guy who lives downstairs and the general issues in the building that are affecting my mental health and my anxiety disorder (which handily centres around the home safety thing). So I’ve been looking for a new place to live.

You guessed it: I got a new place! And, due to the way social housing works in my country this all happened very quickly. Basically, I got an email announcing that I was on the short list for a house last Thursday. The viewing was yesterday. I handed the paperwork in today and was approved (they check to see if you don’t make enough money, how well you’ve done at paying rent before etc) and will get the keys to my new place this Thursday.

This all leaves me until 29 September to get my apartment emptied out and returned to its original condition and get my new home ready. At the same time, I also have to work four days a week and once you combine that with my autism… yeah. This is going to be Fun Times. I know myself too well to think I can do all this and keep up on my other stuff. This will affect Between the Pages so if you read that, this is for you.

On a list:

  • I will be pretty absent (though not completely) during this move as I might not have an internet connection for a while. I do have my phone, but yeah. Not online at all times.
  • I currently have chapter 21 written for Between the Pages. Chapter 20 will go up today as usual and I will try to get chapter 21 up next week on 6 September, though that might change depending on Stuff and Things
  • Chapter 22 is halfway finished. I’ll try to finish it this week so I can put it online on schedule for 13 September.
  • After that I will take a short break of two to three weeks, but this depends on how worn out I’ll be after the move and how much I’ll need to recover
  • I probably won’t be able to reply to reviews like I usually do unless it’s on the computer. I love replying to comments (no, y’don’t say!) so I’ll get around to it eventually.
  • Replying to asks falls under the same thing as comments/reviews
  • Once I’m all nice and settled in, I’ll get right back on track with the fic again.

Underrated Broadway Songs by badwolfcipher.

  1. Beyond the Door - The In-Between
  2. Shadowland ~ The Lion King
  3. There Are Worse Things I Could Do ~ Grease
  4. Can You Find it in Your Heart? ~ Footloose
  5. Happy/Sad ~ The Addams Family
  6. If Only (Quartet) ~ The Little Mermaid
  7. Proud of Your Boy ~ Aladdin
  8. Someday ~ The Hunchback of Notre Dame
  9. A Little More Homework (Single) ~ 13
  10. Someone You’d Be Proud Of ~ The In-Between
  11. Live Out Loud ~ A Little Princess
  12. I’m Free / Heaven Help Me ~ Footloose the Musical
  13. I Will Never Leave You ~ Side Show
  14. Finding Wonderland ~ Wonderland