live action sailor v

I noticed that most of her lovers. They are silver hair. (Except that Allan(90s Anime) is her lover, the one who has dark hair.

Saito senior is original character design to Kunzite’ character . They differ only a matter of age. Saito is unlikely to be over the age of 20 years. But Kunzite is 26 years in manga.

Phantom Ace is original character design to Tuxedo mask’s personality. I think that Naoko should be based on the principle of the opposite color or yin yang. (Black & White) Unfortunately you have to kill him as an enemy. And if he will not die without Sailor Moon stories anymore.

Especially between Yaten and Zoisite. I think Yaten would have been the inspiration for the design of Zoisite character. Because they are a bunch of low ponytail like him.  

Artemis is mix ingredients between Kunzite & Phantom Ace.He had eyes like Phantom Ace and have long hair like Kunzite.  Although he is not a lover. But he had a companion who was with her all the time.

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oh my gosh I love your love action sailor v stuff!! the episode titles are the best! I love that it's just a mishmash of PGSM, the musicals, and the sailor v manga along with weird shirota yuu references

Thank you! It’s such an obscure mix of references, I know, so it makes me happy when people dig it. If you made a venn diagram of people in the fandom who have read Sailor V, seen PGSM, and have seen any musical with Shirota Yuu’s Mamoru, I think the number would be pretty miniscule. I am nothing if not devoted to connections that are only funny to me.

Actually one of the scenes I was most proud of recreating was the “Minako in a towel in space” scene from the manga, but I think that went over a lot of people’s heads!

Getting warped into space to be informed she’s an alien princess while wearing nothing but a towel is such a Minako thing that I needed to happen in this fake canon.

Oh hey Anon, looks like you found my old fake screencap project! Live Action Sailor V is not real. It’s a show I made up for my own entertainment after Shirota Yuu, a former Seramyu Mamoru actor, made a music video that looked suspiciously like something Mamoru would come up with. I decided I loved the idea of an AU with Mamoru as an idol and Minako as his rival, sort of a rewrite of the Sailor V manga, but with Mamoru taking Kaitou Ace’s place and acting as more of a frenemy to Minako than a romantic interest. So all of the screen caps you see in that tag were edited by me. The ones you’re specifically asking about:

I think I took these from the first episode of PGSM, though I’m not 100% sure. I just photoshopped Yuu from Seramyu overtop PGSM’s Mamoru and made fake subtitles. 

So I’m sorry to say that Shirota Yuu did not appear in PGSM, and we never got playful banter between him and Sailor V.