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Quite a lovely photo of my kit from Swordcraft last night. Slowly working my body strength back up to be able to wear all my plate armour again. It feels amazing! Even if I am pretty sore today. Also my halberd, Jacopo, is finally back in fighting form after having to rebuild him twice.

Photo by Portrait Photography.
Swordcraft. Melbourne, Australia.

A fellow Grace Kelly fan, theawesomeprincess, has recently called my attention to a fact no Disney/classic Hollywood aficionado can fail to see: Cinderella looks strikingly similar to the Princess of Monaco.

I used to wonder whether Cinderella was actually modelled after Grace. But the dates don’t add up: Grace Kelly would only get a big break in Hollywood in late 1952, and Cinderella was produced in 1949. The truth is, Cinderella was actually modelled after a professional live action model Helene Stanley. And yet…

In this manip, Cinderella is wearing a famous black and white dress designed by Edith Head for ‘Rear Window’ - just like Grace.

 By the by, the fact that Edith was not nominated by the Academy for this film’s costume design is beyond me.


Had to draw my gorgeous roommate in an action/starwars-esque scene! Hope you enjoy it!!


Now available - 20 years to the day that Tomb Raider and Lara Croft were first unleashed on the world.

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Was anyone aware that Disney did this. Long before computer animation Disney animators had Live Action Reference Models they had them play out entire scenes and they would study them to animate. They did this with the little mermaid and most of Ariels mannerisms are those of the actresses.

I dislike how normalized it is in the NSFW G/t community to take peoples’ images and use them for fetish shit without their permission. I don’t care if they’re paid models, celebrities, amateur porn creators, whatever.

If a person hasn’t given you or anyone else permission to use their image for your fetish shit, then don’t fucking do it.

I know the people reblogging this stuff don’t mean any harm by it, but imagine not being into this kink at all, and seeing your image used for it without your permission. 

A person’s image BELONGS TO THEM.

This goes for collages, video editing, gifs, anything in which a live-action model is used.

If the people in the image didn’t want to be manipulated to look like giants or tinies, then just don’t do it. It’s that simple.

Don’t involve someone or their image in your fetish shit without their permission. End of fucking story.


As part of #2danimation week on my IG, here’s a #flipfriday from my collection: a never before scene FIRST PASS of rough animation from the legendary #glenkeane of #pocahontas. Imagine #JohnSmith singing to her on the left of the page, then they kiss. Note how she changes model from slightly African American looking (more like the live action model) to more like the Pochy we know and love. This is a first pass using the live action reference as a guide but Glen would redraw and push the animation (timing, expressions, arcs,etc) in the next few passes after this. We all did. Whew, she was hard! #disney #animation #roughanination #irenebedard

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