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Kento yamazaki in anime and manga live actions :
-your lie in April
-one week friend
-wolf girl and black Prince
-no longer heroine
-death note


My Top 10 Live Action Heroines in Film. (So far, Part 2: X)

El Manga ‘3D Kanojo' tendrá adaptación a película live-action en 2018

La serie de Mao Nanami fue lanzada en 2011 

Warner Bros. Japan anunció el miércoles que lanzará una película live-action adaptación del Manga de 3D Kanojo (Real Girl) por Mao Nanami en 2018. Ayami Nakajou y Hayato Sano protagonizan la película como Iroha y Hikari, respectivamente.

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Rumor: Man Of Steel 2 May Introduce Supergirl To DCEU

Earlier this month, Warner Bros. saw Wonder Woman march into theaters for her first live-action standalone, and the heroine has been breaking records since. The newest DCEU film has garnered rave reviews from both fans and critics, leaving many to wonder whether Warner Bros. will push DC Entertainment to introduce more female superheroes to its franchise. And, now, one rumor is suggesting the DCEU may be eyeing Supergirl for such an occasion.

The DCEU fandom has been given a new rumor to consider thanks to an anonymous source from 4chan (via ScreenRant). The post claims that Man of Steel 2 is in development already and will act as a premiere platform for Supergirl.

“The sequel to Man of Steel has been developing in secret,” the post writes. “Geoff Johns and Zack Snyder finished writing a story for the film back in November. Multiple writers were approached to turn into a screenplay including the writers from Watchmen and the 300 movie series. Brainiac will be the villain and Supergirl will be introduced to the DCEU.”

Of course, there is no evidence to back up the sources claim. Warner Bros. will likely leave the rumor to simmer in it own ambiguous state should they catch wind of it, but the notion does give fans plenty to ponder. Supergirl has become a more lucrative heroine to DC Entertainment as of late thanks to the character’s titular show. The CW wrapped the second season of Supergirl recently, and a third season has already been ordered.

Still, there is a chance that bringing in Supergirl to the DCEU may cause a rift with fans. DCEU diehards will surely remember the controversy which arose when Ezra Miller was cast as the Flash for Justice League. Fans of the Arrowverse on The CW pushed back against the casting as they associated Grant Gustin with Barry Allen thanks to the network’s standalone series. Melissa Benoist is the actress currently tied to Supergirl, so the franchise will surely face resistance once more should they be wanting to cast the heroine into the DCEU.

When it comes to Man of Steel 2, much remains a mystery to fans. Audiences only know the film is in the works as Henry Cavill’s reps have nodded to the sequel in regards to the actor’s schedule. There is no anticipated release date for the new film, but DC Entertainment has some time to nail down the particulars. Justice League still has its premiere coming later this year, and other projects like Aquaman are now filming. With plenty of features in active development or production, Man of Steel 2 will have to wait its turn for the spotlight. And, when the film does get its start, fans may just get to see Superman’s cousin make a brief appearance.