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I very much appreciate your taking the time and effort on the in-depth analysis of SOTT. I do have a question about it. You ended the main section with this: "How does he rescue himself and others?... Musically, of course...Harry Styles has hung out his Sign." Can you clarify or expand on that a bit? I guess I was hoping for something more positive and hopeful of a definitive end to all the fuckery. Do you see anything like that for our boys, or (1 of 2)

(2 of 2) is it pretty much a lost cause and they’re all going to be stuck in a hellish round-a-bout of bullshit for the forseeable future?


I didn’t mean to imply that he hung out a Sign as in: “from here on it’s all Holo forever.” I’m sorry if it came across that way.

What I meant was that this song was Harry delivering the goods. “You want Holo? You got Holo.” And the messenger was the message– the meaning of the song itself explained how it was birthed, with a lot of pain, lies, confusion, forced separation.

I totally do not think this will last.

What I’ve seen for the last few days is:

- Liam and Niall tweeting congrats to Harry; Louis did not
- Harry unable to mention Louis’s name in interviews
- Liam tweeting a strange message– glad you’re getting to do your stuff. Because Liam can’t?
- H and L releasing public pap and stalker photos showing they are in separate locations/ continents

Why do they have to go this hard? Why are they always linked? If there’s nothing going on, why can’t there be normal congratulations, well done H, let’s catch up sometime?

It tells me that things are not normal right now, but the narrative is being pushed hard. We were hoping for change in April, but obviously it didn’t come. I think the hard push has to do with nothing getting in the way of a successful Holo launch.

Why would Louis agree to go along with it? If they’re not together, why would Louis care that Harry launches successfully, and go to such lengths?

Because they ARE together. Always. You.

And if Harry can write this kind of music, doing what he has to do to protect Louis, and Louis has to do what he has to do to protect Harry, and still make music, then they’re managing. We want them to be “free,” but that doesn’t necessarily mean what we imagine: free to come out as a couple, free to conduct business without restrictions.

I have to believe that they know how to manage their own careers better than we do. They have access to lawyers. They know things we don’t know. Both are amazingly smart and have planned their lives accordingly. It will end. Already almost no one in the media (thanks Sirius XM assholes) mentions Louis’ having a son, and he doesn’t even pretend to care anymore. And Harry gives no shits about deflecting questions he doesn’t want to answer.

All four boys are set to release music this quarter. It is ending, bit by bit. It will end.

We’re all fools… all the time. It’s just we’re a different kind each day. We think, I’m not a fool today. I’ve learned my lesson. I was a fool yesterday but not this morning. Then tomorrow we find out that, yes, we were a fool today too. I think the only way we can grow and get on in this world is to accept the fact we’re not perfect and live accordingly.
—  Ray Bradbury, The Illustrated Man
mino; on the run (p.2)

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“I would never hurt you, I hope you know that.”

WARNINGS: Violence and strong language, please don’t read further if you’re not okay with that. 

sidenote: Much shorter than the first part, hopefully there will be two more parts of the same length until the final! Again, I hope that this is not all word vomit. I have no idea what I’m doing. 

Hitman! Mino AU, 3.1k words

Others: Part 1 , Part 3

Lightning cracked the midnight sky then the thunder rolled in. Rumbling deeply into the distance and through their bones.

 “We should get going.” Minho clears his throat, walking away without sparing her a glance. “I’ll take you home.”

Their previous conversation dissolves, swept away by the sudden gush of wind that Minho silently thanked for. Her response left him tongue-tied, a reaction that happens almost every time they’re together and it terrifies him.

The absurdity is almost laughable. How he could barely bat an eyelash when pulling the trigger but to know that someone will be there for him has him foolishly shaken.

As if sensing his distress, she quietly follows suit, keeping her eyes to the ground when Minho fastens the helmet over her head. The usually precise movements of his fingers disappears, infuriating him further as he fumbles with the clasp longer than necessary.

It didn’t take long before the storm ruptures through, the downpour of rain smacking down the stretch of roads viciously, her grip on his shoulders digging into his jacket down to his flesh as Minho speeds his way like they’re losing time.

Everything is a blur, a projection of the state of his mind and trying to stitch back the edges of himself she unraveled is a futile attempt, feeling everything slip beyond his power.

Upon reaching her apartment complex, she hops off the motorbike, drenched hair plastered to her neck when she hands the helmet back to him. Minho looks at her through the exposed panel of his helmet, unable to piece his goodbyes together while the roar of the rain seals the silence between them.  

And when she leans in close to his ears, Minho can’t help but stiffen. Her voice raised yet muted by the chaos that surrounds them.

“Stay the night!”

She’s met with the widening of his eyes as she pulls back to face him, the rain intensifying with each pulsing second.

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The body of deceased 10 year old Barway Collins, who was publicised as missing in early 2015, was found submerged in the Mississippi River a number of weeks later. His hands and feet had been bound with duct tape before he was dumped into the water.

Throughout the inquiry into his death, Barway’s 33 year old father Pierre Collins became a prominent suspect in this case very quickly. He had given inconsistent answers to the questions put to him by police as well as failing a polygraph test, and also held a criminal conviction relating to child abuse. He later confessed that he had continuously hit Barway until he fell unconscious after asking him to stop playing outside and come back into the apartment where they lived. Accordingly to his version of events, Barway had not followed orders and done as he was told. After his son became unresponsive, Mr Collins panicked and placed him into the river in order to hide what he’d done from authorities. This confession provided by Collins only came after cellphone records placed him near to the river around the time of Barway’s disappearance, which he failed to produce any viable explanation for. It was also noteworthy that Mr. Collins had been unemployed and significantly in debt whilst having life insurance policies on Barway which totalled around $50,000. Suspiciously, Collins had been in touch with the insurance providers just days before Barway’s disappearance in a bid to raise the amounts. 

Barway’s mother Louise Karluah, who lived in Liberia at the time of Barway’s death, was granted a visa which allowed her to travel to the US and attend her son’s funeral. She also chose to attend court proceedings and watched emotionally, at one point speaking out to express how she felt “so lost” since receiving the news of her son’s death. Barway’s stepmother Jennifer Beaver, ho thought of the young boy as her own son, also spoke out against Pierre: “He’s asking forgiveness, but I will never forgive him.” Collins has since been sentenced to spend 40 years in prison.

Ratatouille MBTI

Remy – ISFP

“If you are what you eat, then I only want to eat the good stuff.”

Remy follows his heart.  Though he loves his family and tries his best to oblige them, his clear omnipresent desire to explore what he really loves shows his strong Introverted Feeling.  He is fairly outgoing in some ways, but he seems most himself and happiest when he can go off on his own and satisfy his personal interests, showing detailed thoughts on the nuances of good foods in his highly imaginative mind.  Remy is also quite naturally able to tune into his physical environment, which is especially apparent with his talents around food and the physical senses.  Introverted Intuition is also used, which can be seen through his ceaselessly pursuing his dream in whatever we he can, as well as his desire to learn more deeply about his one main love–cooking.  He is always eager to look deeper, to sense and discover more in food.  Extraverted Thinking seems to be fairly well developed also–Remy can take command of his situations when he needs to.

Alfredo Linguini – ISFP

“Don’t look at me like that! You aren’t the only one who’s trapped, they expect me to cook it again! I mean, I’m not ambitious, I wasn’t trying to cook, I was just trying to stay out of trouble! You’re the one who was gettin’ fancy with the spices!”

Linguini may not have as strong a passion through most of the movie as does his little rat friend, but their personalities are not all that dissimilar.  Linguini is more on the reserved side.  He is kind hearted and perceptive, and a bit more open to a bit of a wild idea than many others might be.  Before he is going to throw Remy into the water, Linguini is moved by the rat’s pleading eyes and proceeds to project his own internal state on the animal, which indicates his Introverted Feeling.  He can get a bit caught up in his own world and sometimes has trouble controlling the outer world, but he finds a passion in the end and along with this, more strength in personality.

Collette Tatou – ISTJ

“Food doesn’t go, orders pile up, disaster! I’ll make this easier to remember: keep your station clear, or I WILL KILL YOU!”

Introverted Feeling is also a function of Collette’s.  Like Remy, her passion is cooking, and she works tirelessly to make her dreams in that world come true.  Collette is good at sticking to a plan and getting things done very well, down to the last important detail, and she doesn’t appreciate her hard work and great skill being interfered with.  Collette came to her cooking position by following the system, diligently and rigorously, and she strictly follows Gusteau’s original recipe’s–all indicators of strong Introverted Sensing.  As an introvert and a thinker, especially a Te user, she is good at presenting an organized and commanding exterior, but she is happiest when she can follow her true passions as well.

Anton Ego – INTJ

“We [critics] thrive on negative criticism, which is fun to write and to read. But the bitter truth we critics must face, is that in the grand scheme of things, the average piece of junk is probably more meaningful than our criticism designating it so.”

Things had better go Anton Ego’s way–his word is powerful and can determine the future of any great restaurant.  Ego has the commanding presence of Te, and the classic deep concern for quality that comes with an Ni and Se combination (especially prominent in INxJ types).  He enjoys thoughtful reflections on the subjects of his critiques, and he thinks deeply to find the truth.  Through his honest and thorough thought into the matter, he comes to break not difficultly but drastically from tradition, praising the artistry of a rat and even becoming a most frequent diner.  

Skinner – ESTJ

“You are COOKING? How DARE you cook in MY kitchen! Where do you get the gall to even attempt something so monumentally idiotic?”

Nothing is more infuriating and bewildering to skinner than things getting out of his control–especially if he suspects someone is playing games.  This chef is an ESTJ of a particularly unforgiving and controlling sort, one could almost say an exaggerated caricature of dominant Te (not to mention the other functions in his stacking).    

Django – ISTJ

“Food is fuel. You get picky about what you put in the tank, your engine is gonna die. Now shut up and eat your garbage.”

Django has been through a lot and feels great responsibility for his large rat family.  He’s learned from experience and lives accordingly to how the world has shown itself to be.  It is this and his caring nature towards his loved ones that has him holding his son from following what understandably seem like dangerous and unrealistic dreams.

Emile – ISTP

“I don’t like secrets. All this cooking and-and reading and TV-watching, while we…read, and…cook. It’s like you’re involving me in crime, and I let you. Why do I let you?”

Emile likes his food too, but unlike his brother, he’s not terribly picky.  Emile is happy to go along with things how they are, and he’s hesitant to do anything that might put him in unnecessary danger or upset his father, also skeptical of Remy’s unusual habits and interests.  

Auguste Gusteau – ENFJ

“If you focus on what you left behind you will never see what lies ahead!”

Though for most of the movie Gusteau is only a figment of Remy’s imagination, we still can see his personality enough for a rough typing.  The chef is jovial and extraverted, and he is a great encourager of others, as a living man as well as for Remy, helping others follow their dreams.  The Ni/Se combination is also quite plausible in this case, considering Gusteau’s excellent taste and naturally strong appreciation for the finer things.

Duality Theory

When Max went back in time to the day William died, she used her powers. Alright, technically she could have not used them but between the game being incredibly vague about how you would hide the keys in certain areas and the fact that Max had no idea William could page his key fob, it’s pretty much canon that she rewinds In this instance to save William.

However, upon returning to the now alternate present, the unnatural events occured in the same timeframe rather than immediately after saving William. This suggests that the tornado has nothing to do with Chloe’s death or lack thereof, but something else entirely. However, the new timeline is so different that no other consistent events could be found…save for one: the death of Rachel Dawn Amber.

Rachel disappeared about six months before Max and Chloe meet. This is an inconsistency with standard forensics, as when they find her, there is clearly enough left of Rachel for Chloe to recognize her. Rachel’s body would be a mush of liquid and bone within four months of being buried, and even had she been kept in a trash bag, that would have bought her maybe a couple of days. Actual body bags, such as the ones used by paramedics, would preserve her for much longer, but neither Jefferson nor Nathan would have those on hand. Jefferson is a professional, therefore he would have no need for such an expense, and Nathan as a Blackwell student would draw too much attention if he kept military-grade body bags in their dorm.

No, for Rachel to have been a recognizable corpse while still having a noticeable smell, she really wouldn’t have had to be dead for any time at all. People forget, or rather, ignore that if a person dies, they immediately defecate and urinate. Even if we ignore that unfortunate fact, she would only have to be dead for four days or so, given how wet Oregon soil is, to smell like a dead body. Which places the latest possible time of death for Rachel Amber on…Sunday.

We have no idea how long Rachel was in the Dark Room, and she was never expressed by Nathan to be dead. She could very well have been in the Dark Room for months. This would also explain Nathan’s reaction to Max dressed as Rachel Amber. Even his damaged psyche would have moved on from the “Denial” stage of grief had Rachel died six months before the events of Life is Strange. By no means do I believe that she died on Sunday, but every single calling card of a six month old corpse is absent when we find her. Besides the fact that her body would have liquified in that time period, even the vegetation would grow in such a way that suggested a grave site. All around her body would be tall grass, whilst directly over the body would be nothing but dead grass or nothing at all.

Before Rachel’s death, which we can now confirm happened much sooner than we originally thought, she was a party girl. She was friends with almost everyone, save for a few people who utterly despised her. She managed to have three separate love lives, and none of her lovers found out about each other or even had suspicions. And she was still somehow a 4.0 student.

Let’s assume for a moment that Rachel is the was the artist behind the “HOLE TO ANOTHER UNIVERSE” graffiti that appears throughout Arcadia. This, alongside the other details outlined above suggest that she had similar powers to Max. There is simply no way that someone could party all night, pass all her classes the next day, still be coherent enough to either infuriate or impress every single one of her associates, maintain three romantic relationships, and not destroy her body (remember, she wanted to be a model) in the process.

Max’s photography is incredibly personal to her, therefore, her powers manifested in a way that highlighted her need to take photographs. Rachel, by contrast, was a rebel without a cause, which could very well mean that her graffiti became linked to her powers in one way or another. The holes to another universe, therefore, could be exactly that, although how they would function remains unclear.

So if we accept the idea that Rachel had powers of her own, this begs the question: how did she get caught? Max was caught by Jefferson in extenuating circumstances, and she still managed to escape, although it took some doing. We know, at least in the context of this theory, that Rachel was I’m the Dark Room for much longer than we thought. She would have even more chances to escape, both the d fashioned way and with her powers. All she would have to do was get a sharpie and draw her hole to another universe. Hell, she probably would be keeping one on her for that same purpose.

Of course, this is making the assumption that her powers lined up with Max’s in some way or another, and this is where the theory stops using facts within the game and starts making things up with the facts provided. What if Rachel didn’t have REWIND powers…but fast-forward ones?

Consider this: Max Caulfield is born, and some sort of “glitch in the matrix” in Arcadia Bay gives her rewind powers. The universe tries to compensate for this, and thrusts a counterbalance onto someone else…Rachel Amber. Rachel Amber grows up with these powers, using and abusing them as she pleases. As such, she does her job, creating a “buffer” against the inevitable consequences of Max’s power once she discover it. This would explain why Rachel is so much more spiritual than everyone else: she knows that there is something strange about the world we live in, and acts accordingly. This would also explain why Samuel took such an interest in Rachel, since he has an eye for this sort of thing. Now imagine Rachel is 19, living large in a small town, in love with three people who have no clue about each others existence in Rachel’s life.

She fast forwards a boring afternoon at a Vortex Club part, during which she runs on autopilot like Max does after being possessed by her future self. We know drugs have strange effects on Max’s powers, why not Rachel? If she fast forwarded through being drugged, this may have caused her to loose focus and perspective. Unlike Max, however, who has to concentrate to rewind, Rachel has been doing this her entire life. It’s second nature. She fast forwards, going faster and faster because she’s being dosed and tied up and none of it makes any SENSE anymore…

She fast forwards straight into her own death.

Then slightly past it.

This would explain the doe Max keeps seeing. While I agree that it is her spirit animal, I see no reason for it to Rachel’s as well. After all, there are more people than there are types of animals. Rachel’s consciousness now exists outside of the timeline. She’s an observer that Max can see because Max also exists outside the timeline, because unlike every other person, she has free will. Her power allows her to circumvent determinism.

But now, Max’s power has no counterbalance. That buffer has died, and for a while, the universe can handle the strain. Then it begins to fail, and it starts warning Max that it is failing. This is why we see the tornado before she ever uses her powers, and this is also why Max’s powers are so inconsistent. Not only were they accidental, they are now unstable.

Not only that, it becomes clear to us that certain things CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO HAPPEN. Max CANNOT die under any circumstances, Kate CANNOT be alone on that rooftop before she jumps, Chloe CANNOT die in the junkyard when she and Max go shooting. We, as players, all think that when time stops and the screen goes grey that it’s just a game mechanic. It’s not. Max even acknowledges that time has stopped of its own accord, since these moments have no consequences on Max’s health, when it almost killed her on the roof after stopping time herself. The reason for this? Those timelines don’t exist anymore. They collapsed. Time is stopping because if it doesn’t, the universe would simply wink out of existence, like a program trying to open a file that does not exist.

Every universe has a Max and a Rachel, and every universe without one of them is in jeopardy. The storm? It’s just the start. It’s a massive overcompensation of reality to deal with the strain caused by Rachel or Max’s death. The entire week has been overcompensations, the universe falling from left to right, getting a little more extreme each time and even merging with another universe on the night with two moons. And while Max going back and never using her powers is a viable solution, it isn’t the best one available. Because once she uses her powers even once, it will snowball into reality-shattering consequences. Sacrificing Arcadia Bay is just speeding the universe towards complete madness. The only real solution is to save Rachel Amber, one way or another.

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First off, I think the true God of gtlive is Skip the Destroyer of Pasta and Jason’s Sanity but thank u anyways.

And second, that is a vicious lie and I will not stand for the spreading of these rumours of me being cute.

No one does it better

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Sequel to “Love me like you used to”

Inspiration: here , here , here & here

Pairings: Bucky x reader, Steve x reader

Word count: 4.328

Summary: You and Bucky are soulmates but decided to head in different directions. You married Steve but never stopped loving Bucky. In Part 1, you were pregnant with Steve’s child and ran into Bucky on your way back from the grocery store. Bucky’s pleading eyes almost make you elope with him on the spot, but you decide against against it, leaving behind a very distressed Bucky. In Part 2, you have given birth to a baby boy, Sebastian. Your relationship with Steve has turned sour and your father Tony urges you to leave him. Will you give Bucky his second chance? Or will you stay by Steve’s side as his loving yet miserable wife?

A/N: You requested a part 2, so here it is. Don’t know if this fully qualifies as a happy ending, though.

Warnings: none, maybe language?

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the Lambent Bout

as he rises to claim his place
she waits below, bides her time
strikes back and casts him down;
radiant in her conquest, she seems
to not know that her time is short,
and that he’ll return even stronger

the cycle continues
in a fight as old as time–
dueling gods locked
in ceaseless struggle,
completely unconcerned
with their effect
on what’s beneath them,
tiny creatures powerless
to sway them to abeyance,
and left with no choice
but to mark their lives accordingly

©2017 the-original-b

The feeling she had never really lived in this world caught her by surprise. It was a fact. She had never lived. Even as a child, as far back as she could remember, she had done nothing but endure. She had believed in her own inherent goodness, her humanity, and lived accordingly, never causing one harm. Her devotion to doing things the right way had been unflagging, all her success had depended on it, and she would have gone on like that indefinitely. She didn’t understand why, but faced with those decaying buildings and straggling grasses, she was nothing but a child who had never lived.
—  han kang, the vegetarian

✨⚙️ ʙʟᴏɴᴅᴇ ᴛᴇᴄʜɴᴏᴘʜɪʟᴇs (。♥‿♥。)  ⚙️✨