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I will not tolerate...

I refuse to tolerate any 9/11 slander or islamophobia on my dash today.

That includes:

Disrespect towards people who are mourning/honoring all those who lost their lives just because you’re against the subsequent wars (even though I respect your right to be anti-war, as am I)

Any Islamophobia or racism towards those of middle eastern descent or those assumed to be of middle eastern descent.

Be compassionate. Be respectful of all lives lost.
Breathe ~ An Avenger’s Story  (10/15)

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AU Summary: With more elaborate tests with Dr. Banner, Y/N finds more information about her abilities and why she’s alive.

Notes: gravitonium and dr. Hall showed up in Agents of shield. ok? so its definitely in the mcu. also coulson and inhumans :)

Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11


“I thought Gravitonium was a pain in the ass to control.”

“Yes. But it is possible to.” Bruce opened up a document with a swipe of his fingers. “Dr. Franklin Hall. He was a former asset for SHIELD and became famous for his work and theories on the extremely rare element known as gravitonium. Hall also designed a theoretical machine that could stimulate the element in a way that would allow its gravitational fields to be harnessed. It was destroyed along with him but the gravitonium was locked in SHIELD’s storage facility. But last time we checked, it wasn’t there.”

“Hmmm.” Stark stared at the holographic files in front of him. “So if we find Hall’s files on gravitonium then maybe we could find the source of Y/N’s abilities. Maybe even make it more powerful.”

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I remember living by the Twin Towers the day they collapsed. The smoke, the soot, and confusion mixed with tears in the eyes of all the people. We were dazed New Yorkers and Americans for a moment. I recall this one man waving a giant American flag, that one act regenerated all who looked on. I was changed that day, I was no longer black, white, Hispanic, but I transformed into a God fearing American. New York and America would never be the same. We love each other and our beloved country.

We will always remember 911. May God bless all those who lost a family member that day. We will never forget 🇺🇸✝