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Fallout 4 Headcannon #11 Nick Valentine wounds & Lab fears

Nick Valentine psychology

*Many spoilers ahead for vanilla game & Far Harbor*

Cut for length as this is a long one but I like to keep note of theories and headcanons like this one for reference in future fics I write.  It helps me to understand the character(s) better and to decide on what choices they would make in given circumstances and situations.

Nick’s wounds & fear of laboratories.

One thing that has always tugged my heart strings with Nick is his determination to keep moving forwards despite what life throws at him.  He talks very little about himself and his own problems (usually) but despite having a very strong personality and appears practically un-breakable in spirit there are many deep and sensitive wounds in this guy’s past.

Talking to Nick he uses lines such as;

‘I wouldn’t normally bother you with this but I feel like I can trust you at this point.’
‘Some of our prior conversations to the contrary I’m not usually one for long sob stories.’

This guy is anything but an open book and for those who want to know him better they need to rely heavily on time and experience, picking up on small details and choosing their moments to ask questions carefully.

‘Are you okay?’
‘Do I look okay to you!?’

We receive an apology very quickly after this outburst but it doesn’t change the fact that he snapped at (depending how you are playing) possibly his closest friend and confidante.  

Why?  Because he is frightened.  He is scared and is likely nursing a wound that is still tender even after 100 years.

We learn early on that he was some sort of prototype experiment and kept isolated.  We now know from DiMA what exactly they were prototypes for and the kinds of experiments they were subjected to;

‘I watched you wake up not knowing who or what you were so many times.’

This sounds horrible on a normal level but with Nick it goes an extra step.  The last memory that synth Nick could possibly have of the original Nick Valentine is of the man going to the C.I.T building to have his brain scanned.

Still in the C.I.T area for Nick to wake up he likely will have defaulted on that last memory – a human man going in for something he’d been hoping might help him overcome some of the horrors in his recent life only to wake up strapped down to a bed with these scientists pulling bits of wire and metal out of his head and body.

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If anyone is worried about missing the Supermoon on Sunday because of cloud cover or visibility based on location

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aeriarahim replied to your post “Leader Of The Free World”

Sam, this storyline needs more chapters. Probably 20 more with a solid 5 chapters of just HRC and Maria Hill being badass.

I’m not gonna lie the discussion of Bucky had me thinking last night about how he probably breaks into the White House without alerting any of the security, just so he can yell at Steve, and then I realized wait. Does the VP live in the White House? That would be the weirdest roommate situation ever, and also a huge security risk.

And I realized I have lived my entire adult life in this country without knowing where the VP lives. But we found out he lives at the US Naval Observatory in a very nice house with a turret. I hope the various VP’s children have been allowed to sleep in the turret, it looks fun. 

So what actually happens is that Clint wakes up to Bucky Barnes straddling his chest, one hand around his throat, growling “Where is Steve Rogers” and Clint is like HOW DID YOU GET IN HERE WHERE IS THE SECRET SERVICE. 

Bucky: …are those the guys in the suits? Yeah I ignored them.
Clint: *gurgles skeptically*
Bucky: Do you not know who I am?
Clint: Need…oxygen…to presidential brain….
Bucky: I just want Steve Rogers.
Clint: Wrong…address.

And then when Steve gets up the next morning Clint and Bucky are sitting in his kitchen drinking coffee because Clint didn’t want to miss Bucky’s EPIC YELLFEST about Steve not being able to keep his politics in his pants, he just RAN OFF and BECAME VICE PRESIDENT, and all this backfires on Clint horribly when Steve is like CLINT MADE ME, I WASN’T EVEN IN THE COUNTRY and Bucky turns on Clint and starts harassing him for being a bad influence.

And Clint is like James Buchanan Barnes, I am the President of the United States, if you’re going to talk to me like that you should at least have an official title and that’s how Bucky became the president’s new personal security secretary. 

“Can he type?”
“No, but he can murder you at three hundred yards using a solo cup and a rubber band.” 

Bucky is like the feral cat your dad inexplicably loves and lets wander around the house. He raids the kitchens, he taunts the Secret Service, he brings strange presents for the administration staff, he sits quietly and STARES at whoever’s talking during Cabinet meetings. He is Tony’s favorite

Corvid Axel  🔭 🌠

Corvid is an astronomer and cartographer of high status, living within an observatory on the Western edge of Caelumis. With a loner lifestyle and semi-nocturnal sleeping schedule, this volcurin is quite shy and usually keeps to himself. 

more info below!

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Surprise! i worked super hard on this! 

Dear Andy,

When I found BVB it changed my life. I finally understood what real music is. BVB has helped me through so much. Your music has helped me through sadness, anger, depression, and has been there for me for no matter what emotion I am feeling. “Lost It All” makes me cry and means so much to me just as you hoped it would. You inspire me in my tough life. I look at what you have accomplished and it gives me hope. I understand that high school in no way defines a person’s intelligence. You are one the smartest and most well-spoken people I have heard words come out of. You make me laugh, cry, inspired, and hopeful. I feel that you understand what I am going through at some level. “They Don’t Need To Understand” means so much to me too. The lyrics speak to me and understand me. “Carolyn” helped me through depression. I cried at school listening to that song. Chris Motionless once said the music didn’t save us, but I disagree. The music sure as hell saved us. Music is there for us no matter what like Jake Pitts said. Music is everything to me and I don’t know how I’d cope without it. I listen to “The Mortician’s Daughter” and “Lost It All” every night before I fall asleep. TMD makes me feel loved and cared about which is something I need in my life. I saw BVB live at the Observatory on 10.23.15 and you grabbed my fingers during “In The End” that made my day. You noticed me. That was the best night of my life. Thank you so much. You have saved me. Happy 25th birthday Andy!