live @ cat's cradle


Yuri introduces Yuuri to his asshole cat.

Pairing: Yuuri x Yuri

Based off of this post. Also sorry the quality is pretty shitty and questionable on this one. >____>;

To say Yuri was nervous was a bit of an understatement. Today would be a pivotal step in his relationship with Yuuri, the make it or break it point if he may. While he was slightly nervous when introducing Yuuri as his boyfriend to his grandfather, Yuri knew they would stay together regardless of his opinion. The person Yuri was introducing his boyfriend to today, their opinion mattered so much more.

Or rather, Yuuri’s opinion mattered since the person in question, or rather creature in question, hated pretty much everyone. Yes, Today is the day that Yuri introduces his boyfriend to his cat, his asshole cat who hates everyone except Yuri himself (and occasionally Lilia).

If Yuuri did not like his asshole cat, he had to go.

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I knew I wanted to propose to my girlfriend Amanda with music somehow. It’s a major part of our relationship, and it gets us through everything. We discovered Walk The Moon a few years ago, and I was lucky to have the opportunity to do some design work for them. We became friends through the work, and have stayed in touch since. 

When it came time to pop the question, I asked the guys if I could do it before “I Can Lift A Car” at their show on 9/28/13 at the Cat’s Cradle. It’s a special song for the two of us, and it’s all about that amazing feeling you get when you’re with someone and you feel like you can do anything. Not knowing what they’d say, I was super excited when they said “yes.” When the day came around, they gave me the setlist to know when the song would be played. They were amazing, and kept checking up on me to see how I was doing, haha! 

We went up to the side of the stage before the big song, and Amanda had no clue what was happening. The guys brought me on stage by introducing me as the designer of their backdrop. From there, with the help of their tour manager, Blake, we convinced Amanda to come on stage with me, even though she didn’t understand why!

The rest of the story is captured in this amazing video, taken by Bill Collette of BillCo Productions. Check out his video work here: 

Thanks so much to Nick, Eli, Sean, Kevin, Blake, Lauren, Alex, and the whole crew from Walk The Moon’s tour for helping coordinate this amazing moment. 

Thanks to Bill for the beautiful video and Daniel Kirkpatrick for the audio.

We will always cherish this video. You guys are amazing.