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I just watched Phil's liveshow bc I missed it (I always do, it's really not a convenient time for me smh)so if you have any thoughts to share or analyses to make or whatever you want about it I'm all for it?? I love reading what you write so much omg

omg, bless you, that’s so kind and yes–i was left with a few central thoughts after this live show!!! to largely echo my overall reaction to dan’s one from two days ago, this show had me feeling very warm and uplifted by the end. but unlike dan’s live shows, this is how phil’s generally always leave me feeling. he is so good at making the viewer believe that they are almost being invited right into his lounge to chill with him while he just has a few chats about whatever’s on his mind. he’s obviously got a naturally calming voice, and he does his little soft giggles every few minutes, and just,,, so many of phil’s mannerisms and behaviors seem perfectly concocted to make the people viewing him feel at ease. in short, this was just a very classic, traditional phil live show. it didn’t feel like a noticeable shift in his behavior the way that dan’s last two live shows felt. in fact it felt like he came into the show with a pre-determined list of topics to discuss (a format to follow, so to speak) and he was moving down that list in a casual but controlled way (e.g. he knew he wanted to do a christmas haul and therefore set out all of the xmas gifts that he didn’t share in the amazingphil video out on his table.) i think that this almost-paradox is what always strikes me as so fascinating about phil–the way that he can come across as so natural and gentle and calm while at the same time sticking to a more overarching script of sorts. he’s become so talented at it over the years. within this format though we still got some pretty noteworthy insights including: 

1. social awkwardness is not just a dan trait. i loved when phil was talking about the gas men looking at his clumps of hair and his feeling too awkward to just tell them he had a hair cut. like. that is straight out of a danecdote or a reasons why dan’s a fail and it made me smile so much. i think phil is often and inaccurately characterized as being more confident in social settings, especially in comparison to dan, and i frequently see people assert that he is social where dan is not. but i have always felt that phil is incredibly shy and reserved and even nervous/anxious in social situations. he has so many clear nervous tics that appear when he’s talking to people he doesn’t know very well. i think that he simply feels an obligation to socialize and make pleasant small talk where dan can’t be bothered. in any case, the anecdote about the hair was great and just reaffirmed this belief for me. and also … can’t believe he and fabrice have upped their relationship to the next level and now fabrice cuts phil’s hair at their house. damn. that is trust. 

2. dan and phil dog is canceled. i’m heartbroken. he reiterated that he’s too busy for a dog and can’t adopt one now or in the near future but that he’d like one at some point. interestingly he stayed well clear of saying “we” or “us” or anything else that could implicate dan in those adoption plans. in fact this was true of the whole live show in general. i received a lot of messages asking me to discuss why i think phil says “i” and “me” so much even when explaining experiences that we know he shared with dan, and to contrast this with dan’s reliance on the collective “we” for basically everything. while i have noticed that, overall, phil does say “we” less frequently than dan, i usually think he strikes an even balance between “i” and “we” (whereas dan always errs on the side of talking about both of them in basically every anecdote he shares). but this live show felt different and in fact seemed like phil was trying to go for absolutely zero “we” mentions at all, and i found that really odd. i don’t think it necessarily means anything? i wanted to say that it is just another way in which phil subtly views these live shows as a formal/work thing, a youtube thing so to speak, rather than genuinely approaching it as he would a casual chat with a friend. and as such, he’s gonna answer things in the capacity of himself as a public figure rather than himself as a regular dude who shares everything in life w his partner. but idk if that explanation actually holds up because in phil’s actual youtube videos which are obviously much more formal than a live show, he seems to casually mention dan a fair bit?? even when the situation really doesn’t call for it. in today’s video for example, he brings up the gas leak with a non-contextualized “we” and then he even makes a “phil is on fire” joke? and he mentions dan in nearly every video even the ones that dan isn’t in. so i’m honestly not sure what the deal is with this. could be that phil just hasn’t internalized speaking in the collective as much as dan and idk if that has any deeper meaning. the field is wide open for theories i guess? 

3. 2017 goals–especially the Mysterious Creative Project that is brewing in his mind. i don’t have any clue what this could be as phil’s creativity could take him literally anywhere. i honestly can see him doing anything from writing a novel to becoming an abstract painter. but of course, i’m quite certain it’ll be a video (maybe a series?) and i’m so excited that he’s ostensibly challenged himself to push beyond the creative boundaries that he’s kind of locked himself into with his current amazingphil ~brand~ (also truly shocked and appalled that he likes running and my heart melted when he said a central goal was to visit his family more. the lesters continue to be the most close-knit family i’ve ever heard of)

4. on that note, dan’s mum mention. wtf. this was so unexpected bc like,, dan himself hardly ever mentions his mum in any capacity so to hear phil casually bring her up for an entirely unprompted story was sooo interesting to me. as in, the story was something he definitely did not need to tell us, and if they really had any kind of understanding about keeping dan family mentions to a bare minimum, this seemed to shatter it lol. not that i really thought they did, but i do admit to having thought that maybe dan and his parents aren’t close enough for there to ever really be stories to share about them.  it was so nice to hear a refutation of that to some degree. dan’s mum is at least close enough to him that she thought to share this dream with dan and also dreamed about phil lmao (i honestly feel creepy writing this and idk why since phil happily shared this info with us?? look at what years of conditioning can do to us as viewers). idk. it was just very sweet and i hope they all hang out at least once in a while (i’m quite certain they do).  

~bonus random notes from while i was watching that i liked a lot bc they just sum up what watching phil is like for me: love the stretch from like 33:30ish to 35ish where he rapidly talks about being in the editing zone then the snow turning to rain then his mum being obsessed w snow and ft’ing/texting him about it then him reassuring someone that it will def snow where they live unless they live in the desert then deciding to google whether it has ever snowed in las vegas bc … naturally. … then an anecdote of him driving through arizona (also, when did that happen? am i just blanking?) and getting buried in snow and stopping in a sketchy cabin??? wtf all in under 2 mins? phil’s brain works like 5x as fast as the average human and i am constantly captivated~

Hell You Talmbout
  • Hell You Talmbout
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Allow me to introduce the TRON Fandom

“What?” you may ask. “There’s a fandom besides Doctor Who, Supernatural, and Sherlock on Tumblr?” Yeah. Pay attention, the Avengers are pretty big here too, along with the rest of the MCU.

But I’m not here to talk about that. I’m here to talk about TRON.

“Do you mean that hokey 80s Sci-Fi flick I’ve never watched because it just looks lame, or that two hour Daft Punk music video?”

Don’t you start with me. And stop interrupting.

We are the Tron fandom. We appreciate these movies. Know why? Because we actually sat and enjoyed the story.

Sure, we’re pretty small. Neither film did as well as Disney wanted in the box office. But you know what?

We’re powerful.

Yknow that game that came out, Disney Infinity? Yeah, the one with the figures. When it first came out we wanted TRON characters in it. So we asked. We pushed. And you know what?

We got em in the next version.

But they were DIGITAL ONLY????

We weren’t about to sit still for that. So you know what we did? We nagged again and we got our physical figures. Some of us don’t even play Disney Infinity and we bought the figures, both digitally and physically. Some of us have a little army of Quorra’s on our shelves.

We may be small. We may not have a lot of content out there. But we are PASSIONATE. We snap up whatever we get. Heck, we waited nearly thirty years for a sequel movie to the first movie, and got a FPS video game in between. And we ate it up. We are the ones who buy the comics, who watched every episode of Uprising, even when it was on at MIDNIGHT. Not to mention we own every episode of TRON: Uprising on iTunes, Amazon Digital, etc.

We’re the ones who sent Disney hundreds, possibly thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands of glow sticks when we heard that our third movie was shelved, and boy do we refuse to say it’s cancelled.

We’re the ones who are going NUTS over every piece of beautiful concept art that was “leaked” from “TRON: Escape.”

We’re the ones who flipped out when we found out that ‘TRON: Escape’ actually was happening, only by a different name (TRON: RUN/r), and are buying it up on Steam EVEN THOUGH THE GAME ISN’T DONE YET.

We’re the ones who read, watch, play, and buy anything with TRON on it.

We’re the ones who have created intricate backstories and fan fictions and fan characters, some characters that are written so well they feel like they are canon.

We’re the ones who refuse to believe that the Tron franchise is dead.

Now, more than ever,



Gravity Falls is great, but how about the world?

Why do people always have older!Dipper stuck in Gravity falls obsessing over the same book?

Wouldn’t he try exploring the world? In a time where travel is only getting easier and easier, and we have a live, global library at our fingertips?

What if Dipper made a journal that wasn’t just a bunch of handwritten books, but rather he took full advantage of modern technology? Creating files within files, but of course being careful enough to have some form of it in the material world. He’d have handwritten pages full of Cipher and diagrams, but twice as many encrypted files or the occasional word doc. There’d be no particular order, to the untrained eye. A bit like a choose your own adventure book, there would be prompts to the next page but only Dipper would understand.

I’ve always thought that after this summer is over, he’d look beyond Gravity Falls. He’d look at the wider world and travel, finding places like Gravity Falls spotted all over the globe. Some of them tamer, and some of them making his summer at the mystery shack look like a walk in the park.

Imagine Dipper travelling the world and finding little triangles with eyes all over the globe. On make-up, on cash, in ancient tombs, on his tube of shaving cream. The guy’s always watching, am I right?

Imagine this lonely little kid making friends all over the globe who are just as interested as him. Imagine him making twice as many enemies.

There’s a whole world full of myths and legends; puzzles and mysteries. With Dipper knowing that all of them could very well be real, he would never be able to settle down. 

So could we all talk about this? If anyone has ideas, please message me! I need this so bad.


There’s more to it all than I thought…
I’ve got too much to live for.

Dedicated to the Cas and the Sam to my Dean.

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this is 50 shades of gay and I love it omg keep sending me Lexark sin

Elyza and Alicia are in an abandoned mansion. They’ve been here since Alicia accepted that her family was gone. It was pretty much their home now. The power from the generators in this place were still active, allowing the girls to participate in electronic activities, such as watching movies on the DVD player, or playing ps4. One day Eliza decides to tease her little princess by slipping “50 Shades of Grey” into the DVD player. Alicia argues with Elyza over it a little bit, saying she refuses to watch it. Elyza notices she’s more worried than she should be, it’s just a movie, and although she doesn’t want to make Alicia upset, she’s getting more and more curious as to why Alicia is so uncomfortable. “What’s the matter Lic? You don’t like that sort of thing? I thought it was kind of hot.” At this comment, Alicia seems to relax, and agrees to watch the movie. Half way through, Elyza pauses it, noticing Alicia squirming and deciding she wants her princess to have a break. “Baby you should go make us some popcorn” she hints, giving poor Alicia a chance to get up and recollect herself. Alicia’s eyes are dark and full of lust when she says “Yes, Elyza.” The way she uses her name isn’t regular. It’s as if she’s saying it as a sign of Elyza’s superiority, and Elyza fucking loves it. There’s so much submission and lust behind it, and it makes her core tingle. The whole time, Alicia refuses to break eye contact. Elyza, riled up from just two words, while sitting on the couch still, puts her hands on her knees and leans forward, mouth slightly agape. (Like in your profile pic). After what seems like minutes, but could only be around 15 seconds, Alicia disappears into the kitchen. Elyza attempts to recollect herself, wondering what the hell has gotten into her girl. She hears the microwave beep, signalling that Alicia is coming back in soon. As she walks in the room, a bag of popcorn in her small hands, Elyza calls out to her. “Lic.” Alicia turns around, and stares, seemingly waiting for Elyza to say something. “Come sit on my lap babe?” Alicia quickly tosses the popcorn onto a nearby table and crawls onto Elyza, straddling her. She’s just staring at Elyza. She’s not moving. She’s not speaking. Almost as if she’s waiting for a command and, well, Elyza Lex isn’t one to pass up an opportunity. It’s the apocalypse and there’s an angel sitting on her lap waiting for instructions. So, ‘Why the hell not?’ Thinks Elyza. Giving in to her rather easily solved conundrum, she looks at Alicia before she says in a husky, demanding voice, “Grind.” Alicia, almost immediately begins grinding all over Elyza, driving her crazy. Alicia moans a little, and Elyza decides to take their game further. “Does that feel good, princess?” She asks Alicia. And again, her response comes out like she needs to please her blonde girlfriend. “Yes, Elyza.” She can’t hold herself back anymore, Alicia is killing her with this act. Elyza smashes their lips together and for the first time, they aren’t fighting for dominance in the kiss. Alicia is letting her girlfriend have it all. At that point, her only monologue is ‘Please Elyza, do what she wants, give her what she wants.“ Her thoughts are interrupted when she feels a warm hand slip beneath her little shorts. Elyza stops. “These are too tight. Take them off. I need to touch you.” Alicia hops off quickly and gets an idea. She turns around, and bends down to pull her shorts off, painfully slow. She’s exposing her backside to her horny girlfriend in a way that she knows she can’t handle. She can’t take the little brunette teasing her. Elyza has had enough. She gets up, and grabs Alicia by the hips, swiftly pushing her over to the table where Alicia had thrown her bag of popcorn. She is harshly bent over the table being held down by Elyza’s firm hand on her shoulder blade. “Stay there.” She’s commanded. “Yes ma'am.” Alicia teases, giggling a little at how excited Elyza is. “You think that’s funny?” Little Alicia hears as she feels her panties getting pulled down to her ankles. She gasps, as she feels Elyza’s hand trailing up the back of her thigh. Her eyes shut tight and she looks for something to grasp, finding nothing but the bag of popcorn. Her small fist closes around part of it, tearing the bag open. “I asked you a question.” Says Elyza harshly as she cups her girlfriends wetness. “N-no.” Alicia stutters out. For some reason, Elyza is angry with this response. “No? No what?” What’s meant to be a question sounds more than ever like a demand, and Alicia understands why the blonde is upset. “No, Elyza. It wasn’t funny.” She quickly adds her name in, like earlier, and she knows Elyza loves it. Alicia, being rewarded because of her previous answer, begins to feel circles around her small, soaked, bundle of nerves. She jerks once, popcorn beginning to spill from her still, steely grasp on the bag. Suddenly, Elyza stops. Alicia turns back to see a wild smirk on her girlfriends face, and she knows what Elyza wants. “Please.” Alicia begins to beg. “P-please, Elyza.” She immediately corrects herself. “What was that sweetheart?” Asks the blonde. “Elyza” she whines. “Please, please.” Alicia then feels a finger slip into her easily at how wet she was. It starts off slow and torturous, but Alicia knows Elyza is in charge now, so she doesn’t dare to ask for more. It quickly speeds up, as the quantity of fingers is increased to two, and Alicia’s moans are getting louder and more frequent. Elyza is staring at her girls skinny, yet defined back, the curves that she sees her hands disappear under, Alicia’s shoulder blades getting sharp as a sign of her arched back. Elyza loves this. She’s in control. She begins fucking Alicia, hard. So hard that she can’t even keep a fast pace. She knows Alicia likes it though, if she was hurting her, she wouldn’t be doing it. Alicia is being pounded into, and her moans turn into small screams or yelps. Every thrust has her propelled forward a little, and then back, sending popcorn flying everywhere. Alicia grabs the closest edge of the table with her free hand, and begins writhing. “Don’t you dare, until I say you can.” She hears from Elyza behind her. “Do you understand me?” The only response she gets are groans interrupted by harsh thrusts. Alicia’s legs are quivering, she feels herself nearing the edge. She’s right there. “P-please Elyza, please, please, please.” The state of euphoria lets Alicia put her pride aside and unknowingly beg. “Absolutely, fucking, not. Not until I say so.” Elyza warns. Alicia is whimpering, her legs a squirming mess, and her fingers are violently grasping things while popcorn is flying everywhere. Elyza takes in the scene. Despite her hate for mess, she loves this. It’s the most beautiful mess she’s ever seen in her life. Alicia has one focus, 'Don’t cum, not until she says’. When she feels as though she can’t take it anymore, Elyza seems to read her beautiful mind and says “Cum for me little princess.” Alicia’s scream is the prettiest thing Elyza has ever heard. She knows she did this to her. She knows this stubborn girl just completely submit to her, and her only. Alicia feels herself, so tight around Elyza’s fingers, and her legs began to flex so hard that they feel like jello. 'Am I dying? I’m dead? Oh my gosh if this is dying I love it.“ Her thoughts are a ramble of insensible theory’s. All she knows is that she’s never, ever felt like this before. As Alicia comes down from her high, Elyza looks around. The popcorn is everywhere, except for in the bag. The blonde chuckles before picking up her girl, and bringing her to the couch to lay her down. Once Alicia is covered in a blanket, still breathing heavy and extremely flushed, Elyza realizes her little dove is too weak now to move a muscle. "I’m gonna go make us some popcorn, baby.” She says while chuckling, and takes off toward the kitchen.
*I am so sorry I did a sin*

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Okay, I know everyone is upset about there being another Steven Universe hiatus, but let’s get one thing straight.

Crewniverse has been working their asses off. They aired 56 episodes straight with almost no hiatus, and then after only a 3 week period, they present another 5 episodes.

And guess what? They’re still making more. They’re working hard, long, sleepless night so that we can enjoy the show. The LEAST we can do is show appreciation instead of complain that they’re taking time off to make more episodes.

So maybe instead of complaining that you have to wait a whole *3 weeks* for a new episode, we should thank Rebecca Sugar and all of Crewniverse for bringing us such a wonderful week of episodes.


Tell me about the fandom of playing Mulder?

David Duchovny: In this decade I’ve done a lot of other work and I feel like [playing Mulder] will always be the most popular thing I’ll ever do … so that’s OK with me. I realize that there’s something that comes with that: you’ll always be that guy in some way. But personally, I no longer have any anxiety about being typecast or being remembered that way because I feel fulfilled in stuff that I’ve done.

The Canadian Press, May 2015