live at the apollo

Dear thereminbeholder,

Thanks a lot!  I don’t have any personal servants right now, but at least I get to decide for myself when the toilet needs cleaning.  Ha ha!

I do have time for relaxing every now and then, but it doesn’t usually last long.  Khura’in is a beautiful country, but I came here to do more than just sightseeing.  Dealing with the people around here who need legal help can be just as engaging as taking a tour for me.  I might complain about the workload sometimes, but it’s exciting to know that I can play a part in improving and possibly even saving peoples’ lives just by taking their cases.

All 2,378 of them.

-Apollo Justice

The Plan

“Yo Sev. C’mere a minute will ya?” Apollo called out from the living room. He set his wine glass down on the coffee table, turning his head as Seravek came into the room. 

“Yes Apollo?” Seravek chirped, wiping his hands with a dish cloth, having just finished doing the supper dishes.

The larger monster smiled to himself as he stood up from his seat- he towered over the lanky skeleton in comparison. “What do ya think…” his voice trails off, taking the dish cloth from seravek’s hands and tossing it aside, taking the dainty little hands in his own larger ones. “Of coming with me- a vacation if ya will. Just the two of us..” Apollo’s eye lights glance over his partners face- watching his eyes widen in surprise.

“A vacation? Just the two of us? But— what about the kids? Who’s going to-”

“Don’t worry about it baby, they’ll be in good hands, I promise.” Apollo cut him off, bringing Seravek’s hand to his mouth and pressing a kiss to it. “Will ya come with me darlin’? I want to take ya to my hometown. Show you around, it’ll be nice. You’ve been workin’ so hard, we both need this. What do ya say?” A coy smile tugs on the ends of his mouth. 

A wave of emotions washed over the thinner skeleton- as much as he would enjoy a vacation, he couldn’t just up and leave his children. “Apollo…..oh– I don’t…I don’t know– V-Vito is still so young and…what if he needs me? W-What if something happens?”

“Baby, shhh. It’s alright. It’ll only be for a little while. You have my word, I promise you nothing but the best for them.” Apollo brought a large hand up to cup the side of Seravek’s face. Sev tented his brows downward in thought….maybe….maybe it would be good for them both to get out for a while. He had been bustling around non stop since Vito had been born.

He opened his mouth to speak- looking up to his lover nervously. “I-..well…if…if you promise me they will be alright…. I suppose…we could go- just for a little while..”

Without another word, Apollo had swooped up Seravek into his arms and spun him around with a deep laugh. “I promise ya it’ll be unforgettable. You’re gonna love it there, I wanna show ya everything!”  

i think that jason grace was disgustingly robbed of his obvious bisexuality in heroes of olympus tbh like… please in trials of apollo have at some point apollo be like ‘oh i like boys and girls’ CASUALLY (he’s canonically bi in this universe its stated in percy jacksons greek gods i think) and jason is just like ‘oh yeah same me too’