Free People One Hippie Pants

I bought these pants maybe about a month ago? In store they only had smalls, so Brittany from the King of Prussia store helped me out and ordered an xs to be mailed to my house.

They were still long when I got them, but one of the employees told me I could just straight up cut them, so I did. Now if you’re going to cut your own, make sure you line the pant legs up so that you can see the pants are cut on a bit of a curve. I believe that’s what gives it the slightly flared look, so make sure you keep that same shape when you go to cut it yourself or it just won’t look as nice.

These pants are so amazing. They’re insanely flattering and are so breathable which is going to be good for me since I’m going to want to take them on tour and not sweat my body weight off in tight, not breathable pants.

They’re extremely versatile too. I went for an interview yesterday morning and the pants were perfectly dressed up with a lace tank, some badass jewelry, ankle boots, and a floppy hat. Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures because I didn’t have time, but I snapped this one from later on in the day. My band was playing a benefit concert at a bar and it was pretty casual, so I did some pattern mixing with the stripes & florals. I threw on a long necklace, an armband, and some flip flops. It was the perfect combo of boho/casual/band chick.

PS. shout out to my new self timer app on my phone so I can take full body shots without having to ask anybody (c'mon my brother wouldn’t know how to get a shot like this).

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