His Dream and Her Dream

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For most inklings, Cafe Cardamari is a place of great food and laughter that you can share among friends and family. For one inkling in particular, it was more than just that. It was her beginning to something that ended in a tragic accident in the middle of a turf war. Her name is Kirsikka Lappi, a sister and a daughter to a loving family that she adored. However, it was noticeable that her smiles were not as bright as they usually were.

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Sakura Monogatari

This is it. My magnum opus, I’ve been working a week and a half getting it ready, and now, it’s finished 8D!!!!

Again, inspired in the wonderful characters created by @tamarinfrog, helped by my friend @iyasplash (thanks for being my beta!), I give you a sweet story about my favorite squid pairing: Cherry Blossom (the title itself more or less translates as “A Cherry Blossom Tale”). Make sure to play the provided BGM for added atmosphere ;)

Without further ado, enjoy =D!

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Another epic day awaits tomorrow Stage 7 #Livarot #Fougères #TDF2015 #cycling with #SocialPeloton

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Epic(ure)Bite: LIVAROT AOP

a pungent soft cheese made from raw cow’s milk from Normandy. The cheese is washed with salted water and turned regularly to assure the perfect maturation. The cheese has a “strong” earthy aroma - which some people describe as wet hay, barnyard and even manure. It is formed in cylindrical shape with the orangish rind wrapped in 3 to 5 rings of dried reed rope.


Nous étions allés nous promener vers le port, Bruno avait acheté des livarots. Le trajet du retour fut ralenti par les intempéries : la route était gelée. Nous fûmes bloqués au milieu du brouillard. Il se tourna vers ses fromages posés sur les fauteuils arrière et admira leur calme : ces bienheureux ne s'énervaient jamais, contents de n'avoir pas conscience de la situation. Nous n'avions qu'à les imiter. Il suffisait d'imaginer que nous étions des camemberts et rester impassibles.

Il parlait d'eux en disant “eux”. Nos camarades produits laitiers ne l'ouvraient pas. Ils se tenaient tranquilles.

—  Valérie Mréjen, L'Agrume, 2011

octoling-fever  asked:

Looking at the Bio, does everyone's surnames have a meaning behind it? We know the ones about Bella and a few others but what about the rest? Just random?

Well, every surname is a cheese. Some of them are chosen randomly (Halloumi, Gorgonzola)… 

Some are based on where the cheese is from (Stilton= British, Requeson=Brazilian)

Some are based on what the cheese is made out of (Pecorino = ewe and comes from Italian word for sheep)

Some were chosen by how they sound (Valencay sounds like Valentine)

And some for the pure irony (Livarot is considered of one of the finest cheeses by aficionados)