Why do i low key ship Ravi and Liv?

Honestly since the beginning. I can kind of see how Liv and Major will end up together as they’ve been leaning on that for a while, not to mention Ravi and Peyton’s relationship being what it is now, yet i still kind of hold out for Liv and Ravi and i have no idea why.

Ok, this spooked around in my head since @shadeandadidas​ wrote that bit about Even giving the phone to Isak. 

  • At first the idea of talking to Even’s mom in general terrified him. He never even met the parents of his girlfriends and he knew the parents of his friends since he was a little kid.
    Isak doesn’t like to speak on the phone, period.

  • But when Even was feeling down and he hadn’t yet met his parents (and, well, Sonja kindly offered but he really didn’t want to take her up on playing messenger between him and Even’s parents) so when his phone rang and it read Liv Bech Næsheim he had a little internal scream-attack

  • Of course she wanted to know how Even was. His energy wasn’t up to talk to her himself and since Isak hadn’t even met her it was understandable that she would want some kind of confirmation that her son was ok.

  • Next time was when the battery of Even’s phone had died (the fate of the only android user in a kollektivet full of iPhones - no spare charger for him) and he was at Isak’s for the weekend. Liv wanted to let Even know that they were going on a spontaneous trip and wouldn’t be home until tuesday.

  • Isak coughed awkwardly into the phone and handed Even the phone. (his heart rate didn’t calm down after that for half an hour)

  • Then there was the time when Even’s birthday was around the corner. It was the first time that Isak was the one calling her (after Mahdi, Magnus and Jonas all talked some courage into him) to check if the watch Even wanted was ok for him to get for Even or if they already covered that.

  • But when they talked about who would get that precious boy what, she made a frustrated sound. Bc god damn that computer never did what it is supposed to! And why is my screen so big all of a sudden? Oh no, I can’t even see anything anymore. So, Isak talked her through it, which earned him a lot of gratitude and she made him promise to come by soon so she could make him a thank you dinner.

  • After they met each other time and time again, when Isak went over to Even’s, when they ate dinner with his parents, when he got there before Even after school (he waited outside for 10 min until Liv saw him and asked him what he was waiting for - more awkward coughing) and Liv made them some tea.

  • And Isak never really experienced that. Talking with parents. Having conversations with parents. With his dad it had been the occasional “Everything ok in school?” to which he nodded and then his dad nodded and that was that. With his mom he talked, yeah… but never like this. He never had a grown up just listen to him, give advice or just talk to him from eye to eye.

  • So when Even came he was almost disappointed (he wasn’t bc Even, but almost) that he had to stop his conversation with Liv - which at this point was just about some banality, but meant so much. She gave him a warm smile and an even warmer hug.

  • From then on, when Even’s mom called to check in when Even hasn’t been home for a bit, she always asked to be put on with Isak. At first it was surprising (and a little alarming “She wants to talk to me??” he had mouthed the first few times) but he soon found that Liv genuinely asking how was school, are you eating enough? Will we see you soon at dinner? How did that math test go? was one of the most comfortable and satisfying things he never knew he missed.

  • So now when Even’s phone rings and it reads Liv Bech Næsheim Isak perks up every time. Pauses his game of Fifa, shushes his friends or closes his biology book with an awaiting smile. Knowing he is about to receive parental affection and to be fussed about.
Playing Games

Pairing: Seth Rollins x Reader

Summary: You and Seth have been playing this game for months now with neither of you truly admitting your feelings for one another. Though, now that you’ve been called up to the main roster from NXT, some things are going to have to change.

A/N: I have no idea if Seth Rollins is actually allergic to peaches or not, but like if he was, that would honestly be torture because I fricken love peaches and he’d really be missing out on the best fruit ever. 


“Brought you, your favorite, regular Peach Beach with vitamin blend and whey protein enhancers”. 

“Ugh, Lopez, you are far too good to me”. 

“Hey, don’t say I never gave you anything”. 

Gladly, you reach for the smoothie cup placed on the table in front of you and stick the straw between your lips. Seth Rollins - who was always the people pleaser - stands across the table with his arms crossed over his chest, patiently waiting for that sigh of content that always comes from your mouth after gulping down the first sip of your favorite drink. Soon enough, the cold liquid slides down your throat and you move the straw from your mouth, throwing your head back, and letting out a long, satisfying groan. 

God, I can’t believe you’re allergic to peaches, you are seriously missing out on the best fruit”. 

“Eh, I’m more of a pineapple guy myself really.”, Seth shrugs with a growing smirk to match his teasing behavior. 

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Spoiler Photos: Tuesday March 7th

Whilst visiting Aaron with Paddy, his sister Liv notices Aaron is not himself. When Paddy steps away and sensing something is up, Liv confronts her brother after guessing what he’s been doing.  She warns him behaving stupidly could jeopardise his appeal. Angry at his response, she walks out but will Aaron heed her advice?

anonymous asked:

can u write a drabble around bec's most recent incorrect quotes please ? (:

i feel like this has already been done, but what the hell

the post in question is here by the wonderful @evak-malec


Liv hates her life. No seriously.

She’s seventeen, she’s got college work coming out of her arse, her last boyfriend caught chlamydia on a lads’ holiday to Maga before she’d even got chance to dump him and now she’s being subjected to this. Has she not suffered enough?

This is being shaken from that almost sleep place by a thump against the wall and the sound of something shattering. In any other house that would probably be her cue to reach for the cricket bat under the bed and go intruder hunting.

In this house, it means she’s going to need a vat of brain bleach, again, unless she can find her headphones sharpish.

There’s another thump; a moan, suddenly smothered.

By the time Liv locates her headphones and begins the arduous task of untangling them enough that they’re useable, the bed next door has started creaking and her brother is enthusiastically agreeing with something that doesn’t even bear thinking about.

In the end, she settles for throwing a book at the wall and sinking back into her pillows. Maybe if she smothers herself, it’ll stop.


They’re already up when she makes it downstairs the next morning.

Making eyes at each other across the table. Vom.

‘Morning,” Aaron greets her, getting up to put the kettle back on.

If he thinks that’s enough to win her round, he’s got another thing coming. “I’m surprised you can still walk,” she comments.


He looks baffled so she takes the opportunity to jab two fingers into the giant bruise on his neck as she passes. “We share a wall, moron. You owe me about four years worth of therapy.”

Watching him turn red while Robert splutters into his coffee mug almost makes the whole ordeal worth while. Almost.

Aaron recovers remarkably quickly, but then, it isn’t the first time they’ve had this conversation. “Sorry.”

Liv looks up from pouring milk over her cornflakes, wishes she hadn’t when Robert gets up to snake an arm around Aaron’s chest, press a kiss to the mark he left. The fucker winks at her over Aaron’s shoulder before he turns to the sink. 

Liv takes her breakfast upstairs in the end, can’t stomach watching the pair of them mooning across the kitchen.

Her cornflakes are soggy, she’s still got college work coming out of her arse, and she’s ninety percent sure her brother’s getting laid up against the fridge. Her food lives there, this is awful.

No really though, her life is the worst.

okay so anyways, story time: 

this one time my two friends and i had an english assignment to write an essay about the tragic elements of julius caesar. boring, anyway, yeah, we finish our essays and we’re all hanging out the night before it’s due, and we remember that our teacher actually lives really close to my house??? like a minute walk tops. and one of my friends mentions this girl who used to hand in her assignments in envelopes with a wax seal and left them on the doorstep of her teacher. so in our tired, carbohydrate-addled brains we’re like “that’s a FUCKIGN good idea shit man we have got to fucknig do thta RIGHT NOW”. 

so we dig around my jewelry box and find this UGLY ASS owl ring that i had stashed away somewhere and we’re like aw this is fuckin PERFECT. so we print our essays (yes all three, there were t h r e e of us who thought this was a good idea) and tuck them into this official looking manila envelope. we find this red candle and melt it down, right?? problem is, these wax seals that they used to use in medieval times and game of thrones episodes have SPECIAL fuckin wax that is made for that shit. we did not know that…at the time…ok, so we melt this wax and we pour it very carefully on the envelope, but because the envelope is flat on the ground it just runs halfway down the thing, just goes fuckign EVERYWHERE. we don’t give a SHIT, and we press that ugly fuckin owl ring in there. then, one of my friends is like “wow i’m gonna put my finger print in the wax” and then we fucking ALL do it, as if it’s not at all creepy to put your fingerprints in a wax seal that’s supposed to go to your teacher?? we write his last name on the envelope and take it w us, right, okay. 

so at ELEVEN AT NIGHT, we walk over to my teacher’s house and the lights are all off and then we realize that this….,.,.is fuckin WEIRD AND CREEPY. yes. only THEN did we realize this. so we end up fuckin around in his driveway for a full five minutes contemplating who is ballsy enough to run up to his doorstep and drop off the envelope cause we weren’t sure if he had a motion activated light or not. then my friend GRABS that envelope and just rips to the door, drops it on the mat, runs back to us, says “go gogogogogogooggo fuckfyck” and we start RUNNING DOWN THE ROAD BACK TO MY HOUSE. 

when we get there we realize how fuckin creepy it was, and we start freaking out. like we actually think we could be expelled for this odd shit (we were really tired and freaked out ok shut up) and so we try our best to forget about it and go to sleep. when we wake up, my friend has a text from her mother and it’s just a picture of a text she got from the teacher we submitted our essays to. so we start freaking out until we realize he’s written, “someone’s submitted their essay like a ninja in the night and i think it was your daughter and her two friends.” 

so yeah anyway this is the story of how my teacher is the fcukgin coolest for not expelling me for putting a weird sketchy package on his doorstep nice

point of origin
robert/aaron, vic, liv, adam, other villagers (pete, cain, chas, bob and jimmy)

GENRE:    angst, fire, 
WORDS:    2,022
SUMMARY:  Robert hates fire.

written for @bartsugsy who should have been given this weeks ago but OH WELL. it’s here now, lo ;)


Robert hates fire.


It’s easier to think than to do, the air thick with smoke, and nowhere to go. He’s not even supposed to be here, he thinks hysterically, only spending the night because he was fighting with Aaron.


The window in the spare room isn’t the biggest, but it’s enough that when he throws it open, gulping in lungfuls of air, he can breathe.


Robert looks back over his shoulder, ignoring the shout, watching smoke curl through the edges of the door. He should have shoved something in there, maybe if he does it now it won’t matter and he can still get out, but what if it doesn’t help?


Leaning out of the window, Robert sees Vic standing on the grass, clad only in her pyjamas and shoes, staring up at him with wide, round eyes. She looks terrified, like Robert feels, and he wants to reassure her.

His fingers are clutching the windowsill, nails digging hard into the wood. He swallows, chest tight with panic.

“Vic,” he says, voice barely above a whisper. She’s not going to hear it, but she doesn’t look away, keeps her eyes trained on him.

There’s the sound of footsteps on gravel, someone screaming, “I called the fire brigade,” and Robert sees Adam skid down the pathway, grabbing Vic around the shoulders.

“Babe,” he says, breathless.

Robert looks back, scrambles for the bed and something to stuff in the door. The smoke is thick and makes his throat ache, his eyes sting. Everything is screaming at him to run but there’s nowhere for him to go and he can’t jump out of the window, he can’t.


That voice he knows, that voice he needs.

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i feel like this is hella specific while still being incredibly vague as a prompt but i believe in u: how about rob is upset about something (your choice) and trying his damnedest to hide it as usual, and liv cheers him up without even realising she's doing it? bonus points if aaron does notice but actually thinks that is the most effective way of cheering up rob <33

Liv raised an eyebrow as she looked at Robert hunched over on the couch, staring blankly at the television. It was late enough on Saturday morning, late enough for it to be strange that Robert was still in his pyjamas, the ridiculous Star Wars patterned trousers she’d bought him last Christmas paired with a hoodie of Aaron’s she was prone to stealing herself.

Spreading some more chocolate spread on the pile of toast she’d made herself, Liv picked up her cup of tea, padding across the kitchen to join Robert on the couch, plonking herself down beside him unceremoniously.

“Why are you watching the news?” Liv rolled her eyes, dumping her plate and mug down on the coffee table, half expecting Robert’s usual lecture about getting a coaster.

Robert shrugged, glancing at the television. “Wanted to see if the world had ended yet,” he quipped, gesturing at the news story about Trump.

Liv rolled her eyes, grabbing the control and turning Netflix on, flicking through the shows they’d been watching. She and Robert had been working their way through American Horror Story, Aaron not one bit interested in watching it with them.

“Have you been watching it without me?” Liv asked, suspicious. She could have sworn they’d only been on season three, but Netflix was telling her otherwise.

Robert shook his head. “I think we both fell asleep the other week when we were watching it,” he admitted, leaning back in his seat, the sleeves of Aaron’s hoodie tugged down around his wrists. “Bit gorey for this hour of the morning though, innit?”

Liv rolled her eyes. “What do you want to watch then?”

Robert reached across for the control, flicking through the options on Netflix before he came to an unfamiliar title. “Fawlty Towers,” he grinned, as if Liv should know what that was. “We used to watch this all the time growing up. It aired in like the 1970s, and they only ever made twelve episodes, but it’s the best.”

“The 70s? Jesus, Robert, how old are you?”

Robert rolled his eyes, shoving at her side. “I’m not that old, cheeky. It’s a classic, you’ll love it.”

Liv settled back on the couch, offering Robert a slice of toast before she spoke. “If I don’t, I’m making you watch all of Stranger Things from the beginning again.”

“For the third time?” Robert raised an eyebrow. First time around, the three of them had watched it together, and Liv had then roped Robert into watching it all again, knowing Aaron had little interest.

Liv grinned, confirming his suspicions. “For the third time.”

It was hours later when Aaron finally got home, and they’d managed to work their way through ten of the twelve episodes, half eaten pizza scattered across the coffee table, Liv sitting with an ice cream tub in hand.

Robert was as much of a slob as she was, when he wanted to be, ordering them in a feast from Dominos and trekking to David’s to get in some ice cream and crisps. It was the best kind of day, and Aaron arriving home only made it all the better.

“Hiya,” Aaron greeted, kicking his boots off at the door. “Have you two been lazing in here all day?” he inquired, padding across the room in his socks to drop a kiss to Robert’s chocolate covered lips.

Liv did her usual of pretending like they were disgusting her, but in actuality, she loved days like these, when nothing in the world had gone wrong, and the three of them were just happy.

A happy family.

“I need to piss,” Robert mumbled, Liv wrinkling her nose at his admission.

“Gross, go away.” Liv kicked at Robert with her slippered foot, Aaron snorting as his husband stumbled slightly, his knees cracking as he eased himself up off the couch. “Boys are disgusting.”

“Yeah, they are.” Aaron agreed, sitting down next to her on the couch, stealing a spoonful of the ice cream, reaching for some of the leftover pizza as he ate. “How’s he been today?”

Liv raised an eyebrow. “He’s been brilliant, we’ve been watching some old show he used to watch with his family all day,” she shrugged, wondering why Aaron would even need to ask.

Aaron raised an eyebrow. “So he’s been fine, all day?”

“Yeah, why?”

Aaron tugged her close, pressing a kiss to the side of her forehead. “You’re a star, you know that?” he said, a bright smile on his face. He genuinely looked proud of her, as if she’d done something other than slob about in her pyjamas all day long, eating junk food and watching telly.

“Why are you being so weird?” Liv asked, not protesting the cuddle Aaron was giving her. He was her big brother, after all.

“It’s his mum’s anniversary today,” Aaron admitted, glancing toward the bathroom, checking if Robert was on his way back. “He finds it really tough, and I was worried about him being alone today.”

Liv didn’t know much about Robert and his family, just enough to know his parents were both dead, that he’d lost his mum in tragic circumstances - she’d been a good mum, as well, judging by how Robert would talk about her sometimes, briefly mentioning something she’d do, or cook, a soft, sad smile on his face.

“I didn’t know,” Liv said quietly, glancing at the paused screen. She’d been happy to indulge Robert and watch all of Fawlty Towers with him when she realised just how genuinely funny it was, Robert quoting every character as though he’d watched it a million times over himself.

“Did a stand up job either way,” Aaron beamed at her, munching his way through his slice of pizza.

Liv couldn’t help feeling a little bit proud of herself. Robert had been a rock for her for a long time now, sorting her problems and getting her place back at school, making sure she was getting on alright.

She’d never really thought about how she’d ever be able to help him, return the favour.

But she had, and without knowing, too.

Liv grinned, scooping out the last of the ice cream, the chocolatey mixture mostly melted now, chunks of cookie dough floating in the soupy dregs left in the tub. “Well, he’s my brother too, had to look out for him, didn’t I?”

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5 times aaron complimented rob (bc we don't get enough of it in the show) plz <333333

have i told you lately | Ao3 link


Aaron’s got a little set up going on; feet on the coffee table, popcorn in a bowl, crisps open against his leg and the remains of a six pack within reach.

He swigs his beer, wriggles his arse deeper into the sofa cushions, relaxes.

There’s footy on at the moment, no one he cares about but it’ll pass the time until the fight starts. He’s got plans to stay up for the whole thing. He’ll probably still be sat here when Robert gets back.

He can hear Robert actually, thundering about upstairs. Aaron can imagine him, fussing with his hair, inspecting his face in the mirror. He’s probably only got his suit trousers on, maybe his belt’s still hanging open; all broad shoulders and narrow hips under the bathroom lights. Maybe-

Aaron coughs, glancing around as though someone might have seen him thinking like that. His face feels too warm, suddenly.

Someone scores a goal on the TV, Aaron watches the celebrations until his half hard dick subsides.

Robert’s almost fully dressed when he finally comes downstairs. Tailored trousers, the clean lines of a white shirt, dickie bow not even crooked. Aaron can see his shoes shining from here.

Aaron’s wearing his comfiest trackies and a jumper with a bleach stain at the hem. He has popcorn in his teeth. Robert looks like a fucking centrefold. This is unfair.

“Can you do these for me?” Robert asks, holding out two perfectly polished cufflinks. They’re the ones Vic bought him for their wedding day, the second one. There’s something nice about knowing Robert’s trotting off to some poncey charity auction with Aaron’s initials at his wrists.

Aaron dumps his snacks off to one side, holds out his hand. “Come here then.”

He doesn’t look up at Robert when he steps between Aaron’s knees, focuses on pushing the cufflinks through stiff cotton, cradles Robert’s bony wrists in careful hands.

He might rub his thumb back and forth over Robert’s knuckles a little, might hold on to his hands a bit too long, when he’s done. But they’re married, he can probably get away with it.

“Thanks,” Robert says, moving away to shrug into his jacket. “Will I do?”

Aaron looks him up and down, takes in the perfectly put together tux, the artfully ruffled hair, flushed cheeks. He’s glowing. He’s perfect.

He shrugs. “You’ll do for me,” he allows.

Robert grins, turning to gather up his keys and phone. “You’re sure you don’t want to come with me? It’s not too late to change your mind.”

“I think I’ll pass.” Aaron isn’t exactly opposed being Robert’s arm candy at business stuff these days, gets a weird sort of kick out of making all the posh birds jealous and the old blokes uncomfortable, but he’s got a date with his sofa and he’s happy where he is. “Try not to accidentally bid for anything ridiculous though.”

Robert’s eyes flit over to that stupid Vespa chair, still shoved under the stairs. “I’ll do my best,” he comes over to kiss Aaron goodbye. “Enjoy the fight, don’t let Adam anywhere near my good scotch.”

Aaron nods, reaches out to catch Robert’s jacket as he moves to pull away. “Hey,” he says, can’t help himself. “You look gorgeous.”

Robert flushes right the way down to the collar of his shirt, as though he didn’t already know that.

It gets Aaron another kiss and a gentle hand in his hair.

“Don’t wait up,” Robert says, but they both know he will. There’s no way he’s missing the chance to peel Robert out of that suit.

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Digital Spy Spoilers

Monday 6th March - Alone, Aaron is in his bunk. Despite being bruised, battered and in pain, he refuses everyone’s attempts to help him. Seeing him strugging, cellmate Ethan offers him a joint to relieve the pain but Aaron declines. Later on, Aaron is cornerned by Jason and his gang of heavies and finds himself flung hard to the cell floor as he is goaded by Jason. When Jason makes a revelation to Aaron he is left on the verge of a panic attack. Can Aaron stand up for himself? Soon, Father Aidan the prison chaplain arrives and introduces himself. He is concerned for Aaron’s mental state and tries tto offer support but will Aaron accept his help? Or will he hit the self destruct button?

With Aaron in prison, Victoria notices Robert’s struggling to hold things together. She advises him to speak to Aaron about his feelings but will he be honest with his partner?

Noah sympathises with Liv over Aaron being in prison and encourages her to talk to her brother.

Tuesday 7th March - In prison, Aaron asks his cell mate for drugs but he tells him he needs to go to Jason. Surely Aaron is getting himself into a murky world associating with Jason? 

Later, while visiting Aaron with Paddy, Liv notices Aaron is not himself. When Paddy steps away and sensing something is up, Liv confronts her brother after guessing what he’s been doing.  She warns him behaving stupidly could jeopardise his appeal. Angry at his response, she walks out but will Aaron heed her advice?

anonymous asked:


this got long. oops?

Before Robert fully comes awake, thoughts of geez, you’re old bounce around his skull, and he groans, burying his face back in the pillow. 

There’s a soft chuckle to his left, and a hand slides into his hair, massaging his scalp gently. He can’t stop the smile from curving his lips, or his head from pushing up against talented fingers. 

“Don’t want to turn forty, huh?” A soft kiss is pressed to his temple in apology for the amused tone. 

Robert grunts, fingers sliding out from under the duvet to find Aaron’s chest. “S’not my birthday.”

“Sorry,” Aaron tells him, nose brushing against Robert’s hairline. “Kinda is.”

Shuffling until he can press his face into Aaron’s neck, he lets out a huff and a whine. He knows he’s being immature and childish, but forty is a big number and he absolutely does not want to think about it. 

Aaron laughs, Robert can feel the rumble underneath his cheek, and wraps an arm around Robert’s shoulders as he presses a kiss to his head. “Don’t be so dramatic.”

“You won’t be saying that when you turn forty,” Robert points out, turning to kiss Aaron’s jaw. “I’ll have to make sure you don’t freak out.”

The words settle about them like a promise, and Robert can’t believe how far they’ve come, how comfortable he is to think about Aaron being in his life forever

“Come on,” Aaron says, brushing a hand through Robert’s hair. “Let’s get up and get you out of the house before Liv wakes up.”

Robert forgot she was even home; she’s been interning at a studio in Leeds while she studies for her Masters in Architecture. She shines every time she shows him her drawings, and he knows enough to be impressed, though it’s mostly just pride whenever he talks about her. She popped down for a couple of days for his birthday. “She’ll be too hungover to make comments.”

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