I want to make people smile...

I’ve seen some people feeling down because of spoilers and stuff so here’s a series of things to imagine to hopefully put a little smile on your face.

- Aaron drinking a cappuccino and getting foam on his nose, not realising, and Robert leaning over and kissing it off.

- Robert falling asleep when they’re watching TV and dropping his phone on his face then trying to act cool like it didn’t happen, even though both Aaron and Liv saw it happen.

- Robert catching Aaron singing along to a cheesy pop song then joining to make Aaron not feel like an idiot, then them both feeling like idiots when Liv then walks in.

- Robert being a bit tipsy and hugging Adam from behind because he thinks it’s Aaron. Things only get worse when he then sees Aaron standing beside him.

- Robert and Liv having a secret handshake and Aaron pouting because he wants one too.

- Robert hearing bed springs squeaking in Liv’s room and bursting in with a fear of finding her in bed with someone only to find Aaron and Liv jumping on it and giggling.

- Robert denying any knowledge about where the Nutella went, without realising he still has some round his mouth.

- Liv demanding they watch a horror movie then being the only one who isn’t hiding behind a cushion.

- Aaron walking in on Chas and Robert having a coffee together and laughing their heads off at something stupid.

- Aaron borrowing Roberts laptop and looking at his internet history to find he’s been googling phrases Liv has been saying and looking up bands she likes, then understanding why they suddenly have such long chats at the breakfast table.

- Robert going to get change from Aaron’s wallet and finding the pound coin they’d flipped for Vegas, only it now has the date of their actual wedding engraved on it.

- Liv walking in on both of them crying at Marley and Me and just backing out the room and leaving. None of them mention it again.

- Liv and Robert sitting opposite each other and throwing jelly beans into one another’s mouths, and celebrating loudly whenever they get one in.

- Aaron and Liv freaking out over puppies.

- Robert waking up one morning in ten years, looking at Aaron beside him and having to pinch himself because no way in hell did he ever think he’d be lucky enough to still be so in love with his husband.

- Aaron waking up and doing the same thing.


oh how times have changed

Imagine how sexily furious Robert Sugden would have gotten at young Aaron Livesy hehe. 

Aaron Livesy to Aaron Dingle Sugden, that glo up.

Mill Cottage is such a beautiful home. Its going to be the staple stable home of Emmerdale that all the other broken kids from ruined homes in this crazy village look up to in awe and dream of attaining. After it all it houses people just like them, who have found each other, and healed one another.

okay so anyways, story time: 

this one time my two friends and i had an english assignment to write an essay about the tragic elements of julius caesar. boring, anyway, yeah, we finish our essays and we’re all hanging out the night before it’s due, and we remember that our teacher actually lives really close to my house??? like a minute walk tops. and one of my friends mentions this girl who used to hand in her assignments in envelopes with a wax seal and left them on the doorstep of her teacher. so in our tired, carbohydrate-addled brains we’re like “that’s a FUCKIGN good idea shit man we have got to fucknig do thta RIGHT NOW”. 

so we dig around my jewelry box and find this UGLY ASS owl ring that i had stashed away somewhere and we’re like aw this is fuckin PERFECT. so we print our essays (yes all three, there were t h r e e of us who thought this was a good idea) and tuck them into this official looking manila envelope. we find this red candle and melt it down, right?? problem is, these wax seals that they used to use in medieval times and game of thrones episodes have SPECIAL fuckin wax that is made for that shit. we did not know that…at the time…ok, so we melt this wax and we pour it very carefully on the envelope, but because the envelope is flat on the ground it just runs halfway down the thing, just goes fuckign EVERYWHERE. we don’t give a SHIT, and we press that ugly fuckin owl ring in there. then, one of my friends is like “wow i’m gonna put my finger print in the wax” and then we fucking ALL do it, as if it’s not at all creepy to put your fingerprints in a wax seal that’s supposed to go to your teacher?? we write his last name on the envelope and take it w us, right, okay. 

so at ELEVEN AT NIGHT, we walk over to my teacher’s house and the lights are all off and then we realize that this….,.,.is fuckin WEIRD AND CREEPY. yes. only THEN did we realize this. so we end up fuckin around in his driveway for a full five minutes contemplating who is ballsy enough to run up to his doorstep and drop off the envelope cause we weren’t sure if he had a motion activated light or not. then my friend GRABS that envelope and just rips to the door, drops it on the mat, runs back to us, says “go gogogogogogooggo fuckfyck” and we start RUNNING DOWN THE ROAD BACK TO MY HOUSE. 

when we get there we realize how fuckin creepy it was, and we start freaking out. like we actually think we could be expelled for this odd shit (we were really tired and freaked out ok shut up) and so we try our best to forget about it and go to sleep. when we wake up, my friend has a text from her mother and it’s just a picture of a text she got from the teacher we submitted our essays to. so we start freaking out until we realize he’s written, “someone’s submitted their essay like a ninja in the night and i think it was your daughter and her two friends.” 

so yeah anyway this is the story of how my teacher is the fcukgin coolest for not expelling me for putting a weird sketchy package on his doorstep nice



So, I’m going to cosplay as Ignis! I’ve started his cosplay, I still need add and paint a lot of stuff still, also need to style my wig and get glasses but I am so pleased with this so far <3

 // also I’m not wearing any make up because my skin is super bad atm so I’m giving it a break //


Come on.