# 63 When Cato heard Clove call his name in the first arena, and he ran over to see her lying, gasping for air, he broke down. Suddenly nothing had mattered, he forgot that her dying meant he had one less opponent, forgot that he would have had to kill her anyway. He just begged this girl to stay with because he needed her. Because she was the only person who knew what he was really like; she shared his darkest thoughts and his most sinister ideas, her mind was as twisted and cruel as his was. She was the only one who would ever understand him.

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hey, would you please be so kind as to explain all of this 'liv it up' thingy? Thank you!

its pretty much a saying by alexander ludwig (cato in the hunger games), and it started when he tweeted it. now the whole hunger games fandom is obsessed with it and quotes it every where. These tweets were the start, and now its just snowballed into… i dont even know