Elliot: You have absolutely no food in this house.

Olivia: They invented this great thing, it’s called delivery.

Perverted: Season 11 Episode 9


Olivia: These cops, if it doesn’t come from a take out box, it’s not food.

Amaro’s One-Eighty: Season 15 Episode 11

Just pointing out that in season 11 Olivia didn’t even keep food in her house let alone, cook the meals she does now. She has become quiet the cooking machine. Not saying it’s a bad thing, it was just something that caught my attention when she said it. 

oh my gosh when Liv and Elliot get gasoline thrown on them and the guy has a match and SHE’S SO SCARED, I’M SCREAMING A LITTLE. MY BBY, LET ME HUG YOU, I DON’T CARE IF YOU ARE COVERED IN GAS

Post traumatic stress disorder.

*Trigger warning to others with PTSD who may find this upsetting*

I was watching Law and order: special victims unit and in a couple of episodes, it shows Olivia Benson having PTSD from a sexual assault, in which she gets flashbacks, losses time and puts a gun to a suspects head, in which he says whilst being interviewed by her partner ‘She has classic PTSD, i’d know that glassey eyed expression anywhere' 

Its made me remember my own symptoms of the half-recovered disorder. I used to be terrible, i'd disassociate all the time, have flashbacks, nightmares, i’d flinch really easily… my current symptoms are i cannot see the man who assaulted me as he was an ex who i know/knew and i cannot watch films with rape in otherwise i have a panic attack. 

It is true though when you do have PTSD, there is a 'glassey eyed’ look about you, that you are damaged in some way and your eyes reflect it, the trauma being relived behind the glass.