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Thanks for answering about the mvids, look forward to the banter one. I also agree with other posts about Jake getting another love intrest. Articles over the summer about S5 are speculation cause only SR and the actors know what is really going on. Their not official spoilers and also, SR said Jake and Liv aren't done (and they won't be as long as Jake is on the show) and someone noticed in a pic of Liv at the WH in the fourth episode that she has a visitor's pass so that clearly shows

that unshockingly, her and F*tz aren’t public and probably not even together but like someone else said it’s same sh*t, different season. Every season finale they act like this big monumental event will happen next season and literally the same exact things happen all over again. Ol*tz staledom being the main example, they will do the same boring bs they always do so there is nothing to worry about.

No problem :) Yeah it’s all just speculation at this point.  Shonda may surprise us, but I doubt it. lmao staledom. I honestly won’t be upset that Olivia and Jake won’t end up together, but I DO NOT want her with F*tz.  I’m so over them. The only thing I can hope for is that with them being together. Just maybe the ol*tz fandom with leave the olake fandom alone. Yeah, I know wishful thinking. 

Do you know where I can find where Shonda stated Liv and Jake aren’t done?

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Liv do different pics of harry make you want to do different things to him? Or is that just me? Like some pics make me wanna sit on his lap, some give me the urge to braid his hair, squeeze his hands, some are just straight dick sucking pics. Idk??


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Going by your ask about the Larries flooding IG comments. A few months ago Harry liked a pic of Liv Tyler's baby name announcement (I think) the child's name is Sailor. So of course the pic had an anchor in it. Within moments her post was flooded with Larrie comments. I know his "likes" doesn't remain on the IG activity page for long. I don't know if that's coincidence or if he immediately unlikes the post when he sees the comments start. I know the activity of other celebs I follow...

stays on my feed for longer than a few minutes.  But his seem to disappear after about a minute.  Though truly I don’t know how it works lol.  But even when it’s not Larry related, cause it happens when the other boys like things on IG.  A flood of “Harry liked this” or “Hi Niall”  or “I see you Harry”  I like seeing the activity as I’ve found some cool accounts through the boys and other people I follow.  It gotta suck to have your notifications blow up and miss comments from friends bc of that

I remember when that happened, it was really sad. I don’t remember whether he “unliked” it or not, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he did. The poor new parents were being bombarded with Larry when they were trying to talk about their new baby to the world. So nasty.

I’ve always wondered if celebs have a way of doing things, like so that they can see their friends comments. I’m really not sure though.