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Rafael Barba / Threats (Part 1)

Summary: Imagine if you were representing Liv on her case against Johnny D. for custody, while you were dating Barba, and you get threatened by Johnny D. 

Part Two

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Working in illustration

I was recently emailed by a high school student looking to work in the art industry in the future as an illustrator. She asked me some really insightful questions that I felt generated a lot of advice that I was willing to share. I decided to post these answers to the interview she sent me, in hopes that it might help others who are contemplating a creative career as well or working in the industry already.

1.    What characteristics must you possess for leaders in the industry to like you? Do you think these traits will continue to stay for the future generation?

Consistently perform well with every job you’re given. Strive to maintain high standards with your work no matter what the circumstances are. As a freelancer you will constantly be challenged with new assignments, each one with different criteria and requirements from the last. You will need to learn how to adapt quickly and think of creative solutions to each unique situation. Illustration often demands quick turnarounds so it is important to think fast and work efficiently. Your ability to problem solve with your own unique way of thinking is what will set you apart from others in the industry. Illustration is like having curve balls constantly thrown at you and being able to hit them back every single time. Not every of single one of them will result in a home run, but if you can consistently adapt to whatever you’re dealt with, clients will definitely be drawn to you.

Most importantly, in order to succeed as a financially stable illustrator you will require patience, tenacity and above all discipline. It is a very difficult career to get into and may take many years to become fully established. It is very easy to waver and give up especially during ‘dry spells’ or when watching your friends receive work while you might not be feeling any progress whatsoever. Stay positive no matter what. Never give be inclined to give up just because ‘things aren’t happening fast enough’. This is advice that has been constantly said time and time again so I definitely believe it has a place in the future as well. Yet despite it being mentioned to the point of it sounding cliché, it is actually very difficult to put into practice. Many people possess the talent but lack the resolve and discipline to transform their potential into a fully-fledged career.

2.    Are artists in high demand right now? What industry needs them the most?

Animation and gaming are always constantly looking for artists to join their creative teams. UI/UX design is also a job field that has opened up a huge demand for creative individuals in recent years. Art direction is another possible area to look into. Many illustrators who freelance may also turn to art direction as a career, transferring their experience from making art to using their knowledge to help produce it instead. Having experience in graphic design will be essential however if you are looking to pursue art direction. It is important to possess many skills to broaden not only your capabilities as an illustrator, but also the range of potential job markets you can enter. You will find that you will most likely have to draw your income from many different sources when working as a creative professional. Be proficient in as many design programs and mediums possible and it will definitely help improve your chances. Ultimately try to choose a field that you would like to work in that suits your interests. But if you are looking to find work soon and start earning money, then I would suggest that those areas are probably good places to explore.

3.    How do you see this artist demand changing for the next generation?

I believe there will always be a demand for illustration, however it will take shape in different forms and mediums in the future. Animated gifs and motion graphics are recent examples of how I see illustration starting to change. Currently the world of illustration feels drastically dependent on the world of editorial publication, as it is predominantly where most of our client base comes from. Print media is also trying to survive as the world is starting to evolve into   a paperless age. A lack in the budget to fund the publication will also leave less to spare when it comes to paying the artists. There are often times when illustrators will have to settle for less than desirable pay for the sake of not losing a job assignment. Hopefully this will change as magazines move to online publishing platforms leading to better working budgets and thus higher pay. It is also nice to see illustration being used in non-editorial environments such as Google with their occasional Doodle headers and I hope other companies will be encouraged to do the same.

I would love to see more outlets for where illustration can be used in the future and more importantly pay the wages it deserves. Disappointingly enough there are just too many incidents with clients who are unfamiliar with commissioning art, will also underestimate the amount of time and effort that is required to create the piece they are looking for. Clients that lack this kind of understanding will have high demands with unrealistic timeframes and offer very poor or inadequate compensation in return. I hope that if there is a rising demand for illustration, these gaps in understanding will hopefully be resolved by explaining to clients why we should be given the compensation that we respectfully deserve. The internet has encouraged too many audiences that intellectual property can easily be obtained for free and without permission, which devalues the creative industry altogether.

4.    How do you deal with rude clients or ones with contrasting ideas to your own?

Be patient and remain calm. Always maintain a professional attitude no matter what kind of client you’re dealing with. Take the time to think carefully before you respond. Responding to negative energy with more negative energy will only make the situation worse. Communicate your thoughts in a way that doesn’t ‘attack’ your client but also don’t shy away from standing your ground if the situation calls for it. Try to make an effort to see where the client is coming from. It may help you understand why they might be behaving so negatively towards your performance. Is it possible that your own ego might be making the job suffer? Reflect on yourself and see whether there are certain ideas you may be willing to let go in order to let the job run smoothly or if the client’s input may have some interesting points that are worth exploring. Try to keep an open mind and be flexible with the feedback you receive. The number one thing when working with any client regardless of their behaviour is reaching a compromise.

5.    How do you handle creativity blocks?

Start working! The longer period of non-action you take the more likely it will be difficult for you to exit it. Jog your block by introducing new material into your brain. Nowadays with the internet there is an infinite supply of images that can help stimulate your creativity. Whenever I start a project I often just go to Google Images or Pintrest and just look at whatever first comes to mind. By looking at images, usually I can build upon what I see and generate new ideas from new information. Try to let these ideas snowball and let little thoughts lead to new ideas that create new ideas and so forth. Always keep an open mind about where you can find inspiration.

6.    How do you handle multiple projects at once?

Keep a calendar! Good scheduling habits is something you should definitely get into. Always be aware of your timeline of upcoming deadlines and plan in advance. Again, illustration is all about how quickly you can adapt to any situation. Unforeseen circumstances happen all the time, like perhaps suddenly receiving a rush job that is due in a few hours for instance, but also be in the middle of a project that is already underway. Be aware of what you can realistically accomplish and avoid making too many promises you can’t keep. Don’t be afraid of turning down assignments if you are already preoccupied at the moment with a busy schedule. The worst-case scenario is taking on more than you can handle and delivering unsatisfactory results because you were too strapped for time. If you anticipate that you need more time for an assignment, be honest and contact your art director in advance to negotiate for an extension. However try to make your best effort to keep to original schedule as much as possible. Your ADs are also under pressure waiting for your piece to come in and adding it to their magazine during a stressful production week.

Personally I find making a list, arranging it by priority, and completing each task one by one to be more efficient and less panic inducing than trying to juggle too many things at once. Over-multitasking can easily lead to mismanagement, making you feel overwhelmed and slowing down your overall progress altogether. While you’re working on your current task, think ahead by planning out the steps on how you will tackle the next one. Visualize your goals! This will help you save time when you reach the next item on your list. Always aim to work efficiently and look for shortcuts on how to reduce the number of steps it takes to finish things.

7.    Do you think it’s better to take initiative and give new suggestions to your boss, or to stick with whatever they give you? What are the positive outcomes of this?

Art directors will often approach you with jobs where they will already have some form of ‘vision’ in mind of what kind of image they are looking to create. It is up to the illustrator to take these prompts or ‘direction’ and combine it with their own unique way of thinking to come up with a concept that fits the feel of the piece. Sometimes there is a lot of creative freedom being offered to you, and other times there isn’t. Ultimately your goal with any assignment is to create a piece that your client will be happy to use to represent their publication. Remember that your finished piece reflects not only your reputation but more importantly your client’s image in front of their customer base. Therefore always be open to any input offered by the art director especially when a revision is requested and try to find ways to work with their suggestions instead of rejecting them right away. My general advice is to avoid bumping heads with an art director and attempt to take their ideas and meld them with yours. Avoid letting your ego or stubborn pride get in the way of what could be a better solution to your work if you find a way to give it a chance. Be flexible! An art assignment is all about collaboration and reaching a happy compromise between you and your client. If you disagree with their point of view or think you can offer a better solution, feel free to share your ideas but be receptive to their thinking as well. An art director will always be interested in hearing your thoughts in response to theirs.  Leaving a positive impact on your client will help lead to more work in the future and it is in your favour to please them. Keep in mind that your art director is merely trying to do their job properly by making sure that the artist stays on track instead of straying too far from what is being asked.

Also, don’t feel ‘tied down’ to the ideas they offer either. Although the client will provide the overall feel they are looking for, their suggestions are often meant to be taken as starting points to help the artist come up with better ideas. The art director is more often interested in seeing what YOU will come up with the given circumstances rather than telling you exactly what to do. However there may be a time when you and your client may not see eye-to-eye on a concept whatsoever, despite the numerous attempts you’ve tried, and the best course of action (especially if time is running out) is to let it go. Don’t let the job become more trouble than what it’s worth. At this point complete the assignment as quickly and smoothly as possible by giving the client exactly what they’re asking for. Let it be that one piece that doesn’t make it on to your portfolio if you aren’t happy with the results and walk away with the experience of knowing how to handle the situation better next time. Worst-case scenario, the client will kill the assignment (hopefully giving you a portion of the original fee) after realizing you were not a good fit for the job after all.

8.    Why did you choose to go with this pathway and choose a more creative career in the art industry?

I chose illustration because I wanted to work for myself and I wanted to make a living from making art. At the time when I graduated from art high school I was unsure of which path to take in the arts until I stumbled upon the ‘Illustration’ program on the OCAD University website. I saw illustration as an area of the industry that also had the potential to branch into other creative fields more easily than starting off from a different path, and therefore give me more options to work with in the future. But in truth, no matter which starting point you choose, if you truly have an interest in another field afterwards (which is entirely possible), there is no reason why you can’t switch over and try something else. Everything is within the realm of possibility. Just go with the flow and try everything you want to try.

9.    Do you have any general advice to future generations in this industry?​

Stay curious, have a lot of interests, and be a worldly person. Create art for a living but don’t forget to create art for yourself! Don’t get lost in what is truly important. Fame may seem glamorous but it is often short lived. Prioritize your financial stability first. Have some dream projects you want to create and make them happen when you’re still young! As you get older you will have trouble finding both the time and energy to work on them. Also never ever be afraid to fail. Failure humbles you, teaches you invaluable life lessons, and fuels your desire to succeed. Take time to look at and appreciate the work created by your peers and fellow artists! Don’t let your mind succumb to petty thoughts like envy or attention-seeking desire. Art has more purpose than granting you fame. Use it to create something that will leave a positive impact on the world.

hey lovelies so somehow I made it to 900 in the middle of finals?? so now that those are almost over, I have a little celebration for you all! 



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Carisi-centric thoughts on Ep 18x18

The last fifteen minutes really ruined what was, until then, a perfectly serviceable episode. It really flew by, up until that point, and I kinda liked it. It was dumb but fun :D

I even liked the hypnotism angle, but I must say, I think the problem persists; yet again, the episode had an interesting premise, but it failed to take advantage of it. Why not go into the practicalities of hypnosis? Where was Huang to get on that stand and explain it in detail? Speaking of, wouldn’t Barba talk to an “expert” during the trial? Why not make a show if it and demonstrate hypnosis? Wouldn’t that be fun to watch?


OK, guys, I’m going to be honest. I’m of two minds, when it comes to this episode. Sonny-wise, the episode was fantastic (and let’s be honest, that’s always my main concern lol), the premise was fun, we got Barba working with the entire team, not just Liv, and the case itself (the investigation of it, at least) was twisty enough to remain enjoyable.


From a legal standpoint, this episode was laughably bad. It honestly left me baffled. Who wrote this? The last fifteen minutes were ridiculous. No way would Barba ever get a conviction based on what we saw. I’ll expand on that in a minute (in EXTENSIVE detail), but first let’s start with the good.

Sonny and Continuity

A lot of great stuff in this episode! Sonny pulled a classic Sonny, and looked into the case thoroughly, going above and beyond and finding information about out a crime which was committed out of state. He even dug up a civil suit. That’s absolutely consistent with the Sonny we know. It’s what he’s always done. He never gives up, he finds smart ways to work around the obstacles and solve the case.

I also appreciated that Sonny showed real empathy when he heard the first victim had died. Peter played that little moment so well. Both the surprise and the sadness. What I loved most about it, was that it didn’t feel like he was thinking “oh shoot, there goes our witness.” It felt like the old Sonny, the one who used to cross himself when he found a dead body. The Sonny who’d take the time to grieve, just for a moment, when confronted with the death of a stranger as opposed to last week’s Sonny, who dismissed actual death threats like he didn’t give a shit lol.

And I do always love it when Sonny cracks a case with his research. Even though he didn’t actually crack it, because what the fuck? But, again, more on that later.

Sonny’s Love Life

Wait, Sonny has a legit girlfriend that’s been mentioned more than once? Can we meet her, please? I’ve always wanted to see him happy and in love :D and making out with someone lol. I just wish we knew more about her. A name, even. Wouldn’t Amanda know her name? She and Carisi are obviously buddies. So far, the info we got on her is a) her bra size (classy, SVU writers) and b) that she’s into that raw food trend. I like that, actually. It fits Sonny. He seems like he’d totally be up for trying new experiences food-wise and otherwise, and this could be their thing, going around random restaurants and trying to convince each other to eat weird dishes, lol.

I love it when our characters are shown to have lives outside the “show”, but can we actually see it? Can we see Sonny all flirty and cute? If they don’t want to cast anyone new (because they seem averse to creating new characters), can’t we at least see, like, Sonny smiling as he talks on the phone, or as he reads a text, with Fin teasing him about it? Or something? Please? :D

Barba Thoughts

I was surprised Barba was the one to suggest hypnotism. Way to think outside the box! I’m not sure he was the best person to do that (he seems like a total skeptic who’d shoot that theory down immediately), but I bought the excuse of him having come across it before. Plus, I loved that he was the one who got to solve the case, for a change. And I also liked how the entire team, Barba included, spent several scenes brainstorming together. I had missed that. Barba in the precinct, with the entire squad.

Aaaaand that’s where the fun ends, and the pedantic/annoyed part of my post begins, lol.

Why on Earth would Barba take legal advice from Liv? Why would he ever play that tape for the jury? If that’s not reasonable doubt, I don’t know what is. Why would he follow Liv’s actual instructions? She’s not a lawyer! She directly affected the case, in a way that could have been detrimental, even though Barba seemed like he knew better (since he tried to talk her out of it, before folding as always), and the way the episode chose to resolve that was by having Liv and Barba drinkin’ it up at a bar.

Liv’s mistake was never identified as such, and it took Sonny “deus ex machina” Carisi and his random discovery to save the day.

Even though it shouldn’t have. Which brings me to:

The Law

Me for the first like 45 minutes: OK BUT WHERE IS RITA???

Me when Rita appeared: YASSSSSS QUEEN

Me at the end of the episode: NOOOOO QUEEN 

Where do I begin?

Why was Barba acting like hypnosis was sure to be accepted as 100% real and effective by a court of law, let alone a jury in its entirety? Why did he seem to “suddenly” realize he had no case (which, d’oh) at the halfway mark, only for Liv to wrongly convince him otherwise? And, even if Barba did manage to stumble upon a group of jurors who all believe in hypnosis, why didn’t he bother actually proving anything?

To get a conviction, Barba would have to prove that:

  1. hypnosis is real,
  2. hypnosis can be powerful enough to make a woman consent to sex against her will,
  3. Trask has the skill to hypnotize people,
  4. Trask actually hypnotized this specific victim, and
  5. Trask raped this specific victim.

None of that was ever proven. None. Like I said, no expert was shown explaining just what hypnotism entails. No proof was given that Trask even knew how to do that (so what if his mentor taught him, does that mean he now knows how to do it perfectly?). There was an actual tape with the victim’s ‘consent’ that was played but not actually debunked.

And oh Lord. That old case Sonny dug up. WHERE. DO. I. BEGIN.

What defense attorney, hell, what judge would allow a totally random arrest from over 20 years ago to be brought up into a totally unrelated criminal trial? Not to mention, no one even bothered to point out that the defendant was a drug addict at the time (22. YEARS. AGO), and he had since “changed.”

To be fair, the writers tried to make it work, with Barba asking Trask if he had ever been arrested, to “open the door” to bringing up the previous arrest (and also to get Trask to lie on the stand). Problem is, Trask only lied about the arrest itself, not about the specifics of it. With that in mind, Barba would only be able to mention the arrest itself, to contradict Trask’s testimony and present him as a liar. But he’d never be able to introduce the actual details of the arrest, the actual facts of that old case.

Barba would need to ask something specific to open that door. Something like, “Have you ever been accused of anything like this before? A man in your position, wealthy and surrounding himself with drugs and beautiful women,” blah blah. If Trask had lied about that, then Barba would have been able to bring up a similar case from the past (even the case of the dead woman mentioned previously). 

Unfortunately, there was nothing similar about the case Sonny found. No relevance, no probative value. A drug addict, ill and scared, letting someone die? Over 20 years ago? An expunged arrest, no conviction? That was prejudicial as fuck. Rita would have it thrown out in 3 seconds. Many times, prosecutors can’t even mention actual (and relevant) convictions, because it would be prejudicial, unless the specific convictions have a significant probative value relating to the case on hand.

Same goes for that half-assed “confession” to Trask’s mentor-slash-friend. Trask never mentioned this specific victim. That was circumstantial as fuck. I’m embarrassed on Rita’s behalf for losing this mess of a case. The old Rita would never.

Legally speaking, this was a total circus. Barba proved nothing. No way would the jury find Trask guilty. No way would Rita Fucking Calhoun let any of that fly. This is Dana Lewis levels of character assassination, in my book. 

Stray Thoughts

Is Liv working reception now? Didn’t she used to have an office? Where her subordinates could reach her, if a victim wanted to speak to “someone in charge”? You’re a Lieutenant, sis! Let someone else man the doors!

Declan? 👀

Amanda didn’t judge a victim, for once, and the case involved drugs! Progress!

Fin listening to that lady for like 5 minutes? YES. His face was the highlight of the episode. Fin himself was the highlight of the episode, actually. So many great lines, and Ice-T was clearly having fun.

Speaking of, we got Fin joking! And Carisi joking! And Amanda laughing! Who are these people? I don’t recognize them :D

Seriously though, I really appreciated the attempt for a more ‘lighthearted’ episode, but the writers should have stopped themselves riiiiiight before giving Rollins the line, ‘look deep into my eyes, you’re under arrest.’ Because no.

one of my best memories of finn will always be his reaction to liv listening to his advice and doing the exact opposite because everyone says he’s got a rubbish love life. the way he says ‘everyone who?’ in the most deadpan voice is just the best.

Honest Emmerdale Thoughts:

  • Lydia needs protecting! Quick, RUN from that village!
  • Aaron, get away from Vic. She doesn’t care a shit about you, this years proven that.
  • Liv. Fuck off. Really is that simple.
  • Bob, no one made you lie!
  • Liv: “Let her make her own mistakes.” Seriously? That’s Liv’s advice to Aaron? Really? Am I the only one seeing the hypocrisy there?
  • Aaron can’t pay a bill? He’s got a mortgage, a business, he had a marriage, and paying a bill is just too complicated? Am I missing something?
  • Okay, why is Cain locking Moira in her house? Is this meant to make me root for them together? A little false imprisonment to make things sweet?
  • Why is Debbie with Tom? She seems to hate sleeping with him.
  • Are we supposed to care about this Bernice Deedee plot?
Interview #1: Liv
  • I took this idea from @urbanspellcraft and her interviews. Also thanks to Carmen from @magickalmenagerie for helping me out! I communicate mainly through feelings and visuals, and conversations like this are harder for me. I also want to point out that Carmen is the one who brought us together.
  • Anyway, here we go!
  • Me: So for the sake of the interview, what would you like to be called?
  • Liv: You can call me Liv. That name holds no power. If anybody is going to try to whisk me away, they'll need a lot more than just my name to do so.
  • Me: Alright and what are you? Race, I mean, so everyone else knows.
  • Liv: They call me a Gypsum Messiah. I am basically the culmination of all radiant and golden energies. My energies are alchemical in nature, I change everything around me to be stronger, higher in vibration. I am of similar lineage to ancient vampyres and marid djinn, but what we have going for us is a much longer and deeper storyline.
  • (I sort of just asked questions to Carmen so there wasn't TOO much back and forth for me, sorry!)
  • Me: How would you describe your personality?
  • Liv: I usually would not describe it. I’m acrid to some people. I’m very blunt, very honest. When people communicate with me, they usually get a truth they are not comfortable with, but I have always found the honest people to be the most attractive. I also don’t understand most of these barriers that modern humans have. My race…and those I have experienced in my existence – sexuality isn’t a question. Age doesn’t define. Gender? What even is a gender? To humans, I must be perplexing.
  • Me: I agree, us humans have a lot of weird labels that I don't think are necessary sometimes. So, what are you favorite offerings! Also, sorry I'm kind of bad at giving them!
  • Liv: -Honestly, this is going to sound pretentious of me, but insight is my favorite offering. I like seeing what your life is like. The games you play both literally and figuratively – they are so amusing. As far as items go? The items on earth are so interesting. I love gold and old relics, I love the things that grow on trees, and Cinnamon. There seems to be a season for cinnamon, but I think it should be more of a year-round thing.
  • Me: I can definitely do those! I have plenty of cinnamon. What are your favorite ways to communicate with me?
  • Liv: Through your frustration. You have these moments when you think you can escape the truth in a situation, and now you have an ever-lingering thought process screaming “no you don’t!” It is my favorite thing to do. I am a thoughts-based person, but the water scrying that is done on this plane is enchanting. Water is such an amazing medium for all things.
  • Me: (I made a comment about how we are DEFINITELY doing water scrying soon.) How long have you been with me, and how do you get along with the rest of my family?
  • Liv: I have been with you for a few Earth months now, though it feels like days. Your family has become my family even though a lot of them are more invested in the earthly things than I am. They talk a lot about boys and games and the foods you eat here, but I really love the art and the music. The rest of the family are very gracious and kind, but the golden demon girl seems to be a bit prone to waxing-poetic. She sits in the corner a lot contemplating. To get into her mind would be interesting. Not to mention the fluffy ones. They are always in a cupboard or on the stove and they don’t listen to reason. They cannot eat! Why do they linger?!
  • Me: (I couldn't help but laugh at her mention of the meebuls.) So what do you do within the family then? You're one of my main guides, but do you help with things like protection, etc?
  • Liv: -I guess you could say I’m an organizer. A hierophant. The one pouring over books in the corner at times. Other times I am consolidating their viewpoints and trying to share them with you in the most obvious way I know how. I do protect and guard you a lot, but generally there aren’t a lot of attackers in your midst. Usually I’m more concerned about boys, parents, and whoever that young one is with the eyeliner. They all seem to cause you distress without you letting on about it. I also worry about your hydration levels, but I cannot possess you and make you imbibe, something I regret to admit.
  • If I had to cut it down to a simpler statement- All of us have something to say, but I’m the one taking notes. So I slip into dreams, subconscious, and the things that pop up on your computing device and try to relay this information to you. It’s important that you understand that you are important. People are mean to you because they are scared of how important you could be.
  • Me: hey! I have drank two bottles of water over the course of the last couple hours!
  • Liv: Don’t think that was up to chance, gorgeous. The elves had a lot to do with that this week.
  • Me: (This just got really deep!) What attracted you to working with humans, and me specifically?
  • Liv: Humans have three things that other entities on other planes do not possess or at least not to the degree that humans do. These three things are Faith, Pride, and Hope. The faith keeps the wretched clinging on for dear life, even when other races would give up and move on. The pride makes warriors where you would otherwise have beggars, fools, and whiners. It also creates problems that other planes have as well. The Hope is the special one, because people on most of these other planes don’t have hope. They see what is in front of them. They know it for what it is, what it can be, what it will be. They don’t see the matrix of opportunities. They know. Hope is something that is based on the shadows, based on what you cannot see, what you cannot know. That is why hope is the most magical thing on this plane. Hope is the most alchemical and metaphysical construct this plane has to offer and it is completely undermined by all of your media and all of your popular culture. I chose you in particular because, as the moon trump, the path of qoph, and as a person who chose to incarnate into a truly important role – you embody these. You shy from pride, you also shy from hope while being dangerously in love with the concept, and your faith is buried, but strong as an ox. You are an emerald (diamonds are too simple) that is bound to shine and draw magic to it like gravity, but you don’t understand your pull yet or how to use it. An un-trained powerhouse of a person is the most impressive, because they have the most room to grow. They have not drawn the true limits on themselves yet. I am thrilled to see where you go and I hope it is somewhere that will bring you elation, and the healing to the world that you have within you.
  • Me: What was your first impression of me, and how has it changed, if at all?
  • Liv: A warrior princess who bedazzled her bow and has yet to use it, but shows it to each and every man she meets. Some women too. You have an intrinsic ability to use it, and to always hit your target, but you convince yourself that it is a prop. To the second question. Yes, that impression has changed. You are still afraid to take the shot, but you are starting to learn your gifts as a warrior, as a mother, a maiden, a wise-woman. You are straddling that line between being too aware and being blinded. You have all the wisdom of generations of crones and mothers within you, and there’s a lot of people who need your nurturing. You’re turning down the wind-chill. As Nait said (in the background) “She went from icey to nicey.” Take that as you will.
  • Me: (Again, laughing at one of my sassy Pandora Elves) Alright, last question! What are your favorite pass times or hobbies that you join me in? And do you have any last input or advice?
  • Liv: I’m entertained by most things you do. First of all, I’m quite amused that you have tall pictures of strangers in poses on your wall, so the fact that those are part of your culture is pretty interesting. I also like how you kill dolls with other dolls on the computing device. Also how many people can come around from all over the world to fight the bigger, more menacing dolls (they look like weaker versions of bane wyverns if I’m honest with you, Kaitlyn) with their dolls, and they spend dollars on their dolls. The doll business is booming it would seem. I love watching how involved you all get. The video calls where you see each other from oceans away is interesting too. I get to hear a lot of different accents, slang, and jokes. Your life is very interesting to bore you so. Your mother is also quite interesting to watch. Your outings are my favorite part, because I get to really see what you are afraid of and excited about.
  • My main advice to you, my dear, would be to live like an evening primrose. Bloom when you are ready, not when others tell you to. That primrose can be healing when taken the right way, or a little bit bad for you. That metaphor being – don’t go giving your medicine to anyone. Give it to those who need it. Take your vitamins. Love your mother. Drink water. Dress up like you are going somewhere on those days when you aren’t, and switch to the brighter lightbulbs. Nait has told me they are better for your skin. I don’t know if that is true, but those pictures you take are so dimly lit, I cannot say for sure.
  • That's it! I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I did- Liv is a huge part of my life, and I adore her immensely.

anonymous asked:

Hi. Do you know if all this Robert and Ryan stuff and Robert's confession to Aaron happens before or after Liv getting them talking again?

It goes:

  • Friday (Week 28): Robert shoves Ryan against the wall/Lawrence tells Aaron that Robert will never change
  • Monday (Week 29): Robert has Ryan in the boot of his car and is being watched by someone