liv pro

anonymous asked:

you seem very pro liv x gabby on your twitter 😏

ha omg, I’m actually not, I’m just very pro bisexual liv 😏😏😏

(I’ll settle for gay liv BUT) I’ve been wanting this for AGES. I want liv to get a crush on gabby and for her to be bisexual and rob can help her !!! imagine the beautiful bisexual chat with rob and liv !!!!!!!! they’d both be so awkward and they’d help each other become more comfortable with their sexualities? and rob would be so happy that liv’s happy?? and knowing he himself can help someone the way he wanted help???!! I’M IN HEAVEN

but then I think it would be so nice if gabby didn’t return her feelings, and liv told her but she was just like 100% chill about it? liv would be so scared but then they could just carry on as best friends and liv can just be out and proud to be bisexual and WHAT A POSITIVE LITTLE STORY THAT COULD BE