liv or not

Aaron Dingle is so so much stronger than people give him credit for.

@scriptscribbles asgjshf y'all lure me in with promises of gay and then don’t even have the organisation to back it up? do I have to do everything myself?

Okay. Okay. These ships might be canoes but I want all hands on deck, y'all. The following proposals are up for negotiation and discussion, and/or agreement:

  • Chenclair - Helen/Liv 
  • Helver - Helen/River
  • Heliver - Helen/Liv/River

I don’t yet have anything solid for Liv/River but I guess our options are like, Chensong, Songka, or maybe Songtech?

If the 5-10 people on board these ships could offer their opinions now, that would be great. Come on guys, we can get these canoes going!