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Scandal Warriors Strike Back!

The Scandal Warriors is an online coalition of fans from across the United States and Canada. In a statement released by them today they wrote,

“Scandal was a gift to viewers. But it was a special gift to women, especially women of color and specifically black women. The show was magic. For the first time since the show, Julia, featuring Diahann Carroll, America had a gorgeous, intelligent, powerful black woman in the lead. Women of all colors were saying they wanted to grow up and be like Olivia Pope! And then, magic happened. The show struck gold with the powerful chemistry between the two lead actors, Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn. Their chemistry is the stuff of legends and joins other famous screen couples: Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy, Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. Liv and Fitz became the love story that captured the hearts and minds of the viewing public. It was told with passion, dignity and relevance, acknowledging the racial component and the fact that Olivia Pope was a very independent woman working in what has traditionally been a man’s world. We were hooked and became advocates for "Olitz”.

But something else happened also. Scandal was no longer just a “t.v. show.” Almost from the beginning it became a cultural, social and political statement. There were scenes that resonated so deeply with black women that they heard echoes of their own experiences and upbringing. We became “invested.” We stuck with the story even when we started to see inconsistencies and flat out nonsense in the story line and character development. But we hung in there.

And then hell set in. The flames reached through the screen and torched everyone of us in episode 9, season 5. It was insulting on so many levels. Abortion is not a frivolous matter regardless of your position on it. Subjecting a black woman to abuse by a white man in other episodes hits a nerve. Transforming Olivia Pope from a sharp, professional character to what some have called a slut and a whore is not acceptable. If this was done by a white producer, a different kind of hell would have erupted with statements from some very high profile people.

Unless the producer received specific instructions from her bosses to denigrate the female lead, manipulate the male lead into something that bears little to no resemblance to a President of anything, and alienate a significant portion of the show’s fan base, the only thing we can assume is that producer has become self indulgent with little to no regard for the quality of her show or the devotion of her fans. If that is the case, we are here to say (to paraphrase a Scandal expression), “You don’t get to do that…” without consequences because Scandal has become bigger than just entertainment, bigger than just one producer’s show. It has become a statement whether the powers that be like it or not just as the election and re-election of Barack Obama became a statement about something much bigger than electoral politics.

So as Scandal Warriors, we have initiated a boycott of the show and will continue to do so. Some of us may never return. Some of us are still hoping for the resurrection of Olitz because we know that powerful, dramatic, relevant, and entertaining scripts can be written that will garner increased ratings, and become a genuine turning point in the history of television. It can be done. We’ve seen it on Scandal. And to those who will push back with the comment that this is the producer’s show. She has creative prerogative. Not any more. It’s our show now, and if we can’t get it back we will do our best to shut it down, and spread the word because that’s how much it means to us. We have become “the hell and high water.”

Operating much like the “Guerilla Girls”, an anoymous group of women protesting sexism in the art world, the Scandal Warriors see themselves as simply a critical mass of fans fighting for the integrity of this ground breaking show, and the respectful, realistic treatment of the female lead.

Stolen Moments

I said I wouldn’t write anything but i couldn’t resist, after watching the wedding moment.

There is a symmetry to 4.01 and 4.15.

It’s interesting that in both episodes Olivia and Fitz are in HORRIBLE places. Liv abandoned Fitz, and Olivia got kidnapped because the president loves her. In both episodes both of them have tried to move on, Olivia in particular but no matter how hard she tries, no matter how many vows she makes to stay away from him, she unconsciously looks for him and all the promises she made end up broken once she lays eyes on him.

As in 4.01 they have a subtle moment that if viewed by others it would appear there was no interaction but too them and them alone they are able to communicate in subtext in way that can only be described as beautiful. Olivia moves her hand and displays the ring for Fitz’s eyes only; though they have much to discuss and hopefully they will actually talk, but regardless this moment was a much needed boost to their morale and confidence. This gesture Olivia showed Fitz was as much for her as it was for him-to confirm that they are real, and to remind one another of what they continue to share regardless of circumstances. It was a moment but at times a moment is all we need.

anonymous asked:

Katrina, what do you think of the fact that Liv and Fitz made out in a really public place, meaning everyone could see them? Exposing their relationship would have exploded the presses and really shadowed the entire presidency. Why do you think Liv did it? I understand Fitz, homeboy (I love him dearly) don't give two shits... But what about Liv? I guess I just don't understand her reasoning.

She didn’t give a fuck either, and that’s new. I don’t understand what’s so hard to understand. The song, “Here comes the sun”; the Tru(e)man balcony; the open air, they are all related metaphors about standing in the open, in the truth and embracing that truth, which Fitz represents for her.

I’ve always said that Olivia controls the pace of the Olitz relationship (that’s why Fitz’s outing intervention failed). Here she is this time sharing the reigns she’s taken (”we”, not “I”). Again, “whatever we want” is really a telling statement. It’s the new “we’re in this together” for two battle-scarred people who’ve fought to be a team. But that statement is also about the ways in which Olivia has changed and stopped sacrificing herself and what she wants for the sake of protecting other people. Every single season Olivia has sacrificed herself in order to protect/save Fitz the POTUS, thinking it was the only way to show her love. That’s the way she was used to showing love. It sounds strange, but by allowing Fitz to stand on his own, that was the only way he could evince the man she always knew him capable of being. He earned her, so to speak, and she rewarded that openly.

My theory: Shonda underestimates the love fans have for Tony Goldwyn, the man. For instance, she killed off McDreamy of GA and ppl were upset because they had been watching him for years and developed a relationship with his character. But no heartfelt bond with PD. And lo and behold, GA didn’t suffer, the show is still doing well.

That is what SR is banking on, that she can destroy Fitz and the show will go on. However, her miscalculation is that fans love TONY GOLDWYN–the man: his kindness, humbleness, sincerity, his love for Liv and the fans; not simply his character Fitz. No matter how much she emasculated him, fans did not. So, if she goes ahead with her plans to faze Fitz out and Tony leaves, her show is done in hot flash!! What do you think?

This has been on my mind for a minute. Why r the Olakers and Mellitz ppl mad. Like Jake told Olivia he loved her twice both times Liv was crickets and Fitz has never ever mention his love for Mellie yet ppl mad cause the two ppl who actually love each other is abt to get a chance at that love. I would think Millie and Jake supporters would want more for their favs than to b with two ppl who don’t love them. It preplex me to see ppl want ppl suck n misery.

This was a good episode...

…I was actually watching SH, then tuned in to see Edison, and got hooked. Love that Liv and Fitz were very much together all episode. That whole scene when she’s in the bed, turns on the music, and straddles him (how did he even undress so quick?) GAVE ME LIFE!!! I almost forget Joke was still around with his greasy burgers. Then I love how quick Cyrus ditched Mellie once his main boo called. I give this episode a solid B+.