liv and cy


I haven’t taken photos of this doll since 2008! I’m guessing that I scooped her up from dollsahoy at one point, as I don’t have her original body. She is a Cy/Cool Girl Dark Jun head rebodied on a Liv body. I found her in my storage room among other neglected dolls and decided to give her more mileage as a fashion doll. If I can find another Raquelle body I might switch her up again.

This dress doesn’t do her hair colour justice… but I love the puffy shoulders!

The delight is in the details...

I loved last night’s episode of Scandal and one of the things I really loved was all the delightful little connecting details in the flashback scenes.

  • Goodness but Cupid stays busy on those campaign busses.  He got Fitz, Liv, Cy, and James.  I guess the hum of the motor, the rocking of the road, and the dimmed lights on the bus at night just make people come out with what they’re thinking and feeling
  • Cyrus and James shared their first kiss in Defiance, OH—Making it the site of their beginning and at the heart of their unraveling.
  • Cyrus standing outside the venue in Defiance saying Fitz’s speech along with Fitz.  For me this is Cyrus wanting it so bad.  Remember his speech about being short and not very good-looking and gay and therefore never having the chance of being a viable presidential candidate. 
  • The Inauguration Night fight between Cy & James that Olivia witnessed in the 1st season, now shown from a different perspective.
  • Cyrus trying and failing to tell Fitz what Fitz obviously already knows (either through his own intuition or because Olivia told him—remember she described it as “the worst kept secret in Washington”).  The 2 of them (Cy & Fitz) playing the pronoun game (“they” make me happy).  Fitz offering the counsel that love is all that matters—an understanding he gained when he fell in love with Olivia. 
  • The expressions on the folks in attendance at the state dinner when Cy & James started dancing.  Fitz happy that love won out, Mellie kind of dismayed at the optics, some of the other guests  disapproving.  I love that this coming out moment was joyful for Cy and James but also received realistic reactions—not a pretty little kumbaya bow.