liv and alex

look, i dont think either alex or maggie are really the type to go for a big wedding, but i just started thinking about their engagement and whatever they would end up doing as a ceremony/celebration and im so emo

all the happy tears when one of them finally proposes. alex having to tell kara almost immediately (no later than the next morning) and she’s shaking she’s so excited and kara practically screams and almost breaks a rib from hugging alex so hard. alex and maggie seeing each other in their simple but beautiful white dresses and just like, bursting into tears on sight because they’re so damn happy to be spending the rest of their lives together

kara giving the most heartwarming, teary-eyed toast at the reception because she loves them both so much but is so happy alex is finally getting everything she has ever deserved in maggie. jeremiah is alive and well and back from cadmus and alex gets to dance with him like she never thought she would when she was a teenager, but she saves a dance for j’onn too

mostly im just emo about alex’s extended surrogate family all getting together to celebrate how happy she is because that’s all anyone has ever wanted for her and she’s finally getting it

  • Two-Hour Season Premiere (1st and 2nd episode will air back to back)
  • Aly Michalka (Peyton) will be a series regular. 
  • Jason Dohring (Logan Echolls on Veronica Mars) will guest-star, possibly as Liv’s new love interest. 
  • Vivian Stoll will continue her domination of Seattle with her zombie minions, which suggests a human v. zombie war as our overarching season 3 plot. The question here is…whose side will Liv be on?
Signos como personajes de Skins: Tercera generación.

— Franky Fitzgerald: Capricornio.

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—  Rich Hardbeck: Acuario.

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—  Mini McGuinness: Libra/Cáncer.

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—  Alo Creevey: Tauro.

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—  Grace Blood: Cáncer.

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—  Alex Henley: Escorpio.

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—  Liv Malone: Aries.

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— Nick Levan: Sagitario.

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—  Matty Levan: Géminis.

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So I’m not sure if I put my resolutions on here, because a lot of people asked me about them, but here they are

my resolutions
- graduate in December!
- learn to save more and spend less
- see ONE of my favs in concert
- be who I wanna be
- stop being so sorry when I’m not
- don’t let the past hurt me so much
- talk about my feelings more instead of bottling them up
- be less lazy and more productive
- run for prom queen, AYEEEEE
- give more back
- forgive more and forget the past
- stop taking everything so seriously

and I really hope to work towards, and complete these goals. and honestly this is sooo far into the future. but if I end up graduating and walking next summer I’d really like to go on a road trip and meet some of my online friends. (Liv, Alex, Cole, Cid, would say Beth but she’s down under, and others I probs forgot). Hopefully this all happens!