liu yiyun

Dating Amber Liu Would Include....

  • Appearing on What the Pineapple frequently
  • You and her making fun of Scott on a daily basis
  • She would probably attempt to bring stray dogs home like
  • ‘Amber is that another dog?’
  • ‘What no? I have no idea what you’re talking about???’
  • And as much as it broke your heart, you had to take them to a shelter because you were both too busy for another dog and JackJack is already a handful as is
  • Having really deep late night conversations about life, and the galaxy, and everything else
  • Cuddling with her leg over your waist and your head against her chest so you could listen to her heart
  • Amber said ‘I love you’ first and it wasn’t even romantic, it would probably be in the middle of dinner or something
  • And you would have been so flustered to the point that you couldn’t even finish eating
  • Hanging out with f(x) almost everyday
  • The girls would tease you two constantly, they would be merciless oh my god
  • You and Krystal teaming up to pull pranks on Amber
  • Amber would be so clingy and loving, even in public and you would be so embarrassed but not against at all
  • But in the end you two would be like best friends and a couple all rolled into one
  • And she would love you so much and she would remind you that she did everyday