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In honor of Easter, Marvel did an Easter egg checklist based on scenes in the First Avenger sequel. Some are obvious, such as the security guard at Captain America’s museum (Stan Lee), and the Helicarriers’ new engines, taking inspiration from someone’s up-close-and-personal look (Iron Man). You might have noticed something “strange” when Agent Sitwell lists possible threats, such as Tony Stark and Doctor Strange. Finally, a SHIELD/HYDRA agent “crosses” paths with Cap and lives to fight another day (Crossbones). I’m more confident to believe Baron Zemo will debut or Red Skull will make a comeback.


2PM's Chansung to star on Chinese reality dating show with Liu Yan

2PM’s Chansung will be starring on China’s reality dating program “If You Love” with sexy Chinese actress, Liu Yan, who is 10 years older than him.

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Rumor or Not

Not sure if this is truly a rumor that Chansung might be on Chinese WGM with Chinese actress Liuyan but regardless I find it hypocritical for people saying she dresses to sexy or reveals her body too much when our precious Chansung gets praised for showing his body. When will the double standards ever end…