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tagged for the randoms things!

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YOU GIRLS WANT MY DEATH!!! XD But thanks for tagging me! <3
So i guess i need to find 25 facts eeeeek

1) Yesterday was my birthday (yeah that’s an easy one, but that’s still a fact lmao)
2) When i was younger peoples where playing to sting me with needles in my belly saying i woud deflate because i was too fat. 
3) I had been called today to sing june 1st. 
4) I hope i’ll be singer one day because that’s my biggest dream
5) thought if i was thinner i wouldn’t mind doing the same work as kissise or being a porn actress in lesbian movies *cough*noshame*cough* 
6) I lost 3 kg this month, not much but still!
7) I love snakes but hate worms like seriously i could die just seeing one!
8) my favorite foods is japanese, chinese, and pasta!
9) I am in love with barbara palvin
10) I start taking pills that make me sleep, the problem is that now i am addicted to this shit! T_T 
11) I have this bad habit to ALWAYS fall for characters you almost never see in the show/game/book/manga/movie…
12) When i was younger i never cried in front of a sad movie! Titanic was doing nothing to me!
13) Now i cry for nothing tho!
14) I am REALLY quick to feel hurt even if the other person don’t mean to do it! If i feel that someone have something against me even if it’s not true, i feel hurt and get my claws out (guess that come from when i was younger! I had to survive lots of things, and built a shield)
15) I am almost always sick like seriously that suck! Any time i plan something i get sick! I always had been like this, and that’s annoying because i am affraid peoples think i just am trying to get attention when i truly just am weak against sickness!
16) My grandmother died when i was 9
17) I grew up alone with my mom, that’s why despite that we fought a lot with my mom, we are pretty close!
18) My favorite place is an aquarium in the north of france that i totaly love! 
19) I am a bubble tea addict! but cant have much! T_T
20) If my croissant and chocolate croissant aren’t freshly bake, i’ll not like it!
21) Since i started my diet i am eating soup every night. 
22) I want a riding crop!!! *cough cough*
23) I can do the splits
24) I did a bypass December 24th in 2007
25) I almost died in february 2008 after i got a peritonitis and an intestines paralisis both at once from february 26th to March 6th

WOUHOU!!!! FINISH!!!! If someone even read all of this… WOW! LMAO