liu draws

But wait, there’s more.

Liu: puts his hair in the Mom Bun™  when he’s in the Mom Zone™ - which is always. He adopted all the others against their will and he’s totally a mother hen.

Bloody Painter: Puts as much of his hair out of the way while painting, but it’s not that long so it ends up as a half bun.

Puppeteer: Has lots of shit to do, but instead he watches Youtube Hair Tutorials via BEN’s wifi. Tests them all out because he likes to feel fabulous. Not just on himself though. Nobody is safe.


💖✨✌️Hi guys!!! ✌️✨💖

So, last week I watched Kill Bill and I remembered how much I love this movie!! I couldn’t help to draw some characters while I was listening to the soundtrack, one of my favorite parts is the story of O Ren Ishii! OMG this movie is so good! 

Hope all of you like these drawings as much as I do!

✨   ✨    ✨   ✨   ✨    ✨   ✨   ✨    ✨   ✨   ✨    ✨

Star Guardian Lux print (8.5″ x 11″) for Anime North 2016! I’ll be at H05 this year please do stop by! :) I’ll have other League prints, other fanart, original works (over 50 prints!), buttons and keychains! I’ll post my catalog soon ^-^ It was fun meeting some of you last year!