All Time Low- Circles, look how little they are :3

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*laughs* sorry, didn't quite catch that. You've been doing what with the children? Teaching them how to hunt? That' very sweet of you, Roger, I didn't know you cared. *grins* But I've been up to the usual, building things, foraging, making sure the little idiots don't walk off a cliff.

*grins* Yeah, that`s what I`ve been doing! Ya know, they need to lean how to, uh… hunt! *awkwardly laughs* Me, care? Aha, I`m sure you could call it that. *smirks* Awh, you actually watch out for them? How… sweet… Maybe I could help you one of these days, and we could give them a little shove once in awhile! They don`t HAVE to come back with us, ya know? *grins hopefully*

 what if jack saw ralph as a motherly figure too just like the rest of the littluns, which is why jack didn’t answer back to ralph and took the scolding, think about it

jack: mwahahaha I’m gonna make you pay ralph, you will see, I’m gonna-

ralph: did you just say something?

jack: no…mum

ralph: that’s what I thought


     He finds himself unaware of long he has been residing within his secret spot. The sun had taken its place high above when he ventured into the jungle, plan for the day in mind and heart set on keeping himself to it. However, when a dark head pops out from behind a gathering of creepers, he finds the sun is already on course to settle back into the ocean. 

      The thought occurs to him late that maybe leaving without warning has become a worrying topic for the chief. After one child disappears into the unknown (he grimaces at the memory of the poor littlun lost to the fire), who knows how many more can? 

      With concern powering his steps, Simon burst from his private room and towards the beach, bare feet pressing trodden dirt further down. 

       Ralph!!he calls, arms waving to signal his arrival.

The signs as Lord of the Flies Characters

Aries - Jack Taurus - The Officer Gemini - Samneric Cancer - Littluns Leo - Ralph Virgo - Piggy Libra - Choir Scorpio - The hunters Sagittarius - Johnny Capricorn - Lord of the Flies Aquarius - Roger Pisces - Simon *** I know the hunters are mainly made up of the choir, but the choir transforms from mainly submissive, quiet, polite little English boys into savages.

Omg Lois from The Elephant Show/Sharon, Lois & Bram passed away yesterday. R.I.P. 😭 That show was my fave when I was a littlun. 

Perks of going dairy and egg-free: excuse to eat avocado toast daily. Breakfast for me and littlun; he’s got herby turkey, avo, courgettes and coconut yoghurt. We had a scary weekend when he went into anaphylaxis after tasting cheese for the first time. One dramatic ambulance ride and a night in hospital later, I’m getting used to my new lifestyle. Going for a calm and cosy week. #dairyfree #eggfree #allergies #freefrom #pictapgo_app #breakfast #avocado #avocadotoast #babyledweaning #carrotjuice #almondmilk #almondmilktea #coconutyoghurt #healthybreakfast #courgettes #clean #morning by annieponders

(( it’s been a while since i did any actually quality parodies so heads up that one will be coming your way soon! the lyrics are being worked out as i type this. B) fasten your seat belts, littluns. ))