My Work on Contently

Check it out: I’m on Contently now!

I’ve written other stuff. But it’s nice to have all my work with a by-line in one place finally. :)

And…man…for a cat owner, I’ve sure written a LOT of articles about dogs. @_@

But considering I was raised by dogs, I guess that makes sense.

RE: Greetings & Salutations

littlezotz replied to your answer post:
Oh yeah! I did try to show you the movie…but then you had to leave. You should finish it sometime. It’s on Netflix now. :)

Haha yes! I saw it available on Netflix and put it on the queue, but my account has been inactive since work ended (didn’t want to pay for it with no personal income), boo. Maybe I can see the rest of the film under my parents account. Ahuhuhu. >:)