sentimenteldefect asked:

Inspiration for art

Ahhh alright dear *cracks knuckles*

I’m pretty sure you could find something in one of those tags that could help inspire.

Oh, and if you want specific mixes, try these (all are links to original fanmix posts): x x x x x x

Hope you find something!


sentimenteldefect asked:

Is in the flesh good? I just saw your tags. There must be some tough feels man


reasons why in the flesh is the best show:

  • realistically shows themes such as suicide, depression, racism and homophobia
  • interesting well developed female characters
  • queer protagonist and no queer baiting
  • cutest otp ever !!
  • zOMBIES 
  • amazingly well written plot
  • it’s just so beautiful and heartbreaking

Thank you to everyone who entered!! here are the winners, I’ve take out some of the categories oops

WINNER- clarasonacloud
RUNNERS UP- littlewaitingamelia & custardfngers

WINNER- siriuslywinchester
RUNNERS UP- doctorsnight & impossiblekaren

WINNER- pandorific
RUNNERS UP- arthurdavills & hvgwarts

WINNER- mccqlls
RUNNERS UP- ofbilbos & amazingpond

WINNER- alexskingston
RUNNERS UP- ahkatens & claraoswallds

check here to see what you’ve won

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hello! *hugs you real tight* would you please send this to the first ten people on your dash to keep it going? make someone's day with a hug! c:

hey!! thank you so much! i don’t want to single out ten people tbh i just want to give everyone a hug?? so everyone reading this, I GIVE YOU A LARGE WARM HUG, i love you, i hope you are having a wonderful day. yes. you! YOU THERE, WITH THE COMPUTER. OR PHONE. yes you. i love you.


okay so while i was gone i was tagged in quite a few things so here is one of them, i think it was like ’6 selfies you feel cute in’ or smth. click on the pictures for why i chose them.

this is like a ’welcome everyone i’m back’ sorta present so enjoy a repost of these selfies haha

i tag: thescienceofcrime (ele), isaacsalpha (gemma), littlewaitingamelia (leonor) and knights-of-the-stone-age (emma)

idc if you’ve already been tagged, just do it again bc you’re all as cute as heck