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Any goals for this fall/winter?!

I’ve been looking for a job.. so hopefully I’ll find one this fall. This is going to be my first winter without seeing snow, so that’s exciting. I’m hoping to visit my home (Pennsylvania) for Christmas. And of course, the best thing about fall/winter is baking pumpkin EVERYTHING!

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we r twinz. i did just get vegan docs and skyrim though! i’m also buying myself lush stuff and i really want a juicer!

I’m so bad at buying myself things. I’ve looked at docs online so many times and I can’t bring myself to actually get them. I told my family to give me money for Christmas though so I’ll probably get some stuff after the holidays.

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What the hell? Someone STABBED YOU? :’(

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well, now im curious.

Hahah, I’ll explain it as briefly as I can. It’s a weird story. Some girl that I didn’t know followed two of my friends and I after leaving a bar because one of them made a comment about her shitty tip to our friend who was bartending (it was like 50 cents for a 35 dollar tab or something). She pounded on our windows and then followed us until we parked at a parking lot near one of my friends houses. Long story short, she tried attacking my friend and missed. Ran at me, knocked me down, and somehow in all that she stabbed me in the back of the neck with a broken shard of ceramic from a coffee mug she shattered in her car. She then followed us to the police station parking lot, and we were told “no officers were available” when we called so we went to the hospital so I could get stitched up. I come to find out she had recently attempted suicide and was on medication that she most certainly should not have been drinking with. Girl has got major issues.