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Littleton Colorado SWAT Callers Caught in the Act

This audio was recorded at 15:17:38 Pacific Standard Time on August 27, 2014.

This video contains audio capturing Internet criminals known on as @ScrewPain and @spiky discussing “swatting” popular YouTubers “The Creatures”. This audio captures the last eight minutes of what was a thirteen minute livestream put up by @spiky, who had intentions of “swatting” popular YouTuber DanzNewz and his family.

The criminals in question can be found here:  (the one who made the SWAT call that got Kootra arrested Vid:  (the one who attempted to make a second SWAT call to get DanzNewz and his family arrested)

Please, share this post ASAP. It’s very important! Let’s prevent any of this act to happen again for the sake of the victims/relatives, and for the sake of everyone else.

You can submit this audio recording to the FBI  at this link:

Thank you.


While on my trip to Boulder, CO I absolutely had to make an extra hour drive to finally see Columbine High school and its memorial. Another huge source of fascination to me and a very personal one. I used to be kept up nights just thinking about it. There were mass shootings before it, and there’ve been even more horrific ones since, but Columbine wasn’t just a horrible and egregious act, it was in affect the end of 1990s optimism and it, along with 9/11 particularly altered those of my generation (who were 8-13 around the time it occurred back in 1999). Our adolescence and high school years may have been a very different world had it not occurred. Seeing it in person, especially the memorial, made it all really hit home and I actually found myself pretty overwhelmed. I didn’t “have fun” obviously, but I needed to see it.