35 Reasons why Littletibbers is the best! (Don't get to confident when you read this! c; )
  1. Her eyes are practically the most beautifulest! (They’re also *BLEEEEEEP* deep as *BLEEEEEP*, so they’re more mysterious than fracking MrCreepyPasta! (Sorry, MCP!))
  2. She’s also quite deep as in a matter of mentality!
  3. She’s honest with herself, therefore she’s not afraid to speak her mind! (Even though she’s a bit to honest sometimes.. >n> )
  5. She’s pweeeeeeeetty too o 3o
  6. Where were we?
  7. Oh right!
  8. She also has been through a lot, and she’s really mature, which is always cool and such!
  9. Even though she’s mature, she also got this… Umm… How do I put this? She’s got an “Derpy” side to her!
  10. I just love her eyes, there’s this look she can give you which just fucking melts you from the inside! Kind of like Superman’s heatvision, minus the laser!
  11. She’s also quite confident, which is pretty hot!
  12. Her laugh… Don’t even get me started.. <3
  13. She’s kind to people!
  14. She’s quite the character, she’s like a clusterbomb of personalities, and I appreciate each one! (That’s right! I, a man, actually like someone for their personality! WOOP WOOP!)
  16. I really love the way how she’s able to carry on, even though things fucking sucks!
  17. She’s a good writer, which is always quite a bonus in my opinion!
  18. Her lips are… *q*
  19. Her passion for music is also admirable, and I believe that she’s got what it takes to become a good singer!
  20. We’re kind of the same, it’s almost as she’s an lost part of myself!
  21. She might seem all cold and detached, but she’s actually quite passionate and she’s capable of a strong and devoted love!
  22. She puts a bit of order in your life, keeping you cheery, and I respect that!
  23. She’s interesting to talk to, with her, there’s never any conversations that doesn’t go anywhere! (Which I really effing hate, I NEED CONCLUSIONS!)
  24. She’s got a great mind, she’s logical when she wants it and she also got these wierd powers that allows her to like tap into you and almost read you like a novel! (Except for me though, I’m fucking unreadable!)
  25. Organized, that’s what she is! Well… mentally. Her room is a fucking mess!
  26. She’s helpful, even though she doesn’t really say much, even the smallest world means a lot!
  27. She’s respectable!
  30. She’s everything you’ll ever want, if… that’s what you’re looking for!
  31. Her voice is actually quite soothing, but that might just be me!
  32. The way she looks at someone when they say something she’s surprised about is kinda cute ;w;
  33. SHE ALSO GOT SO MUCH ENMANNATÄLT (Swag in swedish!)
  34. The best part about her in my case is that she actually can give me logical answers when we’re discussing deep things!
  35. I don’t know what to write on this last one, so I guess I’ll just give her some words.
    Littletibbers, I know things get rough time from time, and I know I always can’t say anything that’ll help you, and I can’t say for sure that I’ll always be your friend.
    Who knows, one day we’ll maybe just grow tired of each other and eventually split up. I don’t know. I’m just being stupid.
    But I want you to know that I’m glad that I got you in my life.
    Even though you sometimes can make me want to tear my fucking hair out.. c8
    But that aside, I can’t remind you enough of just how beautiful you are or how smart you are. There isn’t a word for what you are!

    I’d like to show the world who you are and how wonderful you can be! Thanks for everything anyways!

There, I finally finished the fucking thing!
I know that you’re in a better mood now, but this was supposed to cheer you up from earlier.. ._.
Thanks for everything! <3
(Wow, I could get friendzoned for this.. xD)