Prayer Request against Rabies

My close friend, L.A., is pregnant and was bit by a neighbor’s dog. She is struggling with taking the rabies pill vs what it could do to the baby vs the actual chance of the dog having rabies. Please pray for her. @brideofchrist95 @goddaily @joyfullycatholic @kiwicatholic @littlethingsaboutgod @love-your-bible @madameliberty @nerdycatholic @oxymoronicromantic @romancatholica @romancatholicgirl @shepraises

anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm looking for some female Christian bloggers to follow. Any recs?

Hey dear friend, yes.

Please keep in mind though that every Christian blogger, author, musician, artist, pastor, and leader are bound to let you down. Don’t trust me or any human person fully, ever. I know that’s a downer and a really dark thing to say, but I’ve had some awful horrific experiences with “celebrity Christian leaders” that have made me overly careful.

Also, any one of these bloggers, including myself, can easily disappoint you. We might say something weird or “off” or grating, but disagreement doesn’t have to mean division. We can disagree and still be friends. Too many Christians shoot their wounded and devour their own; we’re way too hard on each other, especially online. One or two areas of contention shouldn’t mean we dismiss the whole person.

In fact, I recommend following a multitude of many opinions, whether Christian or atheist and everything in between. We each are inclined to follow the voices we agree with and to unfollow everyone else, until we’re isolated in a self-affirming ivory tower. Despite social media’s accessibility of community, the “echo chamber” is an incredibly dangerous side effect that ruins the best of us into choir-preachers. Certainly we can ignore obvious hate and prejudice, but a truly well-rounded person always knows the strongest position of the “other side,” not the parody version. Then, and only then, can bridges be built towards genuine communication.

Another thing: Many Christian bloggers have a tendency to be binary, reactionary, and satirically bitter, especially towards church-culture (and sometimes rightly so). I’m counting myself in there, too. When you read a passive-aggressive statement that excludes someone by satire or casual disregard, please don’t get caught up in that sort of cynicism. Don’t get caught up beating up your favorite Christian punching bags, the Pharisees or the Westboro fundies. I don’t believe anyone is outside the grace of God, and we each need grace like “they” do.

And lastly: Discern, discern, discern.

I’m afraid I’ll miss a lot of excellent people, but here’s a quick list:

















And I know you asked for only female bloggers, but here are some dudes I respect:






Alli’s Christian Blog Follow Forever!

I wanted to make a follow forever because people ask me pretty often for Christian blog recommendations, and because I love you guys and want you to receive recognition for your awesome blogs! I also think that people don’t realize just how many Christian tumblrs there are, and this is only a fraction of them, really. So here’s a list of my favorite Christian bloggers:

a-e: all-for-the-glory-of-god anchorsandjesus art-of-worship asfareastaswest athenagraceco becausejesus biblesandtea bloodsavedus burnt-pancakes cant-live-without-jesus chelsieautumn christianinspirationalquotes christianpassion christ-before-me dablessed daughter-of-love dailybibleverse365 diedformelivingforhim erelah-tabbris everlastingjesus everydayforchrist everbeonmylips

f-j: faithisbeingsureofwhatwehopefor faithisdoubt faithlikemustard favoritebibleverses feetmayfail fervent-in-spirit findingjesuseverywhere firstjohn419 findingmywaytruthlife forgivenplusfree forgiven-and-saved gabi4god giving-thanks-in-everything gloriouspraises godsradicaldaughter goddaily godmoves godsfingerprints godshrmnzrr hannaoliviaway hecallsmelovely heckyeahjesussaves hewillreign heldinhishands hisdailylove his-desert-rose hispreciouslove howmajesticisyourname howfartheeastistothewest hopethroughthetrials hope-faith-love-abide how-deep-the-fathers-love ignited-soul imforeverfaithful imchangedfromtheinsideout inspiration-daily inspiringblues iwilltrustinyou jacintanest jesusiwillfollowyou jesustotheworld jesus-christ-is-king jesuslovesalltheworldforever jesuslovesyouforever jspark3000 joyinchrist joy-in-my-soul just-a-christiangirl

k-o: katherinehenson keep-calm-god-saves keepsavingme letmylifebeproof littlethingsaboutgod loveofjesus love-your-bible made-to-worship-blog madebyastarbreather meteor-storm millionpraises nathalieahlias noother-name no-other–name ourgodisawesome

p-t: patientlywaiting4u pastor-zach perpetual-grace pixelprayers pineapplegirl123 poetryforjesus questionsaboutchristianity raininggrace raise-your-cross raindropsroses rejoyceforchrist revelation19 rivershannon risspamplemoose rootedandestablished runnin-onfaith savior-of-the-world savedandblessed simply-divine-creation simplyheavenlyfood sinner-saved-by-gods-grace sheisaloverofchrist snowbunny15 soy-la-marienkaefer societykillscreativity spiritualinspiration takeinallthecolors takethisheart-lord teenofchrist teamchrist teen-jesus-freak the-worship-project toknowyourname

u-z: uncleanlips unchanging–love uponthepalmsofmyhand walkthesame warriorwomanoftheonetrueking wallofprayer we-are-in-gods-hands withthunderandrain worshipgifs womanofgreatfaith worshiptypography wonbygod xxroseofsharonxx yesdarlingido yeahmicah yesjesuslovesyou yeshuamysalvation yeahhjesus you-arebeautifullymade youngbride4christ youmakeeverythingbeautiful zacheway

I’d like to give a shoutout to all the people who make my dash so interesting and all the people who have made my year the amazing one it is! Thank you to all of you, no matter the role you played, you matter to me!

The Squad

@beforeifall21, @a-screaming-ghost, @butteredbabyjesus, @a-broken-hunter, @yer-a-timelord-sammy, @crowleysprincess159, @walleryoe, @but-deans-back-tho, @procrastinating-fallen-angel, @natalieshari, @im-wallpapering-my-locker, @ackles-butt-is-frisky, @captainphasmc, @impalalalalardis-1067, @enrageddean, @sadlyshy, @sybillian, @eatlike-ryahchu, @tarashari-tfp, @captivatedean, @ericaaddington, @justabitgeekyewell, @mars-loves-misha, @iluvjohnny, @missunderstoodxoxo, @mischievousmorg, @ohio-cnk-80q3, @superchayray, @leah-superwholocked, @sirralaq, @sarahekrull, @zanydemonicfrog01, @ollyhooper, @snickerdoodlesusan, @wait-whats-that-there, @tomatosoupandsharpthings, @the-rambling-mind, @lovethebluebox, @raggedy221b, @chloereneemotionless, and @writtingsofspn. (I know I missed a couple people and I’m sorry about that but I’m super bad at remembering people’s urls.)


#, A-C

@50shadesofsupernatural, @67winchester-chronicles, @a-ckleholic, @a-happy-dandelion, @abaddonwithyall, @abbydraws, @absolutelychristian, @abstractalfred, @ackles-wants-snackles, @acklesandhissnackles, @alamiasuperman, @alexkxrevs, @all-your-spn-dreams, @alxxparrish, @amethystdean, @amuletbrothers, @amy-de-l-abc, @angeloffallensnow, @annalisekeating, @astrologycas, @astroloholics, @awwwcastiel, @badspnlipreading, @bavton, @bigeyeselliot, @bisexual-harley, @bittersamgirlclub, @bloody-woman-in-white, @booksandhotchocolate, @bookwormboutique, @bovaria, @buckybernes, @c-cassandra, @california19, @capuletcas, @castielonfire, @castielsunrise, @chaoticcas, @charliebrvdbury, @choirjokes, @choirkidprobs, @climbthatmooselikeatree, @clinbartons, @commander-of-the-fallen-angels, @confusecas, @cursed-miss-winchester, @cybermqn


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@hallowedbecastiel, @hannahhindi, @happilycaptainswan, @hecallsmelovely, @hellyeahllison, @hiclarence, @hillyhindi, @holdingonforheaven, @hollystevc, @holyackles, @hopestiel, @hunting-4-witches, @i-didnt-choose-the-dwarf-life, @i-write-supernatural-imagines, @idijt, @ilostmyshoe-79, @ilostmyshoereads, @imagine-your-fav-character, @imaginefandoms-supernatural, @imperfectcas, @impossiblyamelia, @inkbleeder, @interpretingzipperhead, @irelandamn, @iwilltrustinyou, @izzydoodledump, @jaded-dolt, @jarmishjenwrites, @jarmishjen, @jarpad, @jensenstiger, @jenlovesdean, @jessdoc31, @jimmynovsk, @jinglyjensen, @jollllyjackson, @jonejessicas, @journal-of-a-man-of-letters, @juliawiinchester, @julianamerceli, @kaalyse, @kasimagines, @kastielandmoose, @kaycemacey, @kaz2y5-imagines, @keepcalmandfangirlforever, @klngofthedamned


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It’s 12:17 and I’m super late on getting this out. Happy New Year, everyone!

Hello there! I finally got time to make my follow forever list! It took a lot longer than I thought it was going to but it’s done now! Bolded blogs are bloggers I either talk to, reblog, or hearted the most, based on my statistics page and messages :) If you’re not on the list don’t think that I don’t like your blog because I absolutely love all the blogs that I follow! I might do an updated list when I hit another milestone! 

Here It is


adorablydisney, annaandkristoffbjorgman, autopian, belleandherlibrary, bit-of-a-fixer-upper, charactersofdisney, christiangentleman, colinodorknoghue


dapperzack, datunofficialdisneyprincess, dingle-hopper, disney-and-thedoctor, disney-girl-4-liifedisney-is-magic, disney-shooting-star, disney-to-infinity-and-beyond, disneydriven, disneyfairytaleescapesdisneyfrappuccinodisneygirlsincebirthdisneyglittersdisneyinduceddreams, disneyinspirations, disneypedia, disneyworldofcolor, do-you-wanna-build-an-olaf, doctorwho-let-the-dogs-out, dosageofdisney


echoes-of-starlight, echos-voice, faantasmicfabstanfearless-proud-andstrong, fjordlordefor-the-first-time-in-5evaforeveralone-gonnagotumblin, frooozeenfuckyeahdisneyfacecharacters, gawrsh-golly-goofygentlemenofdisney


hakuna-tuh-materhakunna-my-tattas, hansofyoursouthernisleshauntedmansionkid, hiddendisneyprincesshippielovesdisneyhowaboutdisney, iamonlyslightlydisneyobsessed, im-olaf-i-like-warm-hugs, ineverlikedkronkspinachpuffs, iwasbornwithglitterinmy-veins, iwont-say-im-in-lovejanedoedisney


keepcalmandusefryingpansletitgoleviosa, life-of-a-disnerdlife-of-a-disney-nerdliterarydisneyprincesslittledisneythingsblog, littlemissarendellelittlethingsaboutgod, lovedyouatonce-onceuponadream, lovelybakamandehmouse, my-disney-mindmycousinstheloveexperts


n-e-v-e–r-landneverrlaand, obsessed-with-disneyolafforpresidentonceuponalloftimeandspace, onlycatwhoknowswhereitsatovertheworldfordisney, partyonagrabah, peters-fave-lost-boy


queen-zarinaqueensalsaofquesodelle, rememberingwalt, ruzovyslonsassmasterelsa, secretlifeofahookedswan, sleepysheepy13, straight-on-til-neverland, sweatinglikeasinnerinchurch


thatmouseisfamily, thatsnoblizzard-thatsmysisterthedisneygeekette, thedisneyprincesswithoutamoviethefrozenfractals, think-feel-disney


waltdisneylovin, whitebear-ofthe-watertribewholockedcumberwumberwill-o-the-disney-wispwindsofthecaspiansea, worthmeltingforelsa



Again, wanted to thank y'all that are following me, and so excited to have reached my second milestone! :D 

anonymous asked:

Hi, I was wondering do you have any recommendations for Christian blogs that are not homophobes? There are so many great Christians blogs out there who suddenly are a lot less great after throwing out some 'hate the sin, love the sinner'-bullshit and I'd be a lot more comfortable with following Christians who are positive and accepting and stuff of people who do not happen to be cishets. Thank you!

Of course, lovey! I know the feeling. I’ve had the same problem. I followed a buttload of Christian blogs a couple months ago, then ended up unfollowing a significant number of them because of their “hate the sin, love the sinner” crap on sexuality. 

So here are some of my favorite Christian and Catholic blogs, that either are openly supportive of sexuality, or have given me no reason to believe that they’re against it. That’s saying, I don’t know if some of these have the “hate the sin, love the sinner” ideology, unfortunately, simply because I haven’t seen them post about the subject of sexuality at all. If they do post something homophobic or problematic, I will unfollow them and take them off this list.

notbecauseofvictories isn’t an exclusively Christian blog, but she has the honor of being the one blog I check every single day other than Taylor Swift’s, which is a pretty high honor, cause she’s amazing. Her thoughts on Catholicism and Christianity are always tons of fun to read, and I have the biggest tumblr crush on her.

Some exclusively Christian blogs: godoftheoppressed spiritualinspiration sweetandlovelygirl7 passionistheart goodgirlsdivein veilofyourlife matthew-2819 raise-your-cross goddaily thewordofgodsays theredsojourner heckyeahjesussaves queertheology littlethingsaboutgod lukexvx jesuschristtheprinceofpeace girlwhocriedsupernova blakebaggott believe-out-loud

A lot of my friends on here, such as forestintrafalgarsquare violinmuscles apriludgte crepuscular-my-dear-watson peetamelarked lyras0xford magicmadnessheavensinss shakeitoffandout anachronizomai slytherinroman-from-nowhere and so many others are super rad people and are Christian and queer, or Christian and super supportive of me and all my Catholic queerness. Those people don’t post exclusively Christian stuff, as they are fandom blogs, but they are great Christian people and I recommend following and befriending them. I can recommend a few more of my friends that fit in this category if you would like~

Hope this helped! Happy tumblring.


“We are sometimes the most non-transparent people on earth. We hide behind the mask of our shame, performance, guilt, etc in hopes to protect ourselves but we fail to see that also blocks our ability to experience true love & joy. One of the things that makes us truly human is to be in real, authentic, and honest community.”

To love is to be vulnerable. I’d rather take the messiness of community and possible joy, than the cleanliness of isolation and sure despair. Because if you want to know the true depths of joy and the true reality of love, then you have to be honest, open and transparent.