Anything you can do~ [Pluto & Ganymede]

Ganymede strolled down the street, always preferring to walk as opposed to drive anywhere, using legs was interesting when you’ve been a moon for a few millennia. Ganymede yawned and stretched his arms, it was late in the afternoon, and Ganymede had just left a party and was making his way back to his condo. Ganymede could see someone sitting on a bench nearby, and he chuckled to himself when he got a sense of who they were.

Ganymede strolled over, hands outstretched and a smirk evident on his face. “Well well, look who it is! How’s my favourite former planet?”

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[reaches in and gives him a peck on the cheek. That counts as a kiss right?] Sorry. A 'non told me to.

Ganyemde blinked a bit, a little surprised by the kiss on the cheek, from Pluto of all people. “It’s more then alright, Pluto. In fact…” the moon said with a kind smile, stepping a bit closer to her. Gany gently lifted her chin a bit and leaned closer to her, before leaning up a bit and gently placing a kiss on her forehead. “I was told to see you as well.” he said with a wink, stepping away a bit.