Halloween movies for littles;🎃

Kikis delivery service

Halloweentown (alll of them)

Hocus pocus

Nightmare before Christmas

Spirited Away


Monster House

Twitches 1 & 2


Scooby doo

Its the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

Hotel Transylvania movies

Casper meets Wendy

Monsters Inc

Spooky buddies


The Haunted Mansion

Monster House

The Little Vampire

Halloween is Grinch Night

Poohs Heffalump Halloween movie

Corpse Bride

Harry Potter series

Mostly Ghostly

Toy Story of Terror

Winnie the Pooh Boo to You too

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Twilight series

Little Monsters

Scared shreckless

Double, Double, Toil and Trouble



The Worst Witch

Mickeys house of villains

Curious George: A Halloween Boofest

The Black Cauldron

Bedknobs and Broomsticks

Not sure if I’m alone on this but like…

Does anybody else start going into little space when they’re sleepy? Cus like when I’m sleepy all I wanna do is get my paci, snuggle up with a giant pile of stuffies and blankets and slowly drift asleep while reading Alice in wonderland

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☁️🍼 Soft Little 🍼☁️

♡ Perpetually surrounded by a pile of stuffies

♡ They need to be tucked in and read a bedtime story in order to go to sleep

♡ Dresses for comfort and cuteness in that order

♡ (Lots of onesies and soft baggy sweaters)

♡ Watches their favorite little movie over and over again because it makes them feel safe

💗🍼 Cutesy Little 🍼💗

♡ Pastel colors, lace, and thigh highs

♡ Goes to the “little sections” everytime they shop

♡ Their outfits look like something out of a lolita/kidcore/fairy kei fashion magazine

♡ Squeals and makes lots of other cute little noises

♡ Goes to build-a-bear workshop whenever they save up enough money

♡ Is constantly giving too-tight hugs

♡ Has their stuffies organized on top of their bed during the day

☠️🍼 Spooky Little 🍼☠️

♡ Halloween is their favorite holliday

♡ Loves horror movies/games

♡ Their favorite Disney character is a villain

♡ Definitely has or wants at least one bat stuffie

♡ Goth/alt af

⚡️🍼 Hyper Little 🍼⚡️

♡ Can’t sit without kicking their legs

♡ Runs around with their shoes untied because they can’t be bothered to stop

♡ Is literally never tired

♡ Pacies and teethers don’t stand a chance

♡ Their favorite part of the playground is all of it

🙈🍼 Shy Little 🍼🙈

♡ Hides behind their cg in public

♡ Hides from their cg behind their stuffies

♡ Communicates through vauge gestures and noises

♡ If you give them your hand, they will not let go

♡ Permanent case of the blushies

♡ Scared of crowds and loud noises

♡ Carries a comfort object with them at all times

🎨🍼 Artsy Little 🍼🎨

♡ Colors morning, noon, and night

♡ Has paint stains on most of their little clothes

♡ Their cg’s fridge is constantly running out of room

♡ Trying to get them to choose what comes off the fridge is impossible

♡ If you leave them alone with pens or markers, their hands will be drawn on by the time you get back

🎶🍼 Musical Little 🍼🎶

♡ Constantly humming

♡ Sings along to every song they know

♡ (And some they don’t)

♡ If you leave them alone, they will eventually start singing everything they do out loud

🌿🍼 Nature-Lover Little 🍼🌿

♡ Loves being outdoors

♡ Stops while walking to point out plants they like

♡ Has probably tried some form of vegetarianism

♡ Buggies are to be cactched and released outside, not stepped on

♡ If there is a puppy or a kitty on the street, they will be pet

Autumn Things For Littles To Do

🍂 bake cookies

🧡 paint a pumpkin (since babies shouldn’t use knives to carve)

🌰 collect acorns

🎃 watch spoopy movies (not too scary though! No one wants nightmares!)

👻 try on Halloween costumes

💛 go trick or treating

🕯 decorate your room all spooky-like

🍂 build a leaf pile and jump in it

🧡 drink hot chocolate in your favorite mug

🌰 wear big comfy oversized sweaters

🎃 find a cuddle partner for the chilly nights

👻 collect pretty leaves and make a collage of them

💛 eat lots of candy

♡ Stuff to Decorate your Little Space Room With♡

⊂   ノ    ・゜+.
  しーJ   °。+ *´¨)
- Bean Bag Chairs
- Lava lamps, night light
-Essential oil diffusers/ Humidifiers
- Character Themed blankets and sheets!
-Indoor little forts!
-Puzzle Piece mats
-Fuzzy soft rug!
-A cute tote to store toys in!
-Glow in the dark stars
-Fairy Lights
-Cute curtains, put window stickers to decorate!
- Pictures that you colored!
- A net on the ceiling to hold stuffies
- Themed little garbage can
-A projector that displays stars or other things!
-A table low to the floor, so you can sit on the floor with a cushion! (Like a kotatsu table)
-A cute light switch cover!
- Quilts

♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ 

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Reblog if you are any of the following

  • Your an underage little (18 and under
  • You strickly post sfw posts
  • You live with your parents
  • You like cute simple drawings
  • Your a disabled little
  • You have stuffies

You can have 1 or more of these. But the SFW posts is a MUST.

I want to follow anyone who reblog this. I need more little stuff on my dash!

🦄How Little Space Feels🦄

It’s a sense of euphoria where literally all of my stress and anxiety just washes away. I feel dizzy and lightheaded and so incredibly happy. I feel calm when I drink out of a bottle or use a paci. I feel small and helpless but in a good way because it’s on my terms and not someone else’s. I feel innocent, something that I thought was gone forever. My mistakes aren’t here and I’m made anew. I dont feel lonely because all my stuffies are my closest friends in the galaxy. I believe in fairies and chase unicorns at the end of rainbows. Littlespace means everything to me and I think I wouldn’t be able to go on if it was taken from me.

Stay little. Don’t change for anyone. This is who you are and that’s special.

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Things To Do In Little Space

💕 build a fort

🌸 have a picnic with your favorite stuffies

💫 have a Disney movie marathon

🎀 look at cute doggy/kitty pictures

🍼 write in your own regression journal

💕 make a little friend on tumblr or instagram

🌸 go online shopping (even if you don’t have any money, window shopping is fun too!)

💫 go to a nearby park with your favorite stuffy

🎀 play dress up

🍼 look at Pinterest for easy crafts to do

💕 bake something (may need supervision)

🌸 take a bubble bath

💫 go to the library and find some good books to read (be sure to take a stuffy so you won’t be alone!)

🎀 download and play ‘Baby’ apps and games on your phone

🍼 find a Little’s discord sever and make some new friends there

💕 color a pretty picture

Why I needs a little best friend;

  • Someone to talk to about little things and share excitement over cute stuffies, shows, pacis etc
  • Skype calls, texts, swapping letters in the mail with adorable stickers and care packages
  • Playdates of course!! In person or Skype if far away
  • Having somebody I can trust besides my cg
  • Being little with someone else besides daddy and not be scared of annoying them
  • Video games are more fun wiff two players!
  • Watching scary movies together on the phone In case of emergencies cause I’m a scaredy 🐱

reasons littles love Halloween!

🎃 cute costumes!

🎃 candy!

🎃 Halloween specials!

🎃 spooky time all the time!

🎃 staying up late!

🎃 pumpkin carving!

🎃 baking!

🎃 dressing in cozy clothes cause its crisp out!

🎃 Halloween décor!


so i has a cute idea!

okie okie okie so… hear me out– a big school-like building for littles and their caregivers. bunches of halls full of rooms that have things like full massive play kitchens full of cute kiddie sets of play food and dinnerware, stuffie rooms full of all sorts of stuffed animals big and small, game rooms with arcades and board games and baby game sets, trampoline rooms, sensory rooms with stims toys in big bins and multiple little environments for seperate sensory experiences, a star gazing hubble with multiple telescopes and complementary fuzzy space themed blankets to bundle into, a cuddling room full of so many blankets and aromatherapy diffusers and lullaby music boxes and cribs of all colors, a cafeteria featuring childish tables and chairs for littles and a watching area for caregivers to relax and talk with a self serving area that also has premade little meals, a room for resources (milk, snacks, diapers, etc)… and dorms for everyone who wished to stay more often, where CGs and littles can cuddle in cozy beds and wake up to fresh breakfast and then spend the day exploring the place… i also imagine an outside display, with a petting area for animals and a very large park, near a clean pond/swimming hole with floaties and water toys… ahhh!!!

this would be the dream! add on if you like!!!

💙🍼 things little boys melt for 🍼💙

⭐ kisses on the cheek, forehead, top of the head, shoulder, anywhere!

⭐ being held and reassured

⭐ having toys or other little stuff brought to us by surprise

⭐ hearing our CG say something very caregiver-like out of nowhere

⭐ being called pet names and terms of affection

⭐ playing! cuddling! any physical attention and interaction is so nice!

⭐ having food made for us (I’ll admit it, I become the most bashful thing when food is made for me… ❤)

⭐ being surprised with any gesture of affection or sudden coddling

⭐ holding our hands when we cross the street

⭐ ordering food or talking for us in general if we’re shy or scared

⭐ singing with us

⭐ loving us! that will always make us happy!