My “little space” collection was severely lacking so I treated myself to a Toys/Babies R’ Us shopping spree!! I call it my “little & middle starter kit” and it contains (from top left to bottom right:

1. Kinetic Sand in purple
2. Crayola Bath Dropz
3. Two teddy stuffies
4. Play Doh Sweet Shoppe Cookie Creations
5. MLP Activity Book
6. Crayola Twistables (littlespace!)
7. Prismacolor Pencils (middlespace! Already owned)
8. Enchanted Coloring Book (already owned)
9. Harry Potter Coloring Book (already owned)
10. Hello Kitty Sippy Cups
11. MLP divided plate & utensils
12. Hello Kitty & AWC pacis (already owned)
13. Nintendo 3DS with Animal Crossing New Leaf (already owned)

I think it’s the perfect mix of little/middle happy things and the bestest way to start my collection!! :D I can’t wait to keep adding to it! YAYAYAYAY! :D <3

Futuristic Trash Tubes Could Be Coming to New York City

Futuristic Trash Tubes Could Be Coming to New York City

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External image

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Picture a far-off Utopian future: A New Yorker throws away a piece of trash in a park—maybe an apple core or some plastic packaging—and it’s automatically sucked through a vacuum-like tube that runs beneath the streets, whisked away to…

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