i’m so happy the RAW kickstarter finally went live today because i’ve been dying to post a sneak peak of my contribution since i finished it.

btw, the link to the kickstarter is here if you haven’t seen it yet! we have some absolutely incredible editors who have been communicating with all of us and planning everything with such an unbelievable degree of smoothness, and they’ve put together quite the snazzy campaign.

(i’m putting a readmore because under there’s a lot of rambling about artist probs and process that’s not exactly aesthetically appealing)

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This was that thing I was actually working on in my first livestream a month ago. I ended up sticking it in my AP portfolio so I wanted to wait until I sent that out to post it here.

If you think about it in terms of BBC canon, Sherlock would have been about twelve when John went off to Uni. If I ever were to write a kid!lock fic (I really want to, though it’ll probably be more of a drabble series!), the canon would be that John sort of befriended this strange kid genius through extreme circumstances, and just ended up following him around and assisting him from that point on. 

It would be pretty sad when John inevitably left, but we all know they meet up again a decade or so down the line.