Things I deserve

“You don’t know that you deserve to be treated that way, do you?” Rain said. Finally, he said something nice. He have trolled me enough and gave himself the chance to pamper me with words this time.

I know that I am special but I forget it most of the time. Call me stupid. Sorry Papa God if I sometimes do, but thank you for giving me people to remind me of my worth.

The thing I know best is that I deserve to do what I want to do with my ‘own space’ -  take care of it or mess it up, keep it away from people or welcome them inside. When I don’t want to talk, you try your best to make me to but when I say no with conviction, you stop. You know when you and I should speak. Even if it would take you a long time to wait for my next word. Thanks for respecting my space.

I know I deserve to be walked home any time of the day not because I am a girl but because I should not feel alone. No one should. Thank you for walking home with me even if you were trolling me

I know I deserve to be heard when I talk not because I have something important or quotable to say, but because I simply have something to say. Everyone should be heard but I don’t know how you manage to absorb all I say even my rants and hurt. You got superpowers. whew.

I know that I deserve to have an ally in times that I can’t redeem myself alone. You always volunteer to be one of my allies besides Mickey, Domo and Pooh though you seem so alone beside those stuffed toys. hahaha.

I know I deserve to commended when I do well at any thing I do. And no one does it the way that you do. I deserve to redeem my childhood with Silvanas and have ice cream after a week of throat rest. Even though you didn’t actually see nor observe what I did, you are always happy for me. You always tell me that I did well because you know that I would. 

Thank you for letting me remember such things. :)

There are still things that I don’t even think I deserve, but lola Zamei told me to enjoy and not feel guilty. All I can say now is thank you. All I can give now is a smile. :D and a hug. >:D<