Summary: Sitting in a coffee shop, you decide to take a selfie. You notice the attractive man behind you, had photobombed your picture. This leads to an adorable confrontation and then to a date. (Idea by the wonderful Ashley, @marvel-ash). 

Word Count: 1,252

Warnings: None. 

A/N: Sooo, this is due to the wonderful ideas Ash has. I have a feeling I will be writing more of these as times goes on. Enjoy :) 

The café was sufficiently empty for you to sit back and relax, take a few minutes to yourself and unwind from the crazy day you had been experiencing today. It was time for finals and not only did you have to worry about passing your classes, but all the tension and panic that your roommates and classmates were experiencing seemed to seep inside you as well. It was as if there was no end in sight and you had decided to just go get a cup of coffee with just your phone and the novel you had bought at the beginning of the semester thinking you were going to have some respite from your classes. Which proved to be false.

No rest. At all. Just papers, group projects, research, labs, and reading giant textbooks from the first page all the way to the last one. It seemed endless and you were surprised you hadn’t given in to the insanity that seemed to loom over your head by now.

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Captain America by Carolina_lta ( @littlemorrison @mycrystalhorse
Instagram: Carolina_lta

Drawing by Carolina Lta ( @littlemorrison / @mycrystalhorse )

“And the rain comes down, there’s no pain and there’s no doubt, It was easy to say, I believed in you everyday, If not for me, then do it for the world” - Stevie Nicks - Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You