[blinks curiously]

Kufufu [chuckles]. Trainers, more trainers, and– oh, is that a little girl I know ? I thought the nursery rhymes scared the little girls away. Let me see, what was that one again. Maybe I should spill the beans, pull her hair, and snip snip.

Waving her aside, tell me the others got some strength in them or I don’t know what you’re doing, following me like that!

little-miss-ivory replied to your post: Y-you’re Fire, right? -she hiccups and giggles- I hear /so/ much about you, you’re like, ever- everyo- … YOU’RE LIKE, THE KING OF THE WORLD.

Holy.. HOLY SHIT. (she tries to bow, but instead falls on her hands and knees at his feet. close enough, yup) Is that why you’re so hot? I can’t even…

I’m hot cus I fly; most ain’t cus they’re not. [He hooked his arms around her and helped her stand up.] Now, tell your god why you’re so drunk and where you live because you got to go home.