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Just recently, I have started a new chapter in my life. Yes, I have finally started my professional career. I just started with work last August 10 but the transition from being that kid fresh out of college to a person ready to take on the challenges of the world started at around June this year. It has been life changing and so far, I think I’m doing okay.

Leaving home might not be the best option. But it was definitely my first choice.

Some people would ask me why I opted to leave home and subject myself to the dangers of living in the busy streets of the Metro when I could always find a decent job in Bicol. Simple: It’s what I really wanted. For the longest time, I had my eye set on working in Metro Manila. Not because everyone wants to work there or because it’s the first choice of almost any fresh grad, but because it’s where my preferred job would be. I always wanted to pursue a career in a well-known company with a fresh new environment doing something I’m good at. Though it was not something I had figured out overnight, it was definitely my first choice among others. I did try applying in companies in Legazpi, but it was like my heart was not in it. So even if I tried, I still didn’t have the willingness to pursue the applications.  

Maybe I wanted to step out of the comfort zone.

I have spent my whole life in Bicol and I just needed to find myself some place else. It’s not like I hated my life there. I had a very supportive family and an amazing group of friends. It’s just that, there will come a time in your life when you would just want to grow more. And sometimes to grow more, you have to remove yourself from people and places you’ve been accustomed to. I want to experience the joy and struggle of leaving far away from the people you hold dear. Maybe in this manner, I’ll be more appreciative of the people and things that I have left in Legazpi. Maybe in this manner, I’ll be more appreciative of life. This is my shot at a fresh new start in a city bursting with energy and people.

The best and worst is yet to come

Now that I’m living a far, I am well aware of the problems that might arise. I know that the places I go to are not as secured as before. And that commuting is not as simple as riding a jeep or bus or train. And that there will be birthdays that I would miss and special holidays I might not spend with loved ones. And above all, I know that things would change. People might change, relationships might end and at the end of the day, I might not keep things from drifting away. It’s my choice to take this big leap in my life and career; therefore, I am keeping myself well informed of the implications of my decision.