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Natasha had just come from a debriefing with Fury. She was ready for some downtime and had plans to snuggle up on her couch and watch her video of the NYC Ballet’s performance of Giselle. She loved the ballet, it was the only part of her former life that she still clung to, though secretly. No one, save Clint, knew about her secret passion. She made sure that no one was around if she dared to put any ballet moves into her training time, and she hid her videos away when she wasn’t watching them. She walked down the halls at a brisk pace. She smiled to herself thinking of her plans for that evening, which also included a nice long bath.

As Natasha turned a corner she ran into a young blond woman. “Excuse me. I’m sorry I wasn’t looking where I was going.” Natasha was in a good mood and helped the woman collect her things that she had dropped. “Hey you’re from the science department aren’t you?” She handed her a clipboard and some papers. “Aren’t you new around here too? My name’s Natasha.” She smiled at the woman as they both stood back up. “Let me know if you need anything.”

Drunk text from my muse to yours

Text to Natasha

Truth or dare time. Truth for you. What don’t you want the SHIELD employees to tell me?

Oh so many things, where do I begin?

Seriously I was afraid that you would hear all the stories and rumors about me and become intimidated or afraid of me.