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How do you feel about NYC cosmetics? Because I actually bought some (because they were cheap) but I honestly do not like them :-( Especially for my skin type (dry skin)

Oooh, if you’re talking about foundation I’d say no no no.  NYC is one of those cheap cosmetics brands that really is cheap.  They have some nice lipsticks, and their liquid eyeliner is good, but their foundations are just horrible for your skin!!

Genuine cheap crap.  Honestly I really think you have to pay a bit more to get a good foundation… even inexpensive brands that have good eyeshadows, etc. usually have poor foundation.  I’m also very picky though… but that’s my rule of thumb.

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Hey I don’t mind if they have hair, But if they’re gonna complain about hair on a pussy Then THEY are not real men. Shave your balls and I’ll shave my twat, If not then fuck you.

OMG I love you! haha this is what I meant by the post. It is like it is totally okay for a guy to complain that the girl stopped shaving, but the second a girl complains about a guy who has stopped shaving, all of a sudden the girl can’t handle a real man? Besides who really wants hair in their mouth when they are trying to give head. Not to mention that that most guys that don’t shave down there or at least trim, it normally smells gross. I love giving head, but if that shit smells I won’t go near it lmao