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Look the birthday girl is queen, so I have to post :) Go all and give my fav snowflake a hug and some love, because she is awesome!!!
But all my love and bunny kisses for all of you lovely sugar cubes. Thank you for making my tumblr world shine 💋🐰💕

Hey sugar cubes! I hope you all survived the final! Sorry for the long break. I was too happy in my jibcon bubble to leave it before I had to go back to work ;) So in case you were wondering - yes, I survived jibcon ;) And I will start taking care of this little blog again the next days. But before that let me get a little sappy:

First of all - gosh - like I said on twitter - I think I haven’t laughed and cried and felt so freely as I did during these 6 days in Rome for a very long time. It was simply awesome and I am very thankful it happen. I was so nervous and scared and had so many doubts and it all came together perfectly. So whoever or whatever looked out for us made sure my first con gave its all and was a real blast and everything I could have dreamt of. Still not sure how I deserved it!!!

But before I babble too much and you fall asleep let me simply say thank you to a few people who were a big part of the whole experience.

First of all the tightest and biggest hug for @sleepsintheimpala who made this possible for me (thank you so much Kay - I hope one day I can squeeze you in person for this) and to @dustydreamsanddirtyscars who was the best guide on this journey I could have had (I think I told you, but let me do this again - thank you for getting me into this - I treasure every second and I hope HOPE HOOOPEEE we can do it again - HDL!).
A big hug also for @sayurishiro who I met through Jenny at the convention. Your nervousness took away all of mine and it doubled the fun to experience all this with our little group of three. Glad we met and I hope we will again :)
Many MANY bunny nose nudges for all my sugar cubes (I hope you know who I am talking about - I wish you could all have been there too) who were so excited for me and helped me with preps! Especially Kris @dancewithmejensen who is 100% responsible I brought some sugary presents for the Js and also delivered them. I love you all so much!
Also thank you from the bottom of my heart to the awesome spn cast at jibcon (they were all so lovely and pretty and did I mention AWESOME! - I will probably babble about this in tags while reblogging or posting jibcon stuff a lot), the fantastic jibcon staff (*coughsanditotallywasalittleinlovewithoneofthehandlerscough*) for all their hard work and well … EVERYTHING, Rome for being a dream come true and everyone and everything I am forgetting!

I took some pics and will get through them tonight, so there might be some posts and more excitement - feel warned :P

Hugs, love and cookies!

Hiatus note
Hey sugar cubes. The plan was to make a 2 in 1 promo edit to post before the final, because that promo was so pretty, but I had some busy days and I couldn’t finish a set. Sorry!

Jenny (@dustydreamsanddirtyscars) will come here tomorrow and we will leave for Rome on Thursday (say hi if you are there too and want to), so I won’t be here for the final and screaming and crying and cursing and editing. There won’t be a queue either, because that just doesn’t feel right before and after a final and during jibcon.

I will catch up next week and maybe bring some cookies. 
Till then I leave you hugs and kisses and crossed fingers for the final to be a good one!!! Have fun! 💋🐰🍪

anonymous asked:

Your blog is the reason I have one too many pics of Sam that eat up my phone's memory. Well anyway, wanted to just say your blog is super good, I have you on notifications and that I always read your url as lemon drops of nice. Keep up what you're doing!!!

Today is awesome nonny day! Thank you so much!!! *hugsverytight* Sorry there were no notifications lately! Me and Photoshop have to fight a little after my hiatus to get back on the same page, but I hope I can add more Sam edits to your collection soon!! *whispers: because there is no such thing as too many ;)* Keep up spreading love sweety! You are lovely! *hugsagain*