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Look the birthday girl is queen, so I have to post :) Go all and give my fav snowflake a hug and some love, because she is awesome!!!
But all my love and bunny kisses for all of you lovely sugar cubes. Thank you for making my tumblr world shine 💋🐰💕

anonymous asked:

I'm new to the whole con side of spn and I was wondering if you could explain to me the con names/nicknames? For example jib con and chi con? Thank you if you do x

Hey nonny, jibcon and chicon are the common tags used one twitter and here for the Jus in bello convention in Rome and the convention in Chicago. Most con tags are shortcuts of the town the convention is in. Does that make sense? I am not a real con pro. But if you have more questions come off anon and we can have a chat in private :) *hug* Welcome to this side of fandom ;)

anonymous asked:

Your blog is the reason I have one too many pics of Sam that eat up my phone's memory. Well anyway, wanted to just say your blog is super good, I have you on notifications and that I always read your url as lemon drops of nice. Keep up what you're doing!!!

Today is awesome nonny day! Thank you so much!!! *hugsverytight* Sorry there were no notifications lately! Me and Photoshop have to fight a little after my hiatus to get back on the same page, but I hope I can add more Sam edits to your collection soon!! *whispers: because there is no such thing as too many ;)* Keep up spreading love sweety! You are lovely! *hugsagain*