Huhu sugar cubes! Sending hugs to everyone who is still here besides the fact that I really abandoned my blog this summer and to the few new faces - welcome to my world.

I will try to get into editing mood again - I promise. To push myself a little I will start the 50 days till S12 countdown today - so, I will try to come up with some kind of edit every day - you have been warned ;)

Hope you are all doing good! I will try to catch up with your blogs a little over the next couple of weeks.



ETA: Oh, and I made a new “My stuff” page (at least one tiny thing I managed to get done during hellatus) - still feels weird, because I had the old one from the beginning - so let me know if it works for you or if you want the other one back. :)

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like uh.. i assume you use photoshop? what adjustments and effects do you usually use? how do you turn the image black and white? maybe you could do a small picture tutorial showing all the layers and thingies the next time you edit? C:

Hello Nony :) Still shy I see ;)

Things I always do on bw and color edits:

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End of the year/Christmas/Holiday/Love Spread gifts

Huhu sugar cubes!!
Sorry for being such a bad blog mom again!
Busy, busy real life at the end of the year as always. But it is also the time for some love spreading. So here I am.
This year I wanna offer something to those who follow me for whatever reason ;) During the last weeks that number climbed a lot (for which I blame mainly Abby and her mission to spam even my dusty old edits and force them on people) and because I am not here or communicate with people much I wanna say “hi” and “thank you” the following way:

End of the year/Christmas/Holiday/Love Spread gifts

(for all those following me):

A) 5 x one Christmas/Holiday gift post aka you give me a theme and a blog you want to present and I make something. Depending on the theme the posts will be edit sets or the 500x500 twin sets - you know what I do ;) As long as you can push me to some HD material I am willing to make these about everything I feel comfy with - the more specific the better and easier for me. I will post them in your name as a present for somebody else on Dec 25th.

B) 5 x one hellatus post aka give me something SPN related and I will make a post for you about it during my hellatus countdown (which will start sometimes after Christmas and last till SPN will be back in January). Same as above -  the more specific the better and easier for me.

C) 5 x one episode cap series - this is a long term gift - you give me an SPN episode and I will make a cap series about it. There will be at least one post each month for a year. But I will most likely continue the series till I won’t cap SPN anymore or will feel I am done with that epi ;)

How this works:
1. You pick the gift you want.
2. Send me a message to my inbox with specifications (no IM - you can send me those anytime - but for this I need to see when a message was send)
3. This is a who comes first gets it thing.
4. I will get back to you about details :)

I might reblog this a few times - so let’s see what will happen :)

On a night like this - when I wake up at an unholy hour just to find messages with pics and links of Jensen singing on whatsapp and in my inbox and wild fangirling happens between me and certain beloved sugar cubes - I think of the first week in 2005 when SPN had aired and I refused to watch and someone kept sending me caps of the pilot till I changed my mind and I am so thankful for that person, because … just because!! All those happy moments I had because of this lovely tiny show about two brothers! All the lovely people who came into my life because of it. I appreciate it all so much!! Lots of love for that person back in 2005 and for all of you who make my old fan girl heart happy! Ok, I only slept for 3 hours, so sorry … I stop now - end of sappy moment 😘💗😂

Hey sugar cubes! I am sorry I am MIA lately. I was alone at work last week and also will be for three of the next five weeks. That means crazy work hours and I am stressing out about this a little more than usual. So I am doing myself a favor and stay away from the computer after I get home. But I’ll try to get at least a little queue running again and finish a little something for Jared’s birthday. Please tag me in stuff you want me to see or send me links! Really - do it, because I won’t have a chance to catch up after 5 weeks *lol* Love you! Miss you! Will be back full force August 20th. Time for the 50 days till season 12 countdown then soon ;) Kisses and hugs!

Ok, I think I will let them rip out my heart for a second time, cry a little bit more and then spam this blog with final stuff. Fair warning! As usual there will be a spoiler tag! Oh and do not touch me tonight … or better till October … snorts … sobs … yeah, ignore me … please can someone come over here so we can have a hugfest on my couch … ARGH!

ruedesarchives hat auf deinen Eintrag geantwortet “Huhu sugar cubes! Sending hugs to everyone who is still here besides…”


*clings to you - I missed you - A LOT!!* Are you good snowflake?
baronsamediswife hat auf deinen Eintrag geantwortet “Huhu sugar cubes! Sending hugs to everyone who is still here besides…”

Looking very forward to more of your beautiful work :)

*hugstight* Thank you!! - I feel very rusty - could not finish much lately, but I am sure S12 promo stuff will spark my muse :)

green-circles hat auf deinen Eintrag geantwortet “Huhu sugar cubes! Sending hugs to everyone who is still here besides…”

I’ve been completely neglecting my blog too, oops! But I hope you’ve been having a good summer!

Oh, then I won’t feel so bad for doing it ;) Hope like me you will be back!!! *hug*

Yesterday was #InternetFriendsDay and today is #VD, so here is a big tight hug and an even bigger 🌸Thank You💗 for and to all my followers - especially the new ones I did not say hello to 🙋! You are important - may this Sunday in any form you choose be a good one!!! It is a con one after all - so let’s spread some love.
I might have made too many caps of that last spn episode - close ups are my weak spot and instead of sorting 90% out I might make a little “wsorc” face spam. Fair warning. You can blacklist the “wsorc” tag if you want 😉 But first Grimm time!!
Hugs and cookies 💋🍪

Happy Season Final Day ;) I will go to my best friends Birthday party soon, so I don’t know if I will make it back to watch live, but thanks to the glory of time zones I probably will ;) Not sure what to expect tonight, but I choose to be optimistic and hope for something awesome and heartbreaking. I was very relaxed the last couple of weeks, but now I start to feel anxious. We will see. Tomorrow is a Holiday here and I have Friday off - so depending on my excitement about the final I probably will edit spam the Final or JIBCON or both *lol*

Have fun tonight sugar cubes! See you on the other side :)