Querida yo de hace cinco años: No te sientas de la manera en la que te sientes ahora mismo, todo cambiará y será para bien, estudia y cuida de ti misma porque nadie más lo hará, ámate y no dejes que nadie te haga sentir mal. Te amo y eso es lo más importante. Ahorra, ahorra lo más que puedas, sé lo que te digo, y así mismo no dejes de creer en tus sueños, desea con toda el alma y ten mucha fe, no sabes lo que te espera, quedaras maravillada.
Daddy's Nicknames For Me:

• Baby
• Babe
• Princess
• Sugar Bear
• Sweetheart
• Sweetpea
• Baby-Girl
• Silly
• Honey Bear
• Honey
• Pretty
• Precious
• Darling
• Sweet Thing
• Special Girl

• Pumpkin

(To Be Continued)

sonansu  asked:

im also SUPER into m20... i dont get the entitlement.... at first i thought it was angry genwunners but its a lot of pokeani blogs i used to follow and know arent?! im so confused lol.

Fan entitlement has gotten so bad over the years. Probably bc content creators are so much more accessible now. It’s upsetting how many people are talking badly about something they haven’t seen.

And it’s all people that are older (naturally). It bothers me when older audiences get mad at kids shows not fulling their wants. I think people need to understand that we’re not their main demographic anymore. They gotta market for new things and appeal to their actual audience. Little kids are gonna love this movie! Like it’s great when they throw us a bone but like… we gotta accept that not everything’s for us. All of us were into Pokémon as kids I’m sure but a whooooole lot of us have zero interest in it anymore. It wouldn’t be smart on part of the the company to keep making things for our age group.

idk people just need to chill a little

me: says chill a little

also me: goes on a rant LOL