littlelunanova asked:

Favorite Sailor Moon merch that you own and just favorite in general? ^^

Awesome question!

Well, my bootlegged Eternal Sailor Moon plushie has a special place in my heart because she was the very first merchandise I owned and started my love of collecting.

After that, I ADORE my Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon plush (especially since it took so long for me to get, considering how rare they are)

My Sailor Pluto doll

And these gashapons

littlelunanova replied to your post “Decided to stop feeling guilty about posting non-Sailor Moon things,…”

I felt the same way at first about posting all sorts of things I liked and not just Sailor Moon things. But I love being able to share different things that make me smile with others, even if it seems like they don’t really interest others.

That’s a really sweet way to think of it. I always enjoy seeing what you post, so I am grateful for your input. Thank you!

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State ten facts about yourself and send this to ten of your favorite followers ♥

aw <3

  1. I’m a very straight-forward person as of late. I don’t like to beat around the bush.
  2. I’m so fucking obsessed with Attack on Ttian.
  3. My Zodiac is the Cancer (July 11)
  4. My favorite song as of two days ago is This Love by SHINHWA.
  5. I have an ass ton of wigs, currently.
  6. I cosplay.
  7. I am very reluctant to accept somebody into a community I dedicate a lot of my life to if I don’t like that person.
  8. I’m just a fucking asshole idk
  9. Sometimes I’m happy to be pale.
  10. I have lovely friends~

littlelunanova replied to your post: New Theme

I love your new theme Tsuki! ^^ it is so pretty!! The only problem I have (and this could just be me being a ditz) is that I can’t figure out how to like or reblog post from your actual blog, so I have to do everything on my dash.

You should see the reblog and like buttons in the right corner of the page like usually ^^. Just click on the timeline note in the bottom of the post and you’ll be directed to the actual post page from my main or tag one ^.^ And thank you for the opinion!

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I'm following you because you have such a variety of Sailor Moon awesomeness! I love your colorings (and am super jealous of your talent XD) and your really insightful character analyzation posts. Plus, your personality and humor always make me smile. ^.^

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! You’re so sweet!! <333