About 'Evolutions'

I would like to thank  Shana (diversityandecho), Esra  (my-memory-palace), Terry  (achello), Lina (alittletasteofmint)  ksjanes, Mel (mel-men), Liz (lizgrandmaison),  glassplitter, Nuria (nurnielfa) and Juergen (hjs-photo) for their kind and nice comments on my photo Evolutions’. And, of course, I feel grateful for all that appreciation received under the form of ’likes’ and reblogs. All this warm feedback has finally faded the doubts I had  yesterday, believing that it was perhaps an image ’too minimalist’. To each and every one: thank you, mates!

And I also want to thank the Tumblr editor of Architecture for distinguishing this picture with a blue tag, I would lie if I said it was not a very pleasant surprise :)!




This is why I don’t mind about the editing, it fits so nicely in the context of their blog, so I’m happy with some editing of my images - does mean I don’t get the exposure to followers of FtheBetterLife, but for those interested, there is a link back to my work. What you think of the crop? Edited and reposted by fuckthebetterlife and my original? Ripples of Sand

littlelondonphotographer replied to your post: not a problem you’ve got a lot of great stuff, i hope you dont mind if i ust edit a few photos of yours and upload them now and again, all credits given to you of course, i might add a watermark too

You don’t mind if someone edits your photos?