Yo! So I’ve never done one of these before, but I just feel like I should do one so here I go! Sorry if I forgot anyone, but y'all are awesome, thanks for a great year <33


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This photo belongs to the person at the account: - also, this amazing person’s tumblr is All credit goes to that account. I had posted from my iPod and therefore couldn’t add a source yet. I did not crop this picture; this was the form it was on on Instagram. Sorry for any confusion or offense taken. Follow littlelightsy on tumblr and Instagram; her Lights accounts are my favorite fan accounts by far

Lights Fanbook Project 2.0

QUICK! I’ll be seeing Lights on the 18th, so please do message me for the email to send your letter to! I’ll be taking every single letter straight to her! The information you include will only be briefly proofread by myself, mainly for formatting purposes (if you want me not to proof read it then please say so and I shall respect your wishes). No information you share in your letter will go further than my knowing, aside from Lights, of course. I will give it straight to her as soon as I meet her. Feel free to include fan art, letters, stories, poetry, songs, whatever you’d like! Thank you! lightsgifs littlelightsy lightsbokandaily lightsabit lightsmachines thelightsarebokann please REBLOG to spread the word to your fellow Lights fans! THE DEADLINE IS MARCH 15TH AT 11:59PM PST, 2015! Thank you all and please have fun!