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Watching Wren

I’m rewatching the entire series for a few different reasons, mainly my recaps. But I’m also watching Wren closely every time he’s on camera. Marlene said that she did not make Wren’s character sketchy at all, but that is bullshit

And I can prove it.

Introducing my new series. Watching Wren

I have a feeling this will be my favorite thing on this blog… Next post coming in minutes…

Dear PLL writers....

Pretty Little Liars writers please take note from the finale of Scream MTV for future reference. That’s how you write a mystery show.

Round of applause for that genuinely satisfying season finale and twist!


What can we conclude from this photo?

- To me, it looks like the baby is clearly an infant, and the boys are definitely not older than 4 or 5 years old.  Now, Jason is 7 years older than Ali, therefore, we can pretty much assume that the baby is actually NOT Alison, but Bethany.  Since Bethany is 2 years older than Alison, the math works out that the baby could in theory be Bethany and the two boys are the same age as Jason. 

- Jessica only said to ONE of the boys, ‘come kiss your sister’.  Now, if I keep going with this we can also conclude that Bethany has a brother.

- Next, from what we learned from Big Rhonda, Jessica pushed for Bethany to call her ‘Auntie Jessica’, which would make sense with the scene above because it would give reason for as to the why Jessica is apple picking with these children.  Is Jessica’s sister the one taking the video?

- Now, seeing that Charles came into the picture around season 3 it would make sense for him to be drawn to Ali because Bethany was the person to take the place in Ali’s grave. To push forward a bit more, if Charles did lose his sister, it would explain a LOT about what his feelings are towards Ali.  Being a big brother, you feel an obligation to protect your little sister.  Now, if Bethany was killed to just trick people into believing that Ali was dead, you can assume how extraordinarily mad he would be.  Imagine, your baby sister just killed to fill a grave.  Now, if Charles did know that Ali was the reason would his moves all make sense? I mean, he wants to torture her for what happened, but with the connection, he thinks of Ali as his sister’s replacement, therefore, he still wants to protect her at the same time. He feels a connection to her because Bethany was forced to take Ali’s place so to him, Ali is going to take the place of his missing sister.

So basically, I am betting money that Charles is Bethany’s older brother.

I like this theory, my next is the WHO…..

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