Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey

Things aboard Serenity had finally calmed down. They’d just come off a particularly nasty job. They’d been spotted by an Alliance patrol on their way out and had to end up dropping most of the cargo. That was always upsetting. Jayne had also gotten himself shot. Less upsetting, in Wash’s opinion. But finally, most of the crew had gone off to bed to sleep off the disappointment and it was just the pilot and his wife sitting comfortably at the table in the common area. They’d made some tea and were savoring the peace and quiet. 

“Hey, what do you say next time we leave Jayne for the feds instead of the cargo? Seems a winning strategy all around. Things around here would certainly smell better,” Wash quipped, glancing over at Zoe. She grinned back at him. Yep, these quiet moments were the best. 

Almost as soon as Wash had that thought, the lights went out. Every one. Not even the emergency lights. It was pure, aching darkness. Instinctively, he reached for Zoe’s hand. Wash felt a surge of panic.  Oh, god, this is bad. Very bad. We’re way out here. Alone. What if we can’t fix this? And then the lights were back. He and Zoe looked at each other with confusion. “Well, that’s…odd. Let’s check out the bridge. See what the trouble is.”

Wash and Zoe trudged through the main passage and onto the bridge. Both stopped short at the sight waiting for them. Sitting comfortably in the pilot’s chair was a girl. A young woman, really. Wash had never seen her before… but something about her nagged at him. She was familiar somehow. He shook his head to dislodge the thought. There’s an intruder on the ship, for crying out loud! “Who the hell are you?! And why are you in my chair?”